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    From Vita to PC: Corpse Party Blood Drive Comparison

    Ok, so rather than updating the original Blood Drive post, I'll make a new one. The goal of this blog is to see if my original findings from the PSVita Release of Corpse Party Blood Drive hold up to the new PC release.
    What's New?
    Only a few small things were added to Blood Drive on PC. For starters, you have 3 languages to choose from in the settings: English, Korean, and Japanese. Next up, you can adjust Anti-Aliasing, Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Brightness, Contrast, Windowed Mode, Quality, and Resolution. I believe the Resolution options are bugged, because it defaulted to 3840x2160 @50Hz rather than 60. The game still runs at 60 according to Steam's FPS counter... Quite odd. Oh, and the Infinite Battery trick is now an option under Gameplay.
    As with most PC games, you can use Keyboard, or a controller. I personally use, of all the controllers I could use, a GameCube Controller. Mapping it went smoothly with the C-Stick to spare (though I might make it my QTE Options, not sure yet.) Do note that the Mayflash Adapter in PC mode makes Corpse Party Blood Drive crash on startup. If you ignore the error message and go back to the main app, you'll find it plays perfectly fine.​
    What's Different?
    Well, codeglue was involved... whoever the hell they are. Loading times are significantly reduced, like the mobile version. There's a font change from the usual font that has been in every other game, including the PC port of Corpse Party 2U... Oh, and the game is fucking busted. On 2 occasions I thought I broke the game, both times were in Chapter 1. The first scare came from the portal effect when Ayumi and Misuto are about to go to Heavenly Host. The portal effect came in, then disappeared, and they kinda just stood there. After a bit of waiting, the game started behaving as normal. The second hiccup was with Mayu. She's supposed to chase you around until you get to the locker. Well, when I died a stupid death for an achievement and reloaded my save, she just didn't move from her starting position. She also didn't have her ghostly blue glow and was completely docile until I got to the locker. After the tutorial, I saw her again, but now she was behaving as normal, just not glowing blue like she should. I should investigate this to see if it was a one-off thing or if it can be replicated.
    And it's using a newer Unity build:

    LUA Changes
    Well, they changed it. They changed the LUA dialogue system... slightly. Instead of just having access to the dialogue in each LUA file in StreamingAssets/LUA, it points to a specific dialogue file. This is probably because of the Japanese and Korean Language options. This probably means that you can edit the dialogue if you have the patience to decrypt the assets in the main Data folder.
    Here is the PC Version compared to the Vita Version. This comes from Chapter 3, when the player interacts with a phantom in the Custodian's Closet.

    So the videos in the StreamingAssets/Movies folder are unprotected. You have the English, Korean, and Japanese videos from about halfway through the game, both openings, and the ending. The Japanese video from about halfway through the game has English subtitles. Why? No fucking clue.

    Save Data
    It's stored under AppData/LocalLow/XSEED/Corpse Party_ Blood Drive/Saves
    It appears to be the same style to that of the PSVita Version. I can't seem to remember if it had a saveheader DAT file.

    Haven't gotten around to finding where they are, but I assume they work in a similar manner to the original (A faceless bust with a set of faces that the game is able to pick from, or something like that.)

    That's all I've got for now, might come back with more, might not.
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    The 3ds-flashcart Experience 2: Electric Boogaloo Expansion

