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    So I started my first Nuzlocke Challenge V2 (Let's try this again)

    So after a bit of encouragement from a friend, I decided to do a Nuzlocke Challenge of Pokemon Emerald. For those of you not in the know, a Nuzlocke Challenge is where the player imposes rules on their playthrough.

    Primary Rules
    • Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and must be released.
    • You may only capture one Pokemon per area and it must be the first monster you see. If you miss it (runs, faints, etc) you may not try again.
    • Name your monsters. While not a definite rule, it helps create an attachment and increases your overall enjoyment of the game.

      There are of course several auxiliary rules designed to increase or decrease the difficulty of the challenge, but the above are the core rules.

      My Auxiliary Rules
      • Starter Pokémon is based off your Trainer ID number. If the last number is 1-3 the player starts with a Grass type, 4-6 is Fire type, 7-9 is Water type, 0 is the player's choice.
      • Not officially enforcing the rules until the player has Poké Balls and can catch Pokémon. For example, the ZigzagoonRS/PoochyenaE that the player has to save Professor Birch from is not counted as the first encounter on the route, and not counting any other encounters as such until they can catch. Likewise, in the games where the rival battle is immediately after getting the starter Pokémon, the "any that faint must be released" rule is not enforced at that time.
      • Banning the use of Potions and out of battle healing items, relying only on Pokémon Centers for healing.
      • No catching/using legendary Pokémon.
      • Modifying the "first encounter only" rule for the Safari Zone, sometimes allowing one encounter for each area, or until they catch one Pokémon in the entire area, and vice versa.
      • Modifying the first encounter rule in places where certain pokemon solely reside in. Like the Petalburg forest with Shroomish, and Slakoth. Or Ralts and Nincada on early routes. As long as you forfeit an equal number of later catches, you're allowed to capture one of each rare pokemon you see. If you miss it, then the same consequences of the first encounter rule occur.

      Of course as an author, you can count on me to write my challenge out in a decent narrative. Think of it as an RRP. I'll be adding a story and trying to flesh out the characters themselves in my own way. I did a decent Skyrim RRP a year ago that had some good feedback, so this should be pretty fun.

    The door of fate stood in front of me. Its handles beckoned me to grasp and open it. Each step I took rang out among the cold stone pillars as clear as a bell echoing across the land. Boom! Boom! Boom! Come closer. Boom! Just one more step. BOOM! Open me and seize this moment of grandiose proportions. As I grabbed the doors and flung them open, a white light engulfed me and the sound of a crowd filled my ears…

    Blinded by the white light, I was confused as I awoke. The moving van had stopped and I stared into the kind eyes of my mother.

    “We’re home April.”

    April’s Nuzlocke Adventure

    I heard the clap of a door. Two large Pokémon appeared behind my mother and began to carefully grab boxes. She smiled at me and said, “Why don’t you go check out your room upstairs. The movers already brought your things to your room and unpacked them.”

    I smiled back in reply and she turned around to direct the movers. Hoenn… I wonder what sort of surprises it will have in store for me. I hopped lightly to the ground and shielded my eyes from the midday sun. Well it had better have surprises. This town “Littleroot” seems incredibly dull.

    I observed the windswept plains a bit longer before I turned to my new home. It was a small cottage just big enough for two. My mom had purchased it in order to be closer to dad… I don’t know what she sees in that man. He’s never home and he hasn’t sent money back like he’d promised to. I swear he loves his Pokémon more than her.

    The interior was sparsely furnished with a small kitchen to the left. The movers were efficient indeed. Already the couch and TV had been unpacked. Under my mother’s expert direction the Pokémon had even hooked up the cable and ceiling fan.

    My feet dully thumped on the carpeted stairwell as I made my way to my room. I smiled. It was set up the same way it had been at our place across the sea. Besides the clock, everything was set up and raring to go. Before I headed downstairs, I rewound the springs and set it to the proper time. There. Now it’s as if I’d never left.

    “Thank you for your help,” she said as she handed two small bags of treats to the Pokémon. “Bye now. Tell your superiors that I’ve wired payment to their account.”

    When she had closed the door I spoke up, “You know Pokémon can’t really talk right?”

