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    My Dora the Explorer CRT Television.

    At the request of @Chary and @Extrasklep , I’m posting proof that I own a CRT television with Dora the Explorer theming on it. Keep in mind this isn’t just a red tv with Dora stickers no, this is an official tv produced by emerson around 2005 (mine was made october 2005 to be exact) and i got it for $25 at a flea market
    There it is, in my mom’s car as she disowns me for purchasing this!
    Now it’s safe and won’t fall out of its seat :)
    Once set up, I decided to play a little Sonic... (Mega collection from the same flea market for only $1!)
    ...perhaps a little too much sonic.
    So yeah this is real and I own it and i am so so sorry
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    I took a trip to my local Goodwill.

    If you like retro games you should really consider checking out your local Goodwill/thrift store every once in a while. I grabbed a bunch of PC games for $2 each like Call of Duty and The Sims. I also got a disc which has a fish screensaver on it, so I guess that's a thing. Not exactly the elusive dancing baby 3d screensaver I'd been searching for but I'll take it. Oh yeah, if you want a Wii balance board, for the love of god to goodwill. my goodwill had FOUR of them. There was also some other neat stuff like keyboards, mice, monitors, and even a huge typewriter. I know that this is really uninteresting but hey I felt like sharing and you know what, this is MY blog. If you want interesting, one time I walked in there and the first thing i saw was 30+ sealed copies of the Jimmy Neutron GBA video. If anyone actually bothered to read this, what are some weird/cool things you've found in thrift stores? would love to know. :)
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    I want to shove my head through a solid brick wall episode 2

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    So, a new temp trend... (AMA)

    So everyone is doing these “ask me anything” blogs, eh? Well, I could hop in on the fun I guess... ask me only stupid questions if anything at all.
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    A dream I had

    I’m gonna do a dream log thing but probably just this once

    So I have an alarm on my phone to wake me up in the morning, which lead to this...

    wobbawabba, wah, wawawa. Weird noises are that alarm. In that dream, the alarm was going off and I couldn’t get it to stop no matter what. In fact, I even went to the internet to look up how to destroy my phone so it would stop. Then I woke up, and suprise suprise, my alarm was going off.
    (lazy person tip: set 2 alarms in case you fall asleep after the first one.)
    This happens to me often, when sound work their way into my dream. Like one time I had this old FM radio alarm clock and I had a dream where Darude Sandstorm was playing in it. Well, guess what was playing on that radio. That extremely loud radio. That really cheap broken radio. That really old radio that had a really long cord that plugged into nowhere just so it could get a signal and then when you go to vacuum you don’t see it on the floor and the vacuum just kinda rips the thing off...
    Well, thank you for reading this, I probably won’t do thus again
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    happeh birfdai 2 mee

    Hooray I am now 14. I will commemorate this with a blog post, a very rare thing for me. thats it
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    How long do you think it will take

    Before this friggin site meme dies
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    I want to shove my head through a solid brick wall

    Do you guys ever get so frustrated with something that you want to shove your head through a brick wall? I do, and I'm so irritated. I missed 3 days of school this week. THREE. Then I got the makeup work. i have like 12 packets worth of makeup work and I really just want to die right now. Let's just all hope I'm not alive afterwards so I can stop bugging everybody. But seriously, school can REALLY get on my nerves. On a completely unrelated and slightly better note, I just bough Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga at GameStop (yeah, you heard that right, the land of idiots) for $6. And it's in great shape and shockingly not a bootleg. Anyway, I gotta go drink more caffeine so I can stay up all night on the temp. See ya!
    Free PacMan:
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    Well hello there.

    This is my first blog entry. I've been on GBAtemp for like 2-3 months now, and, well, how is everybody? Don't worry, next entry (if I ever do one) will be more interesting!
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