    On the last episode of this epic tale, I got a refund for my SX Pro Order from 3ds-flashcart. However, the darkness rises again! This fight is not over.
    One would think that my refund would be the end of the story, right? Well, I got an email from 3ds-flashcart that said otherwise. My order was in preparation. I got my money back, so this shouldn't have happened... yet it did. I emailed the admin of the site once more to let them know of the situation. Maybe I wouldn't be in this mess if I hadn't said anything. My morals got the better of me. The response I got was bland: "ok, we will cancel it ,and give you the refund" The next morning, I received an email from 3ds-flashcart itself. My order was now in transit. This bastard was coming to me, whether I want it or not. In the email, I got a tracking number and an OS Code, presumably for SX OS. Why the hell would I need the Pro if you're just going to GIVE me the code? Whatever. I email the lad/lass again, asking what to do when I receive the dongle. "yes, we checked your order, it has been shipped, and when you receive the card,you can contact with, we will tell the address, you can send it back ,and we will give you the refund, thanks"
    "Well, I'm a little bitch who ain't gonna pay return postage for shit that shouldn't have been shipped in the first place." I said in my mind. This attitude came out in a new email, asking if I had to pay to ship it back. Short answer: "ye lol."
    Long answer: "Hello, we have check it , and when you receive the card, please contact with us right now, you payment on our site we will give you a full refundand we will give you a address,you can send it to here, and you need to pay this shipping fee, sorry to bother you,thanks"
    Now, I know what you might be thinking, "bruh, you didn't give them enough time to cancel it lol. quit whining." You'd be goddamn right... if I had gotten my refund an hour before it was prepped. I made the order and got the payment accepted on the 14th, did a refund request outside of PayPal on the 16th, made an official PayPal refund request on the 19th, it got accepted on the same day, and this story above happened from the 29th to the 4th. As I type this, it is the 5th. The package comes in tomorrow.
    I talked with some friends, and they said to re-open a claim with PayPal to get them to pay for the shipping. I come to you guys to get other thoughts before I do anything. There's no way in hell I'm going to pay to ship something that shouldn't have been shipped. So I'm open to ideas. I'll update this with more info when new stuff happens.

    tl;dr: They sent the SX Pro to me after I got my refund. I don't think I should have to pay for shipping an item I didn't want back, so I came here for ideas.
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    The 3ds-flashcard Experience

    UPDATE: Got my refund. Left the original below.

    tl;dr lmao edition: hasn't been bad, but later today, I'm going to check in on the lads and see if there's a delay.

    So the SX Pro and SX OS have been released. Well, I got hyped on Thursday night and ordered the bitch. My excitement lived on through the fire and the flames night and the next day. I had been checking periodically through the day for any new update in the order. They had gotten my $56.40, but their site hadn't updated, so I emailed them. They got it, so all was good. However the problem was that I saw all the cool shit the homebrew community was doing Friday night. "Well hot damn, I want in on that!" I cried. But I had already ordered the SX Pro... Press F to Pay Respects, right? Saturday morning, I email them wanting to cancel my order. They happily obliged, only asking for my Order Number. I might be retarded, so I thought: Order Number=Order Reference. Sent them it, waited for a response... Nothing. Sunday rolls around and I decide to take a screenshot of the Order Reference, and some other stuff on the screen. This also had a Reference box, with another, completely different number. Nice. Yesterday, no reply. So I'm going to give them a calm message today (in the afternoon, because it's 2AM as I'm typing this) to see if there's a delay.

    You might say: Bruh, chill out. They're probably swamped with orders. Just give them more time.
    You're right, I'm just a bit anxious is all. My ultimate goal is to give them until the 22nd, since that'd make about a week.
    I don't hold anything against them, they seem really chill. They've handled this pretty good for a small flashcard site. By the way, before anyone asks, I paid via PayPal, so all is good I think.
    tl;dr: Ordered a SX Pro, but saw cool homebrew and atmosphere progress. Decided to cancel the order, now I wait for my refund.

    UPDATE: Got my refund.
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    Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient vs Dead Patient Neues

    So in this WIP blog, I'll go over what differences I have found in the two versions of Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient. Before I begin, if you got Ver. 1.33, do NOT buy Neues from Playism like I did. Neues is a free update. Oh, and there are spoilers.

    "Neues has been out for a billion years and [Insert weeb channel] has talked about the changes! Why would I want this virgin ass talking about it?"
    Because fuck you.

    With the filler out of the way, lets begin.

    The Update/Neues Stuff:
    Config tool has 30 and 60FPS options, sorry PCMR.
    New Title Screen Music
    Absence of Grindhouse's Logo (makes sense, since Grindhouse and Team Gris Gris are technically one I think)
    New Title Screen
    Version now reads Ver.232
    EX Chapter 1 is available with 3 endings
    EX Chapter 1 stars Scarf Cunt. I don't speak Japanese, so I have no idea what's going on.
    Chapter 1 has some more things in the cutscenes
    In the Opening, Shinozaki has an eyepatch. She didn't originally because Dead Patient and Blood Drive were being developed at the same time.
    Lighting is quite fancy now!
    They attempted to encrypt their stuff. You can't open stuff at will. For this reason, the only translation of Dead Patient won't work.