    “Honey, you know that isn’t true. Once you get to know a person, you can understand him without even hearing his words.” A longing look came into her eyes as she continued, “It’s much the same with Pokémon. Even if we don’t speak the same language we can still understand each other.”

    Pfft. She’s probably right, but until I get my own Pokémon though I’ll reserve my own judgment.

    “That reminds me. Why don’t you go talk to Professor Birch. His lab is right here in town. Maybe he’ll give you your own Pokémon.”

    “My own… You mean it?”

    She smiled and said, “Yes I do. Your eighteenth birthday was last week. You’re old enough to take care of yourself, so why not a Pokémon of your own.”

    “Okay! I’ll go right now!” As I said that I ran into the door in my excitement. “Ow, first I have to get the door open though.” I could hear her laughter as I ran. It was good to hear that again.

    The hulk of the lab could be seen clearly in the midday sun. The large double door entrance opened effortlessly and I walked in. The aid on duty stopped me before I continued inside. “The professor is currently out doing research.” His spotless lab coat rustled as he stirred the liquid he was distilling. “His son should be home, why don’t you go ask him where he is?”

    “Thanks. I think I’ll do just that.”

    I remembered the house next door to mine and headed towards it. It looked much the same but considerably bigger. I knocked on the door and entered. I spotted Birch’s wife in the kitchen and called out to her, “I need to talk to your son, is he home?”

    She smiled and pointed to the upstairs before she turned back to her duties. My feet again thudded dully against the carpet on the stairs. When I walked into his room, nobody was there… aside from a pokéball anyway. When I went to take a peek at which Pokémon he had, I heard footsteps running towards me.

    A boy my age barged in and yelled, “What are you doing in my room!”

    I smiled and casually said, “Relax, I came over here to talk to you.” Though he sounded angry, he looked curious.

    “To me…? Oh, you must be the girl that moved in next door. My father didn’t tell me how pretty you were.”

    I could feel an involuntary blush cross my face at the comment. It wasn’t often I received compliments that earnest. “W-well, I suppose you never asked!”

    “No, you’re right.” It looked like he was a bit oblivious. “Anyway, you’re looking for my father right? Well, he’s out researching in the fields…” His voice trailed off as he went to pick up his pokéball. He thrust it into his belt and said, “He should be back by now. I’m preparing for a short jaunt up the road to help with his research so I can’t look for him. By the way I’m Silver and you are…?”

    I held out my hand and said, “April.”

    He accepted the gesture and said, “Nice to meet you April. If you don’t want to wait, why don’t you check out Route 101. He must have gotten distracted by a rare plant or something. I have to do some things on the computer before I leave so I guess I’ll be seeing you later.”

    As I walked out, I noted his attire. It was definitely more rugged than my own. His baggy tan khaki pants were riddled with pockets and pouches and matched his hiking boots. His belt was an unusual one. It looked like a tool belt, but with half the pouches. His left side instead had a row of magnets with a single pokéball taking up a slot. I made a mental note to ask where he got it. His shirt was just a black T-Shirt, but it was also secured with a similar belt like the one at his waist. He also carried a rucksack on his back. The last unusual thing was his Silver hair. Silver indeed. I like his hair.

    As I left I called out, “Bye, see you again Lily!”

    “Be careful April!”

    The town exit wasn’t more than a thirty second walk away. Really it wasn’t even a town, but I digress. As I drew close I could hear the frantic screams of a little girl. What the… I broke into a dash. The pathetic sight that greeted me almost made me laugh. The youthful professor had been cornered in a tree by a small dog Pokémon named Poochyena. The sounds had evidentially come from him.

    He spotted me and yelled, “You there, grab the crowbar from my bag and help me!”

    A crowbar… What kind of Pokémon professor carries a crowbar? I rummaged through the discarded pack on the ground. When I couldn’t find a crowbar I said, “There’s no crowbar, only a Pokémon!’

    “Then use it! I’m losing my grip as we speak!”

    I snickered a little and tossed the pokéball onto the ground. “Go Pokémon!”

    A small birdlike creature appeared. It was the color of flames, deep orange and bright yellow. “Torchic,“ it cooed.

    “Hmm, you’re Torchic right? Well, let’s save the professor then! Use tackle!”

    The little bird lowered itself into an attack stance. His talon clawed at the ground slightly before he ran full steam ahead. The small black dog had its back turned and had no idea that the furious feather storm behind it was about to strike. Then it hit him full force.

