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    Yay, 700 Coins!

    Well, I have this thing on my site for signatures, so that I can get coins when people click on my signature link. I just got 700 coins, so that's pretty cool. Anyway, you can get me more at http://termer.net/sig/termer/. Thanks for those who click my link.
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    Google Adsense tries to be smart

    So, today I turned off my adblocker to help out one of the sites I visit, and an ad popped up for the hosting company I use for termer.net, and because I like the company, and I wanted to give the website some ad points, I clicked. Well, now every single ad I see is from that company, and I'm silently trying to tell Google that I indeed already use this company and know its prices. Just something funny.
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    Vim is trash

    Among the Linux text editors out there, there is one called Vim. Programmers from the 90s used Vim all the time for their work, and nowadays, those programmers have formed a faction that fiercely defends Vim, and calls all other text editors inferior. I recently subscribed to a Linode VPS, and have been using the Linux terminal far more than usual, via ssh. I tried Vim. It's hard to control, used weird key combos, and is hard for your fingers to reach all the commands. At this point, it was hard for me to believe that anyone was defending it anymore. Join the cool kids, use nano!
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    The Story of my GBA SP

    When I was six, me and my Dad were driving out of our neighborhood in our old Volvo 240. We were going out for a Dad-Son day, going to GameStop and whatnot. We were almost out of the neighborhood when, on the road, we saw something silver. We pulled over, and walked over to the object on the road. What we saw was a battered and run over GameBoy Advance SP. I picked it up, and we both got back into the car. We went to GameStop, and all the while I held the tiny game console, enamored. I had never had a handheld before. That afternoon, we got home, and my Dad (who is an electrical engineer) tinkered around with the console. Later, we were able to boot it, but only for a second, as the power switch and battery were badly damaged, as was the speaker. Nevertheless, it turned on. A little spark of hope illuminated my face. Two weeks later, after we had order a black case to replace the cracked silver-blue case, and a new speaker. After some dedicated work by my father, the GBA SP was ready for use. Delighted, I turned on that wonderful handheld beauty, and started play Pokemon FireRed, the game that was in it when it was found. I soon got very frustrated. Being six, I did not the have the patience, or skill to play such an RPG gave. I tried for nearly 30 minutes, then gave up. I was devastated. I had obtained something very special: a game console, all my own, and all I could do was play a boring old RPG game. The console sat on my shelf for the next month, all the time a taunting emblem of my misfortune. Oh! if only I had something to play! Then, my dad presented me with a wondrous device: a SuperCard GBA flashcart; loaded with over 20 games, a bunch of SMS, NES, and GB games, and some of my favorite Dexter's Laboratory episodes! It was the happiest day of my life, I was now the proud owner of a GameBoy Advance SP, with over 20 games. I was set for life! If I was stranded on a desert island, I would survive just fine. For the next 2 years I enjoyed that console, but eventually, when we got our XBox 360, I forgot about my GBA SP, and it (and its supplies) got lost in a pile of toys and games. About a year after that, I found it again, and much older now, I looked into homebrew, and even tried my hand at GBA programming. I was no good at it (and that hasn't changed). This renewed fascination with my Nintendo later led to me buying my 2DS, which later led me to purchase my n3DS. However, amid all these new game consoles, my GBA SP still functions, and it is still my favorite, and always will be.


    Before I got my SuperCard, I gave one of my cousins the Pokemon cart that was in the console. Last year, before I got my 2DS, my brother received a Pokemon cart from my cousin (my brother had gotten a GBA of his own), and played for a long time. I downloaded the same game and put it on my SuperCard to play also. I soon was into the game. However, the cart my bother had received looked oddly familiar. Upon further inspection I realized it was indeed the cart I had given my cousin several years ago. As it turned out, that cartridge had come full-circle to reunite with its original console!

    This is a rather long post, but it is a very big part of my childhood, and I felt like today was the right time to write it. Thanks for reading!