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    Okay, okay, I'm writing, I'm writing...

    I didn't mean to put off writing another entry for so long after getting back. (I arrived home about 10 days ago)

    It's not that I was waiting for Cocopuffs to do something to add worth to an update (he actually has done some stuff tho. [​IMG] )
    It's that I did so much stuff in the states that I've been putting off writing my inevitable long blog.

    But that time has come, so I'll get right into it.

    The week before we left I had work 7 days in a row, all PM shifts so it kinda messed up my sleeping schedule more than normal and the night before we left I was up till about 6am watching Freaks and Geeks. (awesome show)
    But that's all good, made me tired for the 12 hour flight to LA even though I didn't actually sleep on the flight, I watched like 8 movies. [​IMG]

    So LA huh?
    Yeah, first thing I noticed is how the traffic never stops, even in the busiest part of town here you'd still find at least a 10 second gap to cross the road.. and that reminds me, half the crossings have timers.. now that's something we should have too.
    Also, the sky is really grey in California, man what a ton of pollution, and at night you can barely see a single star.

    We were only in Cali for 2 days, the first of which we spent at Universal Studios.
    Which actually, was pretty cool.
    I'd say the tour was the best, you get to see stuff like the Delorean, Jaws, a bunch of sets I did actually recognize.
    And they take you through a few sets that flood with water, explode, fall apart, all kinds of cool stuff. [​IMG]
    Oh, I should mention, they have these long ass escalators from one part to the other, and they have speakers playing TV show themes and two hosts encouraging people on the escalators to yell out the name of the show if they recognize the theme song.
    So the theme to friends is playing and I'm sure everyone on the escalators knew it, knew that everyone else knew it, and didn't want to act like they thought they'd impress anyone with their extensive knowledge about a show that's still being re-run for the 15th time.
    So my mum yells out "The Monkees!!!" [​IMG]
    And I was standing right behind her, so I just turned around and walked down the escalator.

    I would ask if the Monkees even had a show, but 10 seconds on IMDB says, yes, they did.

    So I kinda blocked out the rest of the day from that point on, and the next day we spent at Disney's California Adventure.
    And well.. meh.
    The rides were alright, some were so small my knees stuck out and I got bad cramps.
    Some were cool like the twilight tower that just throws you up and down in an escalator, and the roller coaster, I rode those two twice to make sure I.. didn't forget them I guess.
    But overall, I felt like I was too old, I'm not even 20 yet and there were plenty of people older than me.
    I guess it's just that basically every kid dreams about going, and when you finally do go, you stopped dreaming about it a long time ago.
    But hey, there's Disney Land ticked off my list. [​IMG]

    Oh and about 10 minutes after we arrived at our hotel we went for a walk and saw a dude riding a bike get hit by a car, an ambulance came 'n everything.

    Then we flew to Vegas, we stayed at the Circus Circus hotel which was pretty cool, they have the largest indoor theme park in the world, but after Universal Studios and Disney Land who cares.
    There isn't much to say about Vegas, it was probably the most sobering of all, I'm 19 so the main attraction goes out the window.
    But I did walk down the strip sipping a margarita (tick) and every 100 feet or so there's a group of usually Mexicans or Latinos handing out 'escort' cards.
    The roads are seriously covered in them, I think it's safe to say they're doing their job.
    Just walking around Vegas isn't that fun, there are some really cool buildings and stuff, but just about everyone else walking round is a tourist, I couldn't help but think about how miserable the people working there are.
    The best part of Vegas was the Hard Rock Cafe, not only was the food awesome, but they had so much cool stuff on the walls, hand written letters, the massive painting of Hendrix done in the time it took him to play a song was especially cool.
    I also bought a bunch of cool stuff for my friends and coworkers there.

    One of those days in Vegas we took a bus tour to the Grand Canyon, the tour there was actually pretty good, we had this cool guy... Mike driving the bus and he just had so many things to say.
    He would answer any question, like what's that bird over there and he'd not just know the name- but list it's wing span, preferred prey, how long they live, etc.
    When we finally arrived it is pretty amazing, you definitely don't get the same experience from a photo or video, but at the same time it's so huge it looks like a painting.
    We spent 6 days in Vegas, which honestly was too long, there isn't really 6 days worth of things to do when you can't gamble.

