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    supergamer368 So everyone is doing these “ask me anything” blogs, eh? Well, I could hop in on the fun I guess... ask me only stupid questions if anything at all.
    supergamer368 Hold on, you’re telling me supergamer368 is making a new blog? That never happens!
    Well, it’s true! It’s about time I make a blog post. And since I just got back from vacation with my family, I actually have something to write about!
    I had a really good time staying at this not-so-wide house that had like four floors. There was a huge TV that I used to watch a variety of quality movies, such as:
    Shrek (twice, actually)
    Bee Movie (I’m serious. I did this.)
    The Cat in the Hat (The one with Mike Myers. Yeah. That one. Also if you haven’t seen it go watch it right now because it’s like the funniest movie I have ever seen and I’m suprised it’s rated PG with the ridiculous amount of obvious adult jokes)
    Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me
    And they were all wonderful. It was terrific.
    Anyhoo, I also decided to (try to) go fishing. I caught a total of two things:
    Myself on the pant leg
    And that was also great. I also went swimming (even though I’m very bad at it) and I jumped in ~50 times, each time I jumped I yelled out a reference to a CD-i game or Vinesauce just to irritate/confuse my family. Also sunburn. yay. Basically it was a great weekend and I look forward to doing something similar a few times later this summer. Sadly, I have a few weeks of school left unlike seemingly everyone else. Anyway, GBAtemp says I have likea billion alerts all of the sudden so I’ll just go now. Thank you for reading this, I am tired and need sleep.
    supergamer368 I’m gonna do a dream log thing but probably just this once

    So I have an alarm on my phone to wake me up in the morning, which lead to this...

    wobbawabba, wah, wawawa. Weird noises are that alarm. In that dream, the alarm was going off and I couldn’t get it to stop no matter what. In fact, I even went to the internet to look up how to destroy my phone so it would stop. Then I woke up, and suprise suprise, my alarm was going off.
    (lazy person tip: set 2 alarms in case you fall asleep after the first one.)
    This happens to me often, when sound work their way into my dream. Like one time I had this old FM radio alarm clock and I had a dream where Darude Sandstorm was playing in it. Well, guess what was playing on that radio. That extremely loud radio. That really cheap broken radio. That really old radio that had a really long cord that plugged into nowhere just so it could get a signal and then when you go to vacuum you don’t see it on the floor and the vacuum just kinda rips the thing off...
    Well, thank you for reading this, I probably won’t do thus again
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    supergamer368 Hooray I am now 14. I will commemorate this with a blog post, a very rare thing for me. thats it
    supergamer368 Before this friggin site meme dies
    supergamer368 Do you guys ever get so frustrated with something that you want to shove your head through a brick wall? I do, and I'm so irritated. I missed 3 days of school this week. THREE. Then I got the makeup work. i have like 12 packets worth of makeup work and I really just want to die right now. Let's just all hope I'm not alive afterwards so I can stop bugging everybody. But seriously, school can REALLY get on my nerves. On a completely unrelated and slightly better note, I just bough Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga at GameStop (yeah, you heard that right, the land of idiots) for $6. And it's in great shape and shockingly not a bootleg. Anyway, I gotta go drink more caffeine so I can stay up all night on the temp. See ya!
    Free PacMan:
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    supergamer368 This is my first blog entry. I've been on GBAtemp for like 2-3 months now, and, well, how is everybody? Don't worry, next entry (if I ever do one) will be more interesting!
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