    There's more, but I'll update this later.
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    Project Hydra: My Upcoming Build

    Saw someone do this kind of thing, so I'm going to put my upcoming build here.
    • Intel - Core i5-7600K 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor [Coming in soon. $224.19]
    • be quiet! - Pure Rock Slim 35.1 CFM CPU Cooler [Came in on 8-9-17. Bought for $19.99]
    • Gigabyte - GA-Z270P-D3 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard [Coming in soon. $102.99]
    • Team - Vulcan 16GB (1 x 16GB) DDR4-2400 Memory [Came in on 8-15-17. $124.99]
    • ADATA - Ultimate SU800 128GB 2.5" Solid State Drive [Came in on 8-3-17. Bought for $55.99]
    • EVGA - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB SC Black Edition Video Card [Not Ordered Yet]
    • BitFenix - Nova ATX Mid Tower Case [Came in on 8-10-17. Bought for $29.99]
    • Rosewill - 550W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply [Came in on 8-15-17. $73.55]
    • be quiet! - Pure Wings 2 61.2 CFM 140mm Fan [Not Ordered Yet]
    Total spent thus far (with shipping): $121.66
    Current price on PCPartPicker: $1388.50

    My reasoning:
    • The Core i5-7600K can be overclocked quite well. As such, I see no need in getting the i7.
    • I've heard good things about be quiet! products, so this hopefully will be great!
    • This board supports overclocking, so I chose it. Also gives an option if I go for 32GB or 64GB of RAM. (I might only go as high as 32.)
    • I wanted 16GB. This happened to be cheap, so I'll bite the bullet.
    • The 3D NAND tech happened to mean an affordable price, so sign me up. Only used for Windows and a few apps.
    • The 1080 Ti is for 4K gaming. Oh, and Wii U Emulation I guess? I also want it to 1-up one of my friend's builds.
    • This case seems to be excellent! Got it on sale, so lucky me!
    • Platinum Power Supply? Sure, kinda like efficient power.
    • This fan will replace the stock case fans if they suck ass. Heard that the case fans are good, so might not need to buy this.
    The price is great. It is under $1400, so I think it packs quite a punch!

    Failed to mention that I'll update this on what parts I have and the price I got them for.
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    The Sega MegaPi Update: What's Done and What's Left

    Before I begin, some people may be unfamiliar with the MegaPi Project. In September of 2016, I wanted to make my Sega Genesis into a fully functional console. I lacked the cables and games to get the Genesis working. Also, it had been sitting in a relative's garage for the better part of 20 years. So I tore it down and began what has almost been a year in the making. Since I'm out of school, I need a good way of spending my free time when I'm not working. Hence, the resurgence of my interest to get this thing done!

    So now that everyone is caught up to speed, I just want to say... it's been a while hasn't it? What's changed since the first post? I switched the Pi 1 B+ out for a Pi 3! It's overclocked. I got a Genesis game to mutilate for science (don't worry, it's Joe Montana's Football... doubt anyone will be too upset with me.). RetroPie 4.2 is installed with a modification to allow for music in EmulationStation. The music pauses when a game starts and resumes when you quit the emulator. I have the NES Mini theme, which looks extremely good!

    What needs to be done? The hardware solution... So I need opinions on this part... I am going to make Joe Montana's Football into a fancy microSD card. I'm going to solder an SD Adapter to the pins in the cart, and then find the corresponding pins on the cartridge connector. From those pins, I'm going to wire them to the Pi 3, so that they work like the microSD card. I'm thinking of also getting a PiDrive to store my ROMs on, but I'm not too sure yet... I'd like to use the power connector on the Genesis to supply the Pi with the 2.5A power it needs. I'm also wanting to take the buttons from the Genesis for Power and Reset. My hope is to make the power button like other systems *cough cough GameCube* and would keep the Pi on until the button is pressed again. The Reset button would reboot the Pi. If I can get this idea working, I'd have to go back and configure the reset button in software. The back I/O for the Genesis is kind of rough right now, so hopefully I can get a new I/O faceplate made to accommodate the HDMI in and Genesis Power In. If the Genesis Power port doesn't work out, then I'm fine with Micro USB. Then there's the top... I'd like to make it look like the original, but I'd like to mod the Genesis logo to say "MEGAPI" instead of "GENESIS". I still want the SEGA logo though. And finally, there's the cartridge again... I'd like to make a fancy label for it that looks like a real Genesis game.

