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    Running on an elliptical to play Dark Souls, while burning out my knee joints.

    So I've benn 'jogging' anywhere between 1-1.5 hours at least twice a week, convincing myself to keep going by playing dark souls while moving my legs on an elliptical. Any game works really, but dark souls just gets that blood pumping.

    Surprisingly I average ~15Km per 'run'! I just get a little stoned (if possible), then just start 'running' while playing the game. Keep going until I'm tired or simply can't continue. The downside is.. I don't work my upper body much. Just need to figure out a way to play games at the same time, lol!

    If you want to start playing while gettin cardio, Switch seems easiest. Just have the controllers in your hands. Otherwise, rest your controller on the 'handles'. Bikes work as well, just don't hurt yourself if you're standing!
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