• Supreme Dirt

    Recommend me games, again!

    Well, I found the amazing game that is Soma Bringer because I did this before, figured couldn't hurt again.

    Basically I'm looking for games with challenging/interesting boss rush or challenge modes, similar to like... Kirby Super Star Ultra/OoT3D for a boss rush, or Contra 4-type challenge mode. Maybe even just an achievement system'll do it for me, idk.

    Preferably DS or 3DS, though I'm definitely open to other systems (I don't own a 360/PS3 though :/)

    Also tacking this on, I'd love to know of any commercial platform hell/genre hell games I might not have heard of. Played through nearly every SMW hack of the type, beat IWBTG, wish there were more commercial games with hellish difficulty.
  • Supreme Dirt

    Recommend me some games?

    So I'm looking for a specific-ish kinda game to play, and rather than clutter up forums gonna ask with this.

    Basically I'm looking for something with lots of skills/abilities and such to level up, a very large variety of items to acquire/make, and possibly sandbox-ish, though not necessarily. Preferably on GBA/NDS, but I'm open to other systems as well. Just not computer/mmo sorta things, I'm specifically looking for something to play when I'm without internet access, since I also lack a laptop.