    Thank you for reading through this! I might update it with pictures and such. If you have advice and want to help, please let me know in the comments! I'm willing to listen to suggestions! Thanks and have a nice day!

    TL;DR: Software's done for the most part. I'd like to get the cartridge and cartridge reader to act like an extension of the microSD reader on the Pi. Thinking of having the cart be the OS while an internal hard drive stores data and games. I want the original power jack, but am willing to use Micro USB if that doesn't work out. I want the power and reset buttons to feel like the original buttons. I want the I/O faceplate to accommodate HDMI and the power connector I go with. I want to mod the top of the Genesis to say "MEGAPI". I want to make the modded cart look like a legit game.
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    A reflection on the events that happened 1 year ago.

    Two days from now makes the anniversary of a fateful night... at least for me, you all probably don't give a shit. I've had a long time to reflect upon my actions and involvement. Time to say some things that have been on my mind.

    So about one year ago, a thread was made. It was about custom themes. Of ALL THINGS, it was custom themes. Anyway, a guy (cid xiv) wanted to install custom themes on his Gateway EmuNAND. A minor problem was that it was posted in the wrong section. No big deal, right? Well, welcome to Hell! A flame war erupted, simply over a minuscule detail. Genuine help was offered, but the OP can't be fucked to read it, as he's too busy hurling insults.
    Now, I am indeed a "dumb cunt", but I'm not a giant dumbass. Moving on...
    A poster (Jack_Sparrow) says he needs people to comfort him and he 'might do something he might regret.'
    I thought he was serious and messaged him. Shortly afterward, I get a private message saying "Play along". Inside this, a plan was devised. Someone suggested to make a fake article.
    Now, I know what you're thinking... "Holy crap! This is some Sam Pepper 'Killing Best Friend Prank' shit! You should be ashamed of yourself!" Well, I am ashamed.
    We knew we could get suspended... We knew it was wrong, yet we fucking did it anyway. Someone even put in the reminder about respect that GeekyGuy wrote. Well, that shit didn't get read, because the grand shitpost kept flowing. The real kicker was that there was also a Skype conversation. Sadly, I don't have the messages anymore, so I can't give summaries to it. The PM convo wasn't that interesting, just a bunch of shits and giggles. I guess one of the poorly edited articles was on an actual suicide, which led to the ban of a few people. The thread was reported, and was later closed.

    I posted an apology on behalf of those who were in on the 'prank'. Truth be told, I regret it. If they were truly sorry for their actions, they should've spoken for themselves. I am sorry for what I have done. I know that saying this means fuck all on the internet, but I feel the need to say that a year later, I still am disgusted with what I've done. I've talked about this when I got un-suspended, but now's a good time to speak of things. I didn't address my 2 'dupe accounts'... My suspension occurred at a bad time. My internet was giving me shit, so I tried to make another account to nab my answers. It obviously didn't work. I am EXTREMELY thankful for the mercy p1ngpong bestowed upon me. Rather than banning me for it, he simply extended my suspension by a day. p1ng, if you're reading this, my utmost apologies for being a dumb cunt. I'm sorry for wronging you all.
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    Low End CEMU 1.6.2

    Note to all... never try CEMU on a low end PC. I got around 16/17 FPS in Super Mario Maker, but had this horrible glitch on the bottom screen, making it unplayable. Kind of thought something like this would happen if it even loaded.
    There was color in the picture.
    Laptop: Acer Aspire E-15 Start
    CPU: Intel Celeron N2840 @ 2.16GHz
    500GB HDD (5400 rpm if that makes you wet)
    GPU: Intel HD Graphics (ya know, the integrated bullshit)
    4 GB of 1600MHz DDR3L SDRAM, whatever the fuck that means (Basically 4GB of RAM.)
    Expandable up to 8GB of RAM. Here's the shit kicker... You can only have 1 stick. Hell yeah? More like Hell no.
    Cache Memory, because why not: 1MB of L2 cache. No idea what the significance of that is, but ok.
    Operating System it came with: Windows 8.1 with Bing 64-bit Edition
    Current OS: Windows 10 Home.
    Thanks cnet, you were useful for once. You can take a look at it for yourself here.
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    Sega MegaPi (Formerly GenePi)

