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    Entry Something-a-rather:

    Thought it was time to dust off the cover, undo the pink fluffy shackles, throw down the BDSM mask and write me a Blog. Its been a while my young infertile knaves.

    At the point of day where the sun shines at its highest, but because of the season it remains bitterly cold, I stopped by a convenience store to peruse its contents. I purchased two chocolate bars, not one, not five, nay not even three but rather the majestic number of two. As I walked out of the store I read on the wrappers that the bars had a 1 in 6 chance of winning another free bar. I thought to myself smiling,
    "What are the chances that both of these bar's wrappers say 'Congratulations you have won a free chocolate bar.....' ".
    My more intellectual subconscious replied smirkingly, "1 out of 36 chance to be exact".

    And lo and behold, I unwrapped the first bar..... "Congratu......", my face somehow contorted itself into somewhat of a smile. The second chocolate bar lay there mocking me, nay perchance more daring me to glory or despair. I slowly peeled the wrapper open, "tssssh tsssssh" it sounded like dramatic tension....if dramatic tension was ever displayed in an onomatopoeic form. Too scared to look, I carefully slid the chocolate bar out and chewed it nonchalantly while awaiting my doom. Unfortunately as we all know curiosity stole the cats virginity. So I peeked down "Congratulations good sir, your awesomeness has won you another chocolate bar. Please most humbly accept this honour" (paraphrased to some extent but you get the gist). I could not believe my own eyes. I jumped up and down ecstatically, I was greeted with bemused looks from unaware passer-byers. Little did they know they were witnessing one of the most amazing people in the world for those brief seconds. This is what magic feels like...

    Sadly I must bring this sad story that I could've simplified to one sentence to an end. I could of merely said "I won two free chocolate bars today" but y'know what fuck you! This is my blog I'll write whateve.......yeah I pretty much just wrote rubbish up there. Ah well.


    - Talaria
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    $10 Blog Solo

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    Talaria's Daily Rant

    Well having not played the Wii in several months i decided to dust it off and take it for a spin. So I drove down to the local Video Rental store albeit because i have crappy internet and are unable to download iso's. There before me layed the pitiful wii section in the corner surrounded by the hundreds of Xbox 360 and PS3 titles. Nope couldn't find Wii Music, I'd forgive them for that as its only been out 3 weeks over here in Pal territory. So I look around for Mario Kart Wii, surely they must have it its been out 6-7 months. Nope couldn't see it. Inquire at front desk same reply "Nope, we don't have it sorry" said with a forced apologetic smile. I'm left to look at some Wii launch titles and some horrible shovelware. So I leave there and drive all the way out to a bigger chain of a Video Rental store. Oh look they're advertising some new releases for PS3 and Xbox 360, maybe they will have the newer wii games. But alas same result. So I go to another chain in the city centre, same result. Frustrated at this point I head home and decided to ring up the stores before hand, after calling several places from the Yellow pages with no luck I turned to technology. After all we are in the 21st century. Ooooh online video game rental service, first month free. I foolishly sign up and proceed to put the games i wanted to hire. Then later on i get an email, "sorry these title's have not been added to our library yet, please add titles which are currently in our library". To keep this thread PG i will cut out the scene of immense frustration and profanties being yelled and a stunned look from the Mormon's who had just knocked on my door. I then considered buying the games but retailing over here at around US$58-68 you can see why I modded my console. So bascially I am left here ranting, waiting a week or two for the titles to become available for me to rent online in which I intend to dump immediately to save me having to go through this ordeal again.


    -Currently in my country throughout its history Nintendo has never been that popular. While the rest of the world suffered Wii shortages and various problems, Wii's in our retail stores sat there gathering dust, while PS3's and Xbox 360's sold like hot cakes and not even the insanely popular Nintendo DS escaped the rath of the land of the long white cloud. The PSP sales here greatly out number the DS, Nintendo really is considered for kids here. Then lo and behold the country's Nintendo Distributor went into liquidation from lack of sales earlier this year, while everywhere else in the world was making $$$$$ from Nintendo. Leaving us a with some shortages for Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros Brawl which were just being released at the time. Thankfully we were saved when Nintendo of Australia took over as the distributor here and for the first time in awhile I saw a strong advertising front for Nintendo on the T.V and papers but I think it has came to late in the current next gen war for Nintendo to redeem itself with many people here one sided not even taking a look at what it has to offer as they just like the pretty High Def. pictures before them from their consoles.
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    Into the Inferno of the rising sun

