1. oh hi. huh no I'm not eating rice crispies That's my knuckles And toes and back and neck What's wrong with crackin your body, huh?
  2. zzz

    it's time for sleep and you know it shut the fuck up and turn off your phone or laptop or whatever and grab your pillow and NAP You deserve it
  3. - Woman sitting on an invisible bench - woman sitting in front of intended bench to sit on - beginning game trailer runs into the cobblestone wall repeatedly, not stopping at the intended point, forcing me to restart the game. - multiple people continuing to walk around while dead - multiple...
  4. I just went to ihop so I'm curious
  5. Can I get a POGGERS in the chat [ATTACH]
  6. [MEDIA] haha fuck you wobbly keyboard
  7. nah jk that wouldn't end well Uh How is your day goin'?
  8. Just a small one. [ATTACH]
  9. ft. Civvie11 ft. Rise of the Triad. [ATTACH] Mac n cheese tastes like a good food
  10. I'm out of food but I do have leftover chick-fil-a sauce I took this image at 1am I hope you're happy [ATTACH]
  11. 4 likes and I'll do a blog of my food
  12. Like if you disagree
  13. Also azoreseuropa doesn't like my blog awww :(((
  14. I Am now broke.
  15. Anybody want some