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    Not enough time in a day

    I never feel like there's enough time in a day to do everything. Like, I wake up at 2 or 3 PM, go "Fuck, I slept in. I'll sleep at midnight tonight instead, I've got some sleeping pills I can use to help."

    Then it's 11:50 PM. And I should be ready for bed.

    But I'm not.

    I still want to do more things. More games to play, work on music, talk to my friends, work on my Magic decks, et cetera. So I just think "I'll sleep at 1:30 or 2 instead. There's no way I could even sleep this early."

    Then it's 2:30 and I'm in a voice chat with a friend, and I don't wanna say goodbye yet, regardless of the fact we both needed to sleep 2 hours ago. Or I'm in the middle of a game. Or I just gotta write down this one kickass riff..

    And it's 3:30 AM now. Fuck. Okay, at least I can sleep at 4. Let's get ready for bed.
    I brush my teeth, clean my face, take off my glasses.. And let's check GBATemp, I think I have new alerts. And maybe say something in the Insignia server. Check up on the RC24 server. Now it's 5:45 AM and the sun is up. And I'm still not really tired. Maybe it's just my ADHD. I have no clue, but no matter what, every day seems to work out like this. Maybe I shouldn't beat myself up about it so much, it's not like I'm gonna go anywhere and do anything with the coronavirus pandemic still happening.

    Any advice?
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    Difficulty staying focused on a single game.

    Okay, so.. This is probably gonna be pretty brief. I'm not a huge RPG guy. The only RPGs I've really played for long periods of time are Pokemon games. But recently, I've been trying to actually finish some of the RPGs I've been meaning to for a long time. First, I tried Aria of Sorrow and got to a point where my interest just kinda fizzled and I moved on. I feel kinda guilty doing that, but it's difficult to force myself to play a game I'm not really enjoying anymore, and there's other things I want to start on. Like Twilight Princess, or finally finishing Ocarina of Time. Sometimes, though, after a bit of a break, I feel like coming back to it-- Although it's hard to actually remember where the hell I was, what I was doing, et cetera, et cetera.. Any ideas on how to get me to like, actually stick with an RPG to the end? Maybe just.. shorter games?
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    I finally modded my 3DS

    I've been mulling it around for some time, and had been holding it off 'cause of how much nostalgia I have for the system, but decided to pull the trigger. I followed the hacks.guide seedminer and here we are.

    First thing's first, getting a good JoJo theme was a must..

    Secondly, finally getting to play Fluidity: Spin Cycle..

    And most importantly, backing up the saves from Pokemon Y and Sun that I made when I was a kid (I've got special event Pokemon in them) so I can go back and play the games without losing all of my progress.

    ...So, can anyone recommend some smokin' hot 3DS homebrew for me to fiddle with, as well?
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    Best of Stray 2019 (Music)

    Well, as 2019 comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing (for better or for worse) on things I did this year, and this decade as a whole.

    And what better way to show that then to shamelessly plug the best of the music I've made these past 357 days?

    I'm not sure how many people here are actually aware of my music, so.. here!

    My number 1 favorite song I wrote this year has to be the full single release of Powder Snow.
    Just about everything came out exactly as it was in my mind, and came together in this perfect way.


    Number two is A Lo-Fi Space Jam To Cry To. (short title, eh?) I was listening to a lot of lo-fi remixes of songs I like and wanted to make something in this genre from scratch,
    and thus "A.L.F.S.J.T.C.T" was born. I wasn't 100% on how to end this one, and I'm still not a HUGE fan of the strings at the end, but.. Fun fact: Those strings are from the Final Fantasy 4 soundfont! So.. that's something, I guess.


    For my third pick, I'm going with Aroni.

    ..Hear me out on this one.

    It's not incredibly musically sound.. It was the result of just messing around with my friend TJ, but I still love it nonetheless. It was the first song I ever recorded with my bass (that I had just bought that day).


    And last but most definitely not least, the forth on this list is Lost. It's a bit repetitive looking back on it, but it's got a good.. energy to it. If someone were to add lyrics, or something on top of it, there's a lot of potential for greatness.
    I still love the raw emotion in both the solo, and those chords.


    Anyways.. I hope y'all like all've this stuff. It's been a great year even with all of the rockiness I've been through, and I'm looking forward to another, hopefully even better one next year. Happy holidays, gamers.
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    What to do with a spare Wii?

    So, for those of you who aren’t aware… The Wii is one of my favorite consoles. I still remember the Christmas when I first got one— Almost 11 years ago, now.

    I’ve had one set up with RiiConnect24, Wiimmfi, and a spiffy Wiiflow setup for a while now, and I still love it as much as I did when I first experienced the console all those years ago.

    One of my friends recently gave me their console, noting that they don’t use it anymore, since their Wii U is backwards compatible. It’s already got HBC installed, Bootmii as Boot2, CIOS-es are patched for USB loaders, and it’s on 4.3u.

    Here’s the thing: I have no clue what to do with it. I thought about setting it up in the living room and letting my roommates mess around with it, but they probably wouldn’t use it. I also knocked around the idea of building a portable Wii, but I suck at soldering and don’t really have many tools, money, or materials outside of the console itself.

    So, anyone have any clever ideas for this little guy? I feel weird not putting it to SOME use.
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