    The Sega MegaPi (formerly GenePi, thanks to @TotalInsanity4 for the name!) is a project I've started. I'm taking my Sega Genesis and sticking a Raspberry Pi (Gen 1 Model B+)in the case.
    Sounds simple, but I need some help.
    First off, I must mention an idea I've had. Utilize the cartridge slot! Basically, I need to find the pinout for an SD card and Genesis game. Then I have to figure out where to wire it on the Raspberry Pi. The gimmick I'm trying to replicate is that the console doesn't turn on when there's no game in it. In reality, the Sega MegaPi won't turn on because the game is actually the SD card that has the operating system.
    Another problem is the ability to switch out the Pi. If at all possible, I'd like to make it to where parts are replaceable. By parts, I of course mean the Pi itself.
    Some minor things I'd like to do is redo the decals (like the Sega logo and the Genesis logo.) Anyone know what to do?
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    [WIP] The Corpse Party Blood Drive Write-up

    So in this blog, I'm going to explain various things in Corpse Party Blood Drive.
    "lol what's Corpse Party Blood Drive?"
    It's the final game in the main Corpse Party series, built in Unity for PS Vita. I'd talk about the story, but I don't want to spoil ;P

    The game, as far as I know, works like all other Vita games for saving. It's all plain text, so if you know map names you can easily change to where you want to go.
    This is an example of a save. It was on Chapter 1, but if it was edited correctly, it's now on chapter 10.
    scl_tenzin2f_infirmary corresponds to the map of the same name. This map is the Infirmary. ayumi corresponds to the current character being played, Ayumi Shinozaki. Intriguingly, I discovered that replacing this has no effect. It can cause interesting side effects, such as duplicate actors. item04 corresponds to the Bandages currently in the player's inventory. I have yet to explore this value. At the moment, this is all the known information. Do check back at a later point to see more. Want to help? Go out and explore! Then PM me what you found and it might show up here (you'll get credit of course.)


    The game handles events and text in message boxes with Lua. These are found in Media/StreamingAssets/Lua and there are also Lua files corresponding to objects in a room, and even enemies! I'll post more information later when more is discovered. It's self-explanatory in the case of the dialogue. Here is an example from Chapter 3, when the player interacts with a spirit in the Custodian's Closet.

    Well, that's all I have for now! Check in soon for more information!


    This is VERY different from Corpse Party Blood Covered Repeated Fear and Corpse Party Book of Shadows.
    Below is a bust from Book of Shadows:
    If you are wondering, that bust is for Satoshi Mochida.
    Even Corpse Party 2 Dead Patient had pretty normal character busts:
    Here is a collection of busts from Blood Drive, converted to PNG (These are otherwise untouched.):
    A little creepy...
    More to come...

    Last update: October 8th, 2016; 9:14PM
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    The CryEngine...

    I got the CryEngine, and I am excited to (hopefully) make games! I know, small blog post, but oh well. Tell me what you guys think of the engine! Any tips and tricks I should know? Let me know! Have a wonderful day!
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    A Casual Update and Request for Help

    So recently, I got an Xbox 360. It came with Forza Horizon 2, which is good, but that's pretty much the only game I have. Pretty soon, I hope to get Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain on it. But I've also thought about hacking it. But I need a bit of help...
    I have a 500 GB Xbox 360 E Slim. My Dashboard version is 2.0.17489.0... I am considering getting an xk3y. If I did, would it work with my Xbox?
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    Let's sit and chat a bit...

    So FINALLY... the cid xiv drama is over. I have moved on. I have some news. But first...