    So fast forward to our flight to New York. (Ja Rule was in first class btw)
    I had a bunch of loud Italians behind me (they started off the landing applause (don't you hate that!?) and basically yelled "bravo")
    They kept pulling and pushing on my seat to look out the window and stand up for no reason. [​IMG]

    New York is cool, but it is also basically a Mall.
    From the airport we had one of the worst drivers in NY, I know you're thinking they're all pretty bad in NY and I'm just not used to it, nah, he was fucking crazy.
    He crammed as many people into our shuttle bus as possible and damaged all of our luggage, he nearly hit so many people and made turns so very very late.
    He of course turned down our $1 tip.

    We stayed at the Pennsylvania Hotel right across the street from Madison Square Garden where there was more often than not some performance going on outside.
    We were supposed to be in two 2 double-bed rooms, but when we arrived the guy had to 'downgrade' us into a one 2 double-bed room and a 3 single-bed rooms.
    There were only six of us so it wasn't a big deal, so we checked out the one double-bed room they still had for us, and then we checked out the 3 single-bed room.
    And the single bed room was anything but a downgrade.
    It was 2 rooms with the wall knocked out, walk in wardrobe, bigger bathroom, bigger TV, fridge, couches.
    So we kinda went over what we'd say if they tried to add any 'upgrade fees'. [​IMG]
    I'm just gonna list the things I did in NY:

    Rode horse cart through Central Park
    Saw several commercials being made in time square and central park.
    Went up to the top of the Empire State building
    Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.
    Went to the New York Comedy Club.
    Went to the Wax Museum.
    Went to ground zero.
    Went to a ton of shops and delis.
    Used the subway and taxis many times.
    Went to the Late Show with David Letterman, I was the last person they let in, it was the one with Robert Downey Jr (Ironman) and Alicia Keys, you might have seen me during the camera sweep of the audience during commercial lol.
    Also, my brothers girlfriend was asked if she wanted to be on the show in Rupert's Hello Deli, she agreed and waited in there, but they decided not to run the skit, or game, or whatever they had planned and she came back to the audience.

    I think that's every significant thing I did in NY, the comedy club was really cool too. These girls were having a sweet sixteen there and half the jokes every comedian made was about them. [​IMG]

    After eight days in New York we caught a train to Indiana, a roughly 30 hour ride.
    Which sucked sucked sucked.
    It's like riding in noisy turbulence the whole way on a really long flight.
    Sitting at a dining table in a train eating pretty bad and definitely overpriced food is not fun, but (tick) I guess.
    And there was this loud walrus woman sitting across the isle to us, she snored like she was choking for about half the ride so I only slept about 30 minutes, but I know in those 30 minutes I dreamed about stomping her face in.
    Admittedly the first few hours in daylight were alright, the chairs were comfy, we went over plenty of rivers, and through plenty of towns. But once it turned to night and she started snoring...
    Also there was a psychopath on the train, like he was probably fleeing New York after a triple homicide or something.
    He went crazy at anyone who came near him, made a girl cry and stared intensely at people sleeping. [​IMG]
    So when we finally got the hell off that train we had to catch 2 taxis to the airport where our rental car was waiting.
    One thing I really like about America is how easy it is to find a taxi, 6 people with 10 suitcases requires planning here in New Zealand, but it only requires a few minutes on the corner of an intersection in America. [​IMG]
    We hadn't done any driving until we got the rental car and my dad was the only one of us who was going to, we drove around the car lot for a while until he got used to driving on the other side of the road, I would say he got used to having a footbrake instead of a handbrake, but he didn't- when we stopped for petrol (it's twice the price here btw) we slowly rolled away until he noticed.
    We drove from Indiana to Terre Haute (I think I spelled that right) as the sun rose behind us, it was bright red and looked really cool.
    James and Pina have a big place that used to be a frat house I think, they have two other roommates, one's dad came to visit for a night and it still wasn't cramped.
    Terre Haute was my favourite of the whole trip because I was looking forward to seeing James and Pina again, plus it was really normal. [​IMG]
    The people walking around aren't tourists too, no constant crazy traffic, no one getting hit off their bikes, the sky's blue, the homeless aren't abusive.
    We actually did quite a bit in Indiana.
    We met the people James and Pina have come to known, went to a BBQ with them all, went to their Graduation (they did play that classic graduation music) (one dude was naked under his robe), we did almost as much shopping as in NY, the prices are so much lower there and the stores are so much more bearable.
    We went to the indi 500 track, we actually snuck through security and drove on the F1 track until we decided to turn around, this was obviously the highlight for my dad, he wanted to keep driving.
    It is really surprising how huge it is inside, there's also a really cool museum with a ton of cars that look like they're straight out of speed racer.
    We went to the smallest theater I've ever been in, we saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall which was unsurprisingly pretty awesome.
    It had Jason Segel from Freaks and Geeks (he always seems to play very emotionally unstable characters (see Undeclared also)), yeah a really good movie.

