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    terminal_illness so yeah, im a not very often poster compared to others here, i just usually post when i know the awnser to a question about wii's ds's psp's iphones or 360's

    so im kinda proud of myself for reaching 500 posts, and finally i can create my own title... what do you think? i added a cool sig i like too.

    i think that this website kicks ass, i have been coming here since 2007 and posting since august 2008. i started modding here 3 years ago and now i think i do a good job of helping out noobs that are in my position that i was in 3 years ago.

    thanks for having me gbatemp.

    and thanks capcom for making akuma the best character with the best moves in street fighter since alpha 3.
    terminal_illness so yeah, i will be spinning a party in hamilton ontario canada on the 4th of september and i was asked to play music that toatally disagrees with my style and genre...

    they want me to play house music.... and im a DNB dj... so i dont know how well i'll do but yeah. ive been spinning Drum & Bass for over 10 years. my dj name is terminal illness (although i used to be DJ Threshold) its gonna be a bangin show however you might not see a smile on my face when im playing the house music. luckily they have agreed to shorten the house section and allow the rest of the time for DNB... i dont know why im posting this here. guess im just getting used to posting a blog. but yeah so what does everyone listen to at home?

    personally im a metal head and i also enjoy classic rock... but mostly i stick to DNB because thats my job... lol

    theres another fellah on here by the name of kiiwii who is a drum and bass producer, him and i get along pretty well considering he live across the ocean from me. (me being in canada and he living in the U.K.) you guys should check out his music youtube "Citizen Default" and you will find him... me on the other hand you can find me on facebook... just search "terminal illness" or "must die recordings"

    i would like it if someone from here was interested in what ben and i do...
    terminal_illness so yeah im 24 years old. ive been smoking weed since i was 12. i live in canada and the weed is really good where im at. umm so yeah its time to quit, because i have no motivation or urge to do anything. (except update my wii apps lol) anyone have any good ideas?