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    Yeah. im gunna update my 5.3.2 WiiU.....

    was gunna try to install Homebrew channel, but from what i can tell you can use game exploits at 5.5.1 anyway.

    Also it seems its not permanent, you have to restart the exploit every single time you start the WiiU,

    Also there the extra time to load the WiiU, select Tv out options, wait, then vWii. when i could just boot the original Wii for homebrew.

    im sure someone will hack a full featured WiiU softmod eventually. no point in hanging at the firmware.
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    man, 2DS is Awesome!

    so a couple months ago i bought a 2DS, even though i allready own a 3DS XL, as they had a Free Zelda four swords offer on the eShop.
    my thinking being to buy it as a "zelda holder", and i could always use it as a guest controller for download play when company comes over.

    best purchase of my entire life.

    1. a 2nd (or 3rd) player controller for some easy mariokart battles.

    2. got 100 more Club Nintendo coins (which just gave me enough toward an awesome reward, which is now sold out forever)

    3. achieved 2014 platinum status, (so a free poster or calendar, i guess)

    4. downloaded the 2 free "pay to play" games, submarine battle and rustys real deal baseball, Which gave me 30 more coins in my club nintendo account, for buying absolutely nothing.

    5. another piece in puzzle swap, which later allowed me to unlock a photo after reggie fills-a-mech avatar showed up in the Mii plaza.

    6. can now download any demo or free software on the 2DS, without "downgrading" my main 3DS XL with the stupid NNID. what this means, as a Canadian, i can access the American eShop on my 3DS by changing the region, and buy games that arent available in Canada eShop, like Kokuga. and then i just use the 2DS for playing demos.

    7. extend the demo play times. i download each demo twice (older ones anyway), and when the demo tries run out, just play demo again on 2DS.

    8. buttons and slider on 3DS wont wear out as fast if a play some cartridges on 2DS.

    9. 2DS Nerf armor is cheap, making it a virtually indestructible unit. and it feels really good in the hands.

    10. i may take the 2DS instead when traveling, since my 3DS XL has many expensive eShop purchases as well as being an Ambassador, i worry too much about it being stolen by pickpockets. But the 2DS has nothing on it, so who cares if it gets stolen right. so i lose progress in whatever cartridge was in the slot, no big deal.

    11. easier to gain Play Coins (required for some games). since play coins can only be accumulated by shaking the 2DS, (there is no GD way im walking around with a DS in my pocket), the hinge-less solid design makes it a lot easier. it even has a convenient sleep mode switch.

    the best method i found was to attach a Lanyard to the lanyard loop, and "swing" the 2DS back and fourth, with your index finger dangling the lanyard, much like a Yo-Yo.

    12. the design is absolutely perfect. nice big shoulder buttons, physical sleep mode switch, dpad in good spot.

    -less "GAP" between the screens (good for DS mode games that combine 2 screens), so the ball in arkanoid or the character in tingles balloon fight dosent "teleport" instantly the massive gap between DSi Xl's screens.

    -and actually i prefer Mono speakers better than Stereo, i have the same argument about original Beatles records versus enhanced CD's. the sound isnt the same. having different sounds jumping between your ears just sounds weird. real sound isnt like that. in real life you usually hear sound equally with both ears at the same time.

    13. more DSiware space. the internal 256mb for DSiware is pathetic. and there is really no way to get all the good quality DSi ware games in one unit. Shantae will eat a good chunck, Thorium Wars will eat a good chunck, Mario vs Donkey kong, Mighty flip champs, Art Style, Dragon Quest wars, starship defence, pictobits, Dark Void Zero, Dr. Mario Express. just no way to do it without spliting them up.

    so yeah, buying a 2DS was the best decision i ever made, and it has enriched my life immensely.
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    what i learned from NDS releases.

    -Casual gamers have ruined the gaming industry. how many bubble pop/jewel break games does there need to exist?

    -japan has an obscene amount of Educational games. every second release is math training/kanji training. what are they planning?

    -Square Enix are astards

    -there are a crazy amount of Japan only RPGs. even series that had a GBA release remain untranslated commercially on DS. why Retro Game Challenge 2 remains untranslated is a mystery to me.

    -France culture is odd. there are almost as many french only games as there are Japanese games now. its like they live in a bubble, completely rejecting hollywood. they even have their own versions of survivor, amazing race, & cash cab games while America has no such games.

    -UK will continue to produce games for aging systems years after american executives have given up. chronos twin for example.

    -Nintendo of America will Green light Anything. for every 1 good DS game there has to be 20 Crappy games.

    -Girls play games? when did this happen? my 4 sisters refused to play NES, SNES or N64 games back when. now every second game is marketed towards girls. do women really like "princess pretty pink rainbow pony" type games. dont they insult their intelligence? its like executives have no idea what girls would like, so they just pump out every stereotypical nonsence they can think of.

    -who the hell keeps buying the "IMAGINE" series games. "imagine dentist", "imagine librarian", "imagine accountant", Good grief!

    -the only ones dumber than kids are parents. the amount of inane garbage that are marketed towards kids is staggering. a Movie tie-in will sell millions, but they wont release an RPG because its too risky.

    -the old adage "nintendo hard" from the NES days has been replaced with "Nintendo annoyance", as DS games are either childishly easy and short, or "throw at a wall" impossible.