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    Learing I have Aspergers thanks to metal gear solid 2

    So ive been having this internal conflict for the last few days. Its frustrating due to stigmas, but talking about it is the first step to help. If help is possible idk really.

    So i am a gear head. I love/d the mgs franchises. So i watched a youtube video about "the most profound moment in video game history".

    Loved it but didnt subscribe to the channel that made it. I then have gotten really deep into alex gray art and from that deeper into the band tool whome ive always considered my top favorite band of all time behind pink floyde led zep jimmy hendrix and experimential acid rock. So the same youtuber that made the mgs video made some really good analysis videos on tool songs...

    Thats when i looked up his other channel uploads and saw this one...

    It opened my eyes to my life i never understood. It explained so much. And ive learned i have high function aspergers. I when i google symptoms i though wow i have excatly all those and more, and brought a form relief that i am not normal and it is a mental illness and im not just bat shit crazy for no real reason. Looking at my genetic history dad mom grand parents, aunts n uncles, cousins ect. And yep all bat shit crazy and undiagnosed aspergers.

    Now i reallllly want to talk to a doctor and seek help yet feel stigmatized by talking about this openly with anyone be it family or the few friends i have. Id like to talk about this to others who have this and have learned how to live with it.