    I think I've touched on about every part of the trip, but I'll just go through some of the things that are very different to what I'm used to or what I was expecting.

    First, the people.
    Americans that come to New Zealand don't give the best impression, and every medium seems to remind me that America is a terrible place with terrible people.
    But it's not, even the fakest places like Disney Land and Vegas had helpful happy people and service much better than anything here, sure the tips are probably behind the service, but still.
    And in New York, if you stop to look at a map, more often than not someone will ask you if you need help, everyone I asked for directions offered as much help as they could, and everyone seemed so happy.

    The food.
    American food sucks, pretty much every aspect of it is incredibly inferior to New Zealand food.
    The bread tastes like it's covered in sugar and feels like it's gone stale, the tomatoes are freaks of nature, the milk keeps for 2 weeks, I don't know what the hell was in those mashed potatoes, KFC is garbage, even subway was pretty sickening.
    Of course, food in restaurants was nice, and a few places like Arby's were pretty good.

    Pepsi and Coke.
    What's going on there, it's like some states are Pepsi states and some are Cocacola states, Pepsi is a borderline failure here. Plus American coke is way richer and hard to burp without foam coming back up my throat.

    While the $1 note is cool, I kinda hated all the coins, is it the smallest coin is worth 10c and you also have 1c coins?
    I ended up with like 40 1c coins because whenever I tried to get rid of them no one would fuckin' accept them.
    We used to have 5c coins but we got rid of them because even they were annoying, no one really wants them anyways.
    Also, everything is way way way cheaper in America, the more expensive stores were basically regular prices here, games usually cost at least $100 here, and some are as low as $20 in Gamestop, but since there's regions n everything that is basically just a slap in the face.
    Eating out is way cheaper, even with tips it's like stealing, clothes are like 4 times the price here, I bought 3 pairs of shoes for what would cost less than 1 pair of shoes here.
    Hats for like $10, shirts for around $20, pants for around $30.
    And like I said earlier, petrol is twice the price here.

    But really, the biggest surprise was the people, that one driver in New York was the only bad experience we had with someone.

    Since getting back I haven't done a whole lot.
    We had the backyard almost re-landscaped while we were away and Jazz has to stay out while the grass grows, so I set up a wall around the side of the house and she'll have to stay in that area for a month or so.
    She was ridiculously happy when we went to get her from the kennels, I actually filmed her patented happy dance.
    I might upload it to youtube or something if you guys are interested.

    Basically, I've just gotten back into the regular routine, I did buy some new games too.
    Sonic & the secret rings was 60% off, No More Heroes is too awesome to skip, and I bought Mario Kart just yesterday. (your jedi mind trick did not work, at least not fully)
    Sonic isn't that bad, it's pretty broken and unpolished, but there is a decent amount of fun to be had.
    No More Heroes is pure awesomeness, it's like they went back to NES days and thought what those developers thought 3D games might end up like, there's no blood in the NZ version which sucks (cutscenes are also toned down) and there isn't a whole lot to the city, basically suda51 could've just replaced it with a menu, but I appreciate they put in the effort to make a town that wasn't really necessary.
    Mario Kart is better than I was expecting, Gametrailers kinda slammed it in their review, and the wii-wheel has gotten very mixed feedback, personally- I love it, it works like an absolute charm and it's kinda got me back into need for speed carbon again.
    The only thing I'd say is a definite negative is the weapons, they really have gotten to the point where they absolutely rule the game.
    It pays to hang back until the last lap just to avoid a pummeling for the first two.
    I think it's about time Nintendo included the options to disable specific items, or at least turn all items completely on/off.
    Online is actually, really good.
    I've already spent probably 5 hours racing (haven't even done a battle with bots yet) it's a lot more fun with people when you or they do something stupid, also downloading ghost data is fun, some people are insanely good at this game.
    Tricks, bikes, even the new drifting are all good in my books.

    My Mario Kart FC is:
    Leave a comment with your FC if you want me to add you.