    The dog tumbled head over heels from the force of the strike. When he regained his footing and got up, he growled at Torchic. He became hesitant to strike, but I urged him on for another tackle. This time there was the crunch of bone. Two ribs poked through the pup’s chest. Spurts of blood squirted upon the ground at each breath. He was not long for this world.

    At his final heave, he went silent. The professor dropped to the ground and said, “Thank you…?”

    “April,” I said as I extended my hand.

    He took it and said, “Ah, you’re from the family that moved in today. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to greet you and your mother, but I simply had to get this trek done… No thanks to that damned dog.” Torchic yawned and curled up at my feet. “Wow, the little blighter’s taken a shine to you. He doesn’t even do that around me and I caught the little bastard. Haha! Why don’t you keep him as a token of my appreciation mate.”


    “Yep, meet me at my lab after you get some rest. I have something I’d like you to do.” He picked up his rucksack and walked back towards Littleroot. Just before he rounded the corner, he turned and said, “Why don’t you name him?” After the suggestion he chuckled and disappeared from sight.

    “Name you huh?” The now napping chick seemed perfectly peaceful as he nestled between my feet. “Why don’t I call you Ace.” His head jerked to attention. He answered my questioning look with a joyful squawk. “Then It’s settled Ace. Let’s head to the professor’s lab then. We have something to do.”
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    Sterling's Anime Impressions [Yu Yu Hakusho]

    Ah, the ever present classic that is known as Yu Yu Hakusho. The story follows a young high school delinquent named Yusuke Urimeshi. Oddly enough, he dies promptly in the very first episode trying to rescue a young child from being hit by a car. Soon after he is given a chance at a second chance. A very tempting offer wouldn't you say? Soon after he becomes the spirit detective of the human world. Tasked to seek and destroy demons who slip through into the Human world, he battles using spirit powers.

    A story that was depressing, impressing, entertaining and somewhat unpredictable. At some points the show tended to feel like it drug on, but it would always pick back up quickly. As with typical Shounan style, resolve reigns supreme. The story is pretty impressive and holds up really well in terms of today's anime. The action scenes are well done and enjoyable. The characters are quirky and like-able. Even the dumbass of the story Kuwabara gets like points. They all have some very interesting powers; the Spirit Gun attack and Shotgun Fist are both high up on my favourite special lists.

    Long story short, I highly recommend watching this anime at least once or twice. 8/0 [Shounen Scale]
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    Sterling's Impressions on Anime

    Recently, I've gotten some great suggestions through a couple GBAtemp members @[member='Hells Malice'], @[member='Gundam Eclipse'] have given me a large list of anime I should watch. I've completed quite a few series since then, most of them weren't on their lists. I plan to use this blog to post my impressions and maybe an 'out of ten' rating on how much I liked it. So, thanks again you two, and I hope everyone looks forward to my future posts in this blog.
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    A bright idea I had for making a video game adaptation of the novel I'm writing.

    Some of you may know that I'm currently deeply engrossed in writing a sci-fi novel. The basic premise is that the entire human race was virtualized into Earth (which was made into a quantum computer) in order to avoid extinction via a massive disaster. The Earth was then broken down into individual atoms which were then scattered across the Universe. The atoms are set of transform any matter they touch into part of the Earth's quantum network. Effectively creating a digital world that is limited only by the size of the Universe.

    I may just be getting ahead of myself here, but I had a brilliant idea for a video game adaption. The ideal is to create a world that randomly generates as you travel. It will be a FPRPG like the ES series. You start out at a city and choose your class. Each class has it's own weapon proficiency and skill set that can each be improved upon. At certain intervals in the level up process, you may make class specialization progression. Here you can choose to level into another profession, or specialize in your current one. Level enough together and you'll get an entirely new class.

    As you explore the open world, you'll encounter people, monsters, towns, cities, etc. Dungeons will pop up and you'll be able to map them out similar to Etrian Odyssy. There is no traditional currency in this virtual world. Goods and training is bought and sold using map data. The more areas you map, the more things you can do. Everything is randomized the moment you enter for the first time. After that, you can revisit and farm things for rare items and such. If the game could have multiplayer, you could trade other players for their map data.