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    Looks what i gots me *hick*

    After a long and arduous 2 min walk there. I purchased and walked out of the store with my white, lite and slim PSP. Once I arrived home I eagerly opened it and was a little dissapointed. The "R" and "L" buttons were floppy and the direction buttons didn't feel right either. But I shrugged that off and starting charging it. Gonna have to wait till tommorrow to try it. So far of got these emulators/homebrew for it:

    -0.9 gbSP or 3.2 gbSP test 8 (Takka's unofficial build)

    -Snes9x 0.4

    If you know anyother decent emulators/homebrew post it here, it needs to be able to work with 3.90 M33 CFW.

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    Time for Justice!

    Entry Six:

    Well as many of you know Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney has been released, now I've had mixed feelings about the game and whether it would live up to its predecessor. First thing that irked me is the the main character's name, Apollo Justice. It just doesn't have the same ring to it as, Phoenix Wright, and the originality of the name. Although Wright wasn't that original it still had a couple of puns in it thus making it pretty fitting. But Justice is just blatant telling you that he is some Lawyer/enforcer of law person with no slightly witty pun. Anyway enough of the ranting and more of the viewing...previewing :ph34r:. I've played the majority of the first case so I do not have much of a great insight.

    I inserted the Micro SD into my R4...the spring broke :cry:. After fifteen minutes of trying to pull the spring out with no success I manage to fit the Micro SD in. I started the game.

    The menu screen of Apollo loomed in front of me. Not much of change just a different court room in the background. The game starts off with a nice smooth cutscene similar albeit to the ones in the first Phoenix Wright but alot smoother. Now we reappear in a vaguely familar revamped Defense Lounge. Now the graphics in this game have had a bit of change and are noticeable but just. The graphics are now alot smoother, less jagged lines and smoother transitions for animations. These improvements are nice at the very least and still retain the series feel, which is great to know they aren't trying to deviate too far away from the series legacy.

    View of entire court room, noticabley smoother

    Now I was dissapointed in the first five minutes as the script was lacking some humour or even something marginally funny and felt bland. I had horrible feelings that this game wasn't going to turn out that great as the script plays a big part in the game's genre. But by the first decisive witness I had chuckled numerous times and was starting to warm up to the game after a slowish start.

    Now the gameplay is similar to previous installments with the usual formula of witness - cross examination - find contradiction - repeat (several times). Now the first case which is a basically a tutorial in disguise had a feature I liked, giving you the option to skip the talk on how the court room works. Allowing fans familar to the series to not have to sit there reading the stuff they already know. New gameplay features are investigating options using the button or stylus to, zoom in on objects in your court record and examine them at various angles to find hidden clues (which was shown in Case 5, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney). Another knew feature is looking at witnesses body language and somehow using that to help you, I think it's pretty minor not much of a feature (I'm up to that segment in the case and are a bit hazy on it so will update post tommorrow sometime).

    In the release thread I saw alot of people complaining on how they preferred previous games music than this. I actually quite like it :lol:, yes it isn't as strong and as catchy as previous installments but they still fit the mood and there are some tunes that you will recognize and some new ones that are brilliant. For this game I reccommend speakers/headphones on as it makes the game even more enjoyable.

    Overall, although I was skeptical at first, I am liking what I have seen so far and feel that it lives upto the previous installments and carries on with the same frantic court action that many people have either loved or loathed. Also this game is a fresh start so if there's any newbies out there coming into the genre, this game is higly playable without previous knowledge of the Phoenix Wright games, you might just not get some references to previous people or cases.



    Edit- I realised how long and draggy this is, can't be bothered editing it right now as it is too late at night, ah well...night
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    It was this big...

    Entry Five:

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    Exit That Way!

    Entry Four:

    I know I didn't post in my blog yesterday but I had nothing to say. But today I do. Sitting in front of me today is the newly released Hijouguchi: Exit DS. Here are my narrow minded and rather bias views on this game after only playing 2 hours of it

    Hijouguchi: Exit DS

    I have been excited to play this game ever since I played the flash demo. The game has an underlying charm which can’t be described in mere words unless you play it (Such as, wtf!?, grrrr and the often @#$!). Once loaded the great thing about this Japanese game is the Menu and options inside the menu are in English allowing you easy navigation for non-speakers. I recommend some basic knowledge in Japanese as it can help learning button controls and what do in the game however the game is entirely playable without, as it has a non-existents dialogue and once you’ve learnt the controls, does not require any knowledge of japanese. Now into the gameplay.