    And I've kinda gotten back into Galaxy again, hunting down those last few stars. [​IMG]

    Oh and one last kicker, I've finally checked out the Twilight Hack and have been playing snes9x on my Wii, and guess what game I've been playing.
    Super Metroid Redesign.
    I just thought what the hell, I'll see if it works (coz it doesn't on the DS emulator) and I ended up playing for a few hours and realized it's nowhere near as hard as I remembered it as.
    I'm around halfway and only 6 hours into the game, almost half the time it took my first play through.

    So um, I think that about wraps up my trip to America. (tick)
    I took a bunch of photos and I'll probably include them in the next update.
    But until then,

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    Half you of probably clicked on that title expecting some foreigners rant about how much America sucks, nah- I'm not going to bother.

    Those of you familiar with my blog will probably remember a game called Twinsen, and by association an Alaskan called Cocopuffs.
    Since the last entry I decided I wouldn't write anything until the next time Cocopuffs was online, he was actually online a few days prior to this, but (and this ties into the title) I'm going to America soon, I decided to wait until the night before we left.

    So yeah, the main reason my family and I are going to America is for my brothers graduation in Indiana.
    We're also gonna do the typical tourist stuff, Disneyland, Vegas, grand canyon, statue of liberty.. We'll probably even ride the subway like it's fun. [​IMG]

    Today we took my dog to the SPCA kennels for them to look after while we're gone, which was pretty sad.
    As we were leaving, all the other dogs are jumping up against the fence barking 'n stuff, and Jazz is just sitting there wagging her tail. [​IMG]
    Oh and before we left, we found out what happened to my uncles dog (he had to give him away), it turns out the police came to check him out and he's being trained as a customs dog. Maybe we'll see him at the airport. [​IMG]

    I'm going to take my Wii just in case we run into a very boring situation, and I'm also taking my DS.
    I still haven't bothered with the pokemon games on DS, so I'll be playing it on the flights, I doubt I'll get too into it- but hey, it'll definitely last long enough.
    Also, I'm taking the battery from my broken DSlite. [​IMG]

    So yeah, tomorrow after noon we all get on a plane and we'll be in L.A in about 13 hours.
    I doubt I'll make another entry before getting back, but I'll probably have lots of photos when I write one.

    So what else is new..
    Twinsenly speaking, close to nothing.
    Cocopuffs said (me putting blame on him) we could have a demo ready before I left, but that hasn't turned out to be the case.
    At least he has a todolist for while I'm gone

    I've been playing SSX Blur on the Wii, and it's actually a really fun game- especially for a launch title.
    The controls have some nice depth to them and it was a little overwhelming at first, but once you adapt they feel really natural.
    Just leaning and curving down the slopes feels awesome. [​IMG]

    Zack and Wiki is also awesome, lots of really good ideas and puzzles.

    For movies, believe it or not, the only Star Wars movie I've seen in its entirety is episode 1.
    So I got out 4, 5, and 6 to watch.
    I have seen most of 4 by piecing together random parts I'd occasionally see and the many parodies/references.
    I was still surprised to learn that Yoda doesn't show up till episode 5.
    I was wondering pretty often how most of the effects originally looked, but overall they're pretty awesome movies.
    But I was kinda expecting that. [​IMG]

    So I'll probably watch the Godfather trilogy next.. or the Indiana Jones movies... or maybe the Rocky movies.
    Yeah, I haven't seen any of them.

    Also, we got a lot of new back catalogue movies at my store.
    Ace Ventura, the Goonies, Goodfellas, Gremlins, Lethal Weapon, etc.
    Lot's of basically mandatory movies for any video store, but we still don't have Titanic. [​IMG]

    I think that'll do for now.
    I'll see you guys when I get back! [​IMG]

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    Oh it's so time for an entry.

    First, Photobucket; last entry my images were all deactivated due to excess bandwidth use and photobucket wanted me to upgrade do a premium membership. (fuck that)
    This is mainly because I posted an image on the somethingawful forums, and with it's millions of members it quickly went over.
    I was meaning to update when my images were reactivated on the 22nd, but I couldn't be bothered spending an hour or so to write, and now I've finally got a day off after 8 consecutive shifts. [​IMG]

    Now, whats new with Twinsen.
    Well, a little, about a week ago Cocopuffs got all randomly motivated and did a few days work, and like usual he had to go bail his sister out and save the youth center from being demolished.
    Like usual, we're so damn close to having it ready, there are still a few glitches and some of them absolutely have to be removed, they just break the game at the moment, so I guess I'm waiting for Cocopuffs to make his way back to Alaska.