    To clarify the incident, (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? FUNNY JOKE, NO ONE CARES M8.), I foolishly played along, got suspended, came back, and here we are. Caught up? Good. ONWARD! Now onto my info:

    Announcement: So I am (sort of) leaving the 3DS scene. It has kind of become a place where if you have an opinion, you get FISTED. I don't know 'bout you, but I don't wanna get fisted for having an opinion online. The Vita scene seems like a heavenly light in a dark tunnel right now. I'm heading over there to have a taste. Now, remember that (sort of)? I will look at the 3DS scene, but I, for the most part, will try to avoid posting there. Sorry fellas...

    The Edge of Forum: Guess that's permanently stained into me. @p1ngpong I promise to peenice to you ;P But in all seriousness, I need to divide myself. One is on the normal forum, doing good, while the other is on the Edge of Forum, peeing nice to everybody. (DID I DO THE JOKE RIGHT?)

    Moderators: I want to formally apologize for the stress I have given you. I'm serious. I'm just as disgusted with my involvement in that incident. It wasn't quite like me to do such a dumb move. I can only hope that you can forgive me.

    Personal Stuff: I haven't felt amazing ever since my suspension... I've just... I haven't felt as shitty in my life. I mean physically. My grandmother has been having some issues. She's coming into my town to get some surgery done. If she doesn't, she dies. If she does, there is a chance (I think it's a 50-50 chance) she dies. Either way, I am not looking forward to it. I don't want to see another person go.

    Projects: So, you guys may have heard of Hax3D... Well, I'm here to say I am not involved with the dupe accounts that went after @VinsCool and hope for his- no. EVERYONE'S sake, it never happens again. My involvement in Hax3D has been to do a simple job: Nothing. I am listed on the About Us page, but I've done jack shit. PLEASE DON'T HATE ME! (though I know that having any ties to this project will certainly kill me.)

    Well, thanks for reading all that... I guess that's everything... If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go to the PC Gaming sub-forum (again, that's what I'll call it.) and ask about some shitz that's been happening with my steam. Until next time, bye bye!
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    Dank Ass Mixtapes

    Topkek Undertale Remix
    Not Again
    so yeah.
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    I have resigned as a Vinsclone, as I made my current avatar. "Please Understand."

    Also don't hate me please.

    put a penis joke for DinohScene here
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    Underappreciated Glasses-kun

    You've seen them before... perhaps, blending into the crowd or being pulled away, being robbed of precious screen time in favor of other more privileged characters... You've seen them more times than you can count, but have you ever really noticed them?
    "why me?"
    Have you bothered to ever take into consideration their plight?
    "why am i neglected?"
    I speak of course speak of the Underappreciated Glasses-kun, that litter the backgrounds of anime, and side panels of manga. Series after series, romcom after romcom, the ambiguous heroes of yesterday, and the forgotten fillings of today. Won't you do something
    "don't be a selfish asshole"
    to lend aid to these poor, unfortunate souls?
    For just 3 easy payments of $12.99, you can look to these faces with hope and satisfaction, knowing you did somehing to lend a hand, instead of sitting back and pretending that they don't exist. which they do.
    Did you know, that they even have names?
    "I can't remember this one's name."
    How insensitive have we, as a people, become when it starts to be ok when we refer to these poor, neglected souls as 'Yeah, that guy with the glasses, I liked him. He was funny.' But it's not funny. Fuck you if you think it's funny. It's not funny.
    "stop laughing"
    And for just 4 easy payments of $19.99, you too, can help show the world your support for the latent potential of each and everyone of these beaten and bruised egos represents. They seem content with their positions as one-offs, as shoehorned best friends, as cliched computer nerds, as we laugh at their expense.
    But deep down, there's pain behind each and every one of these beautiful smiles.
    "Hi. I'm Sarah McGlockner, and for 6 quick and easy payments of $29.99, you too, can say you helped fund a small percentage of my salary for appearing in this infomercial."
    We'll even send you weekly photos of your precious megane kouhai, to let you know how their recovery fairs.
    "He needs more money :/"
    Remember, that's just 10 discreet online transactions of $69.99 ($199.99).
    Tell your family and uh. tell your friends that you care for the welfare of others. Check the link below, don't be a cunt.


    Thanks to DouchebagChocolat for the original video. This was hilarious, so might as well make everyone feel bad for my Underappreciated Glasses-kun... Because yes... I wear Underappreciated Glasses-kun...