    When playing through the first level, the thing that hits you after 30 seconds is… the touch screen controls are crap and cause you to make a lot of mistakes. For more precision I recommend to use the button controls*. The formula is pretty simple, find all the people constantly yelling out for help, then get rid of any hazards and herd them all to the exit before the time runs out. This simplistic idea can be a devil at times (even in the easy levels) causing you to utter many profanities and…and…yeah. Often the game requires you to make use of the rescued civilians and animals to hold down switches, help move objects and sometimes lift the fat guy up over a wall. The many interactions and uses of the rescued civilians and animals make each level less repetitive and generic. It also brings in new puzzles and features every couple of levels which can make some of them rather refreshing.

    Showing the use of civilians to help Taito out

    The music in this game is pretty average there are some good tunes but is pretty average. One annoying part of the game is the sound effects. When playing a level with civilians nearly every 3-5 seconds your here "Somebody help me!" which can get really annoying and frustrating.

    So far I have enjoyed this game (Not far, up to Situation 4) and at heart it is a likeable puzzle game with innovative levels, great charming graphics and the feel of a game made for the DS from the start.



    *- Unfortunately the game does not give you a chance to change the controls in-game so you have to go back to the main menu and select “Options” then “Controls” then “Button**” all in self explanatory eigo (English)

    **- A list of button controls for button mode can be found in this thread page, courtesy of Rayder
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    The Long Road to Boredem

    Entry Three:

    I feel obligated to write in my blog frequently, curse this feeling.


    Nothing interesting, summer holidays, work.


    Been playing AW: DoR alot until i got to a harder mission in the campaign and was about to win after 30 days of slogging my way through it and then the phone rang so i closed my ds. Unfortunately when i returned I opened the DS and it froze :cry:. So I gave up playing the DS for the rest of the day.

    Crystal Ball
    I hope to endeavour to post more useful stuff in my blogs e.g. Upcoming games, thoughts on newly released and old games. And other stuff.
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    Days of Cloverfield

    Entry Two:

    I arrived home from watching Cloverfield at 11PM last night to find Advance Wars: Days of Ruin on the RSS feed. I then loaded it up on my DS to have play around with it before i went to bed. But of course i ended up doing a bit more than just playing around with it and found myself engrossed in a wonderful tactical turn-based strategy game. As soon as i loaded it up and started the campaign the first thing that came to mind was Cloverfield.

    The world is ruined by a meteror strike and is in ruin and the protagonist Will emerges from the rubble to find the world completely destroyed and wondering if anyone is still alive. (won't spoil any more of story don't worry)

    I have to say this game improves on everything that was Advance War: Dual Strike. No longer does the game completely rely on CO powers but more so on the tactical side which I love and makes the game so much harder. I am only up to Chapter 7 at the moment and are absolutely loving it. Another strong point of the game is the great music which gets you absorbed in the game. The graphics are gritty with the characters spouting grim facial expressions and tattered, worn clothes and no more cartoony bright look from previous installments. Another feature I feel the developers worked on well was the diaglogue with no more "Yah, we won yo! Lets all chill out and eat hotdogs, yo!".
    there are a few faults if I was to be nit picky but overall if you like the previous installments you will love this game.

    Anywho back to Days of Ruin



    NB: Edited the blog as it was a bit repetitive, long and too many Cherries, yum!
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    Talaria Blog's

    My First Blog :wub:

    Well this is my first ever blog even though i see no point in them other than trying to steal someone else's identity. Oh well here it goes.

    Entry One - 1:20 PM, 21st January 2008

    "It's a sunny, translucent day outside with a gentle cool breeze and a temperature of 26ºC here in New Zealand. I sit here in front of my computer pondering the new horizons that have been opened in front of me. I revel in the possibilities for my new blog. Also I am slightly enamoured by the possible release of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for the DS today or most likely tommorrow. I may if I am not too apathetic produce a small preview of my thoughts and feelings for this enstrenuous video game. I feel that I may go out soon and purchase a 2GB Kingston Micro SD (Japan). My feeling is correct as I have no more views that I wish to express in this blog.