    What else is new...
    The Wild Foods festival is coming up in New Zealand, it's just a random festival on the west coast where you can eat some weird food like huhu grub cocktails, worm sandwiches, etc.
    But the real fun of it is just camping on the beach with thousands of other people and wandering around the town all day.
    My friends are going this year, and I'm allowed the time off to go, except I need to find out the exact days I'll be gone and we still don't have a solid plan.. and I think by the time we have one, it will be too late.
    So I probably won't be going, which I don't mind much to be honest.
    Since I'll only be given the days needed to attend the festival which means no shower, bed, tv, computer, good food etc.
    It'd be great if I could get another day once I get back to shower, sober up, etc, but since I won't- I think I'd definitely regret it.

    This morning as I got off the bus, the courier guy caught me and gave me a parcel to take to work, and inside was our first blu ray movie.
    Black Book, it says it's subtitled on the back of the box, so the DVD won't rent well, but I guess the blu ray copies will do alright, I think those with PS3s/blu ray players will just rent it for the sake of renting a blu ray movie. (although the movie does sound pretty good)

    And I keep hearing about how one dude at work basically hates me, it seems everyone has a problem with him so I'm not really giving him much thought, and everyone else says they love working with me because I do all the returns, most of the customers, and let them stock the popcorn/m&ms, put up posters, ring overdues, the slightly more interesting work. [​IMG]
    And when I was at Sydenham, Rachael said I was the only person she's ever worked with there that was actually organized and logical.
    I think it's because of little things like he loves the Cube- I think it just sucks, and a few things like he insists Stranger than Fiction is a comedy and Night at the Museum is one of the funniest movies ever. [​IMG]
    But, I don't think he'll still be here after a month or two, he's already made it clear to the owners (and the manager) that he wants to be manager, and after being completely shot down he's been going on about how under appreciated he is and blah blah blah.

    I finally finished Metroid Prime 3.
    After being well and truly stumped for a while, I realized I had missed an entire planet, the pirates home world.
    After slapping myself in the face, this is where I realized this is the best game I've ever played.
    Pretty big deal for me, at first I wasn't sure since I regard Super Metroid so highly, but as I continued I was sure of it.
    To be perfectly honest, I hadn't really believed the next gen controls approach nintendo was taking until Prime 3, now I just cannot go back to dual analogue sticks, they have truly been made obsolete and it feels like a huge step backwards now.
    There were so many moments of awesomeness, but I think the best part is just the general room to room traveling, one of the best rooms I found is the repair bay on Valhalla, the one with the Metroids and Miniroids.
    You run into that room, kill the Metroids, jump over the electricity and continue up around the platforms while jumping over the gaps, shooting Miniroids in the middle of the room and avoiding the electricity, it sounds complicated but it's so very easy thanks to the awesome controls.

    I'd like to see Retro make a Zelda game, honestly after Twilight Princess, I definitely don't think Nintendo can make another Zelda as great as Majora's Mask or Wind Waker, but I'm convinced Retro could even best those two.
    Retro seems to love level design, each room is packed with more detail than complete areas in most games, I'd love to see how they fare with say Lake Hylia.
    And I think it would take Retro to finally make a drastic change to Zelda, imagine the whole game with a steam-punk setting like the Sky Town in Prime 3.
    Link driving a big tractor/train hybrid that rips up the ground through a huge desert with abandoned oil wells everywhere and a huge factory/castle off in the distance.
    Plus Retro would optimize and utilize the weapons much better, especially compared to Twilight Princess...
    Rumour has it that Retro is working on a new IP, I doubt it's Zelda and to be honest I really don't mind, but I'm definitely looking forward to whatever it is.

