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    N64 on PS2

    Hey so the deadalus 64 for ps2 emulator exists and its bad so I wanted to know if someone is working on a N64 emulator for the ps2 or updating deadalus 64 or something
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    Open Ps2 Loader Display Error

    So ive been using opl for some months any of the games i play work fine but i have a problem with crazy taxi and god of war (1) when i boot specifically these 2 games the screen goes to the top right corner and the lower left corner is black so in crazy taxi i can see (when i have to select a character) the taxi and the character but i cant see the character icons (of the characters) in the top right corner. and pretty much the same in god of war can anybody help me?
    Im using opl 1.0
    In a ps2 fat
    With free mcboot and modchip installed
    And im booting the games from usb
    Ive checked the opl compatibility list and the games are compatible
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