    That reminds me, a week or two ago I went to buy Medal of Honor 2 on the Wii since the reviews were saying its controls were even better than Prime 3's and it's awesome 32 player online.
    So I brought it home, played the single player for about 30 minutes, okay I'm ready for some online.
    Quit to the menu, scrolling through...
    Maybe I need to register online since EA has set up their own system instead of using Nintendo's shitty friendcodes...
    Nope, I check the manual, Yeah it gives a thorough explanation on how online play works, but not how to actually start it.
    Then I check gamefaqs and find that the Australian and New Zealand versions have had all the multiplayer removed because EA didn't want to set up servers there.
    I mean, what the hell?
    Okay fine, don't set up servers, why not throw the friend code system back in it? Or perhaps make it peer to peer?, LAN? Splitscreen? Anything!?
    Why the fuck would I want to storm the fucking beaches of Normandy again?
    Just when I thought, hey heres a game on the Wii with awesome online play, great controls, pretty decent graphics, and holy shit it's made by EA!
    And they go and remove main attraction because they didn't want to spend a little money setting up servers for their customers, as if they don't have enough money or something.
    Seriously, I'm done with EA, I was thinking I'd support Need for Speed on the Wii because honestly- I like racing games, and they're even more fun steering with the remote.
    But now, no.

    Luckily the EBgames at my mall is cool, so I took it back, and decided just to buy Warioware instead and they gave me a classic controller for free since the manual still said it had online play and they were gonna make a real complaint to EA. [​IMG]

    So now I'm back into Mario Galaxy which is almost as awesome as Prime 3, plus No More Heroes and Zak and Wiki both come out tomorrow.
    My Wii library is already pretty nice and it will soon be even nicer.

    [various stuff]

    I started a drawing on my DS today:
    It's currently a bit of a Saturday morning Disney mutant, but I like it, I think it will be fine when I've finished.

    Youtube, what the hell I've finally got sound working on youtube again, they must've updated their player and fixed some minor problem that was affecting me.

    PBFcomics sadly is apparently shutting down, definitely the best looking and arguably the funniest comic on the internet.
    I sent him an email basically saying "thanks for all the comics" and he sent one back saying:
    "I'm just withdrawing it from papers to slow production down,

    but your appreciation will be directed toward something good. Trust in that.

    So whatever he's got coming should be cool.

    Fez, on the TIGsource boards, one of the guys behind Fez had said some cool news was coming regarding Fez.
    The news was that he would be attending GDC (although he had to quit his job to be able to) and deservingly, he won a few awards and got a lot of mainstream media coverage.
    Fez really looks like an amazing game, it's got a slight Cavestory vibe to it's appearance but it's gameplay just takes it to another plane, really looking forward to the level design, puzzles and bosses.

    [/various stuff]

    I'm sure I've missed a bunch of stuff I was meaning to write about but I guess I'll get them later.

    So for now,

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    I'll try to word this so I'm not trying to bash him or pin all the delays on him, but man, I've started sending the gmk to other friends (not for them to do work) just because they can mess around with it and come up with some neat stuff so I have something new to do.

    Cocopuffs has done a great job putting up with my flipp-flopping and the results speak for themself, but there just hasn't been any significant developments since decemberish.
    So writing updates is getting a bit tough. [​IMG]

    So what's new...
    I've been playing Street Fighter II Turbo and New Challengers on my Wii, because I can kick my brothers ass in third strike, but I've never really been that great at SFII.. well I did get really into SFII during highschool, but I never vsed him till a few months after it broke.
    So I've been mastering (I don't know the official coined term) "back spin hurricane kick", it only works in turbo, which if I recall correctly is my brother's preferred version.
    It works best if you knock your opponent down, then as they're getting up jump over them and hit them with a hard-kick pretty much at the point when you're directly above them, then once that animation finishes and just before you land, start up a hurricane kick.
    It traps them in the middle between the front leg and the back leg and they get hit about 3 times as much as normal. The most effective maneuver/exploit in the game if you ask me.
    So hopefully when I see him in America this year, I'll beat him.

    I also downloaded Star Fox 64, really is a great game, and it still holds up very very very well, I'm currently up to the dog fight with Star Wolf and his team, and I think I took one of the hard routes because it's god damn impossible. [​IMG]

    Scientology really is a dangerous evil in the making, they're already pretty despicable, but they could easily become so much worse in the years to come.
    Which is why I'm so happy that anonymous has declared war against their organization.
    If you haven't heard or been following it, they've been constantly attacking/hacking their sites, stealing their private documents and handing out copies in public.
    All of this does take potential millions from scientology, and I think it's great.
    What can I say, scientology truly is a common evil, and is the type of shit that movies get made about.

    And that's why I watched V for Vendetta again the other night, such a great movie, probably the only comic book based movie I like, and perhaps that's because I never knew of the comic before the movie. [​IMG]

    I also watched the Asterix and Obelix movie, which was.. alright, fortunately I was in the mood for a cheesy/familyish/comedy and it delivered on everything i wanted.

    I tried watching the Dennis the Menace Christmas movie, but I got up to the point where he said something like "Don't worry guys, I'll win.. with a little help from Santa Claus" and then I turned it off. [​IMG]

    My friends came to work the other night when I was closing and we came back to my house and played video games all night, well I tried to sleep most of the night because I had to open the store the next morning.
    Of course, I never got to sleep and just bought some caffeine pills on the way to work (they don't do shit)
    When I got home, I went to bed at about 6pm, and then I was woken up at 9pm with them back in my room again, but they were wearing their school uniforms from highschool.
    So I'm like "what the hell?" and they told me to put on my uniform because everyone was having like a high school reunion, I said "fuck that, even if I was wide awake I wouldn't want to go." I really just got sick of everyone who wasn't my friend in the last year.
    Although they did tell me the next day that the biggest bitch in my class is like clinically obese and pregnant with twins apparently, which cheered me up, as evil as it sounds, it's comforting to know how quickly her life has been ruined.
    And just in case you're thinking "god damn, she can't've been that bad" one time she punched me in the side of the head because the TV's volume was "too loud"

    Oh, Scribe's brother got fired.
    Yeah, he's disappeared with several games, and yeah.
    Darren came in the other day and asked if Puck still wanted the job, I said yes, and he took his application (and no one elses) [​IMG]
    Puck came in a few days later and I asked him if he'd heard from Darren yet, but nope, not yet.
    I told him that Darren grabbed his application and asked if he still wanted the job, so hopefully he'll be starting soon.

    Well, that's about all for now, I guess I'll go back to annoying Cocopuffs.

  • .TakaM


    Man, almost been 2 weeks since my last update, but I've got something fairly cool to make up for the wait.

    Not much new 'real life' wise, well actually...
    There's a new guy at work, he's actually Scribe's (New Zealand rapper's) brother.
    Apparently Scribe doesn't exactly share his wealth and his own mother still only has a VCR (he brings home video tapes for her)
    It's pretty cool to say I work with Scribes brother, and I'm pretty sure that's why he was hired.
    Darren's probably waiting for scribe's next album to see if he mentions his brother and the store. [​IMG]
    But truth be told, he's pretty.. bad.

    He's down to one shift a week, and he hasn't shown up for the last 3, plus when he does show up he forgets his uniform half the time.
    And he often makes mistakes overcharging, returning movies incorrectly, locking empty cases and stuff like that which slows down working for everyone else.
    He's a cool guy n everything, but it's annoying working after him because he de-alphabetizes the discs and puts half of them back in upside down so they fall out when you grab them. [​IMG]
    Puck should've got the job eh James? [​IMG]

    So what was I gonna show you guys to make up for the 2 week delay?

    Not a real trailer, just what I felt like making after watching a couple TAS's and finding a great program to convert the recorded frames into a movie.
    Seriously, all I have to do is open one frame and it automatically loads the rest.
    Every other program I have to import every single frame, then select every single frame, then add them to some time line, then save as a movie. That usually takes about ten minutes, and now it's down to 5 seconds. [​IMG]

    When we do get the demo ready, I'm gonna spend a day putting together an awesome trailer, then upload to gametrailers. Hopefully we'll be able to get a game page, which isn't too unlikely since other indie games like cave story, underside, fez, etc have their own pages. [​IMG]

    I watched Ratattouille or however the hell you spell it, and well.
    It was alright, kinda stupid how when the rat pulls his hair he just automatically moves his arms, but well, if you just get over that and accept it- it's an alright movie.
    Another thing that bugged me was the underdeveloped human characters still having the same standard plot points.
    Like when he blurts out to the female cook that he loves her when he only talked to her for like 5 minutes, then when the rest of the kitchen find out about the rat, they all feel deeply betrayed even though they never really liked him in the first place.
    But like I said, it's really easy to fill in the blanks, and it would be just as annoying to have to watch them fill in those blanks where you know exactly what will happen.

    And I watched The Invisible a week or so ago.
    It's kinda like.. if disney made a thriller, doesn't sound that good, but when you think of Remember the Titans it's actually pretty good.
    Basically, a kid.. becomes a ghost and has to help the police (etc) solve his murder.
    Some of it's a little awkward, but there's lots of cool little touches that redeems it in my opinion.
    Everyone I've recommended it to has said they enjoyed it. [​IMG]

    That'll do for tonight, I'll probably write another entry in a few days since I've got 3 days off soon.