    The story would of course follow the novel, but you wouldn't play as the main character, only as a friend. For the most part though, I envision the game to be an open ended world like the ES games.
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    A brief overview of what I believe and feel at this point in my life.

    Those of you who have been on this site as part of the community for a few years or more have probably seen me around the forum. Regardless of what you think about me, or what you think you know about me, let me lay all of that out now. You see, behind this internet persona you'll find an honest albeit unstable person. I persevere in life with a mental disorder known as Bipolar disorder. According to some doctors I am also autistic. For most of my life I have had severe mood swings. I would get angry for very little reason, or sad at the slightest discouraging words. I would fall into slumps where I had no motivation to do anything. Only recently have I learned that these slumps are depression. A few of you have seen me at my worst here, and for that I apologize. Enough about this though. I've been able to combat this through the use of anti-psychotics and other drugs, but at the moment I do my best to find my own ways to combat my problems... With or without medication. At the moment I'm stable and I feel like I've been opening my eyes to a new world that I didn't see before.

    If you get to know me, you'll find that I'm very chivalrous. Meaning that as a man, I won't hit a woman unless it's self defense, and I treat a woman with respect and dignity. It's part of my code of honor and it's something I rarely see these days. In my code of honor, I've made several pledges. Each one of them is an integral part of how I live and to break even one of them is a severe blow to my honor which is also my life. I suppose I have anime to thank for this ridiculous way of thinking. Looking back now, I don't think I could have lived the way I did before. I feel like I've gained a piece of myself that was not there from birth. Almost as if I've been incomplete from the start.

    Lately I've been contemplating what it means to die. Whether or not it's something to fear. I still haven't arrived at a conclusion, but I feel like if I were to die tomorrow I would be fine with it. I have no regrets up to this point, but I'd like to continue to find myself and fit the pieces together. There's so much I have yet to do, like finding true love, giving back to humanity, and a number of other things, but even if I die incomplete, I think I could be okay with that. It seems like I'm at peace with myself.

    I also have GBAtemp to thank for a number of things: enlightenment, entertainment, friendly and serious advice, and friends. GBAtemp has given me all of these things, and some of them I could not have found by myself. So in short, thank you GBAtemp. You've changed my life in more ways than one. You've kept me going when times were tough and also you've let me help other the same way.
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    Well, that was some crazy ****...

    So, I tried something different today. Something called "Pure Evil". My God was that a trip. That was very bad. Here's the story:

    So, I sat down with the intention of only taking a single hit. Which to the best of my memory I did. Suddenly, it hit me. I got nauseous and felt like throwing up. So I went to the toilet and sat there for 2 minutes (according to me). Then I remembered a tip from a friend to drink water to counter the effect of the nausea. So I took some mouthfuls of water. Then the rhythmical breathing hit me. For some idea about what it looked like I was doing, it felt like I was doing the worm standing up. Still feeling nauseated, my heart sped up and I started shaking. I was scared then, but when my reflection in the mirror turned into batman, I calmed down some. I told him to turn back, and he did. Soon after, the nausea wore off and I got the full story from my friends on the couch. Apparently I took 2 hits, and then a third hit of some other stuff. I only remember one, then 5 minutes of blank, then 25 minutes of heaving in the bathroom. I kinda liked the high, but if I can't count on myself to do this responsibly and keep my memory, then I can't touch anything again. I could have died right there. If I hadn't kept (what I thought to be) a cool head then more things could have happened. Man, after this, its only going to be good weed... I swear it on my life.
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    Well, I got high for the first time...

    It was amazing! I'll take a few moments to describe what it was like. Before I do though...

    For those of you that know me, I'm a pretty clean cut guy. I don't drink but every once in awhile, I don't smoke tobacco or weed, and I'm still a virgin. So I hope no one here thinks any less of my for my curiosity.

    Earlier today, I had a friend stop by the local smoke shop. He bought some "legal" stuff and he sat down and had a few puffs. He was really digging the stuff, so I made up my mind to try it later. Later on, my room mate and this girl we have staying here wanted a couple hits too. Up until this point I hadn't touched it. So I take a hit and about ten minutes later, I feel some pressure behind my eyes. Like I had pressure in my sinuses from a stuffy nose. Soon after I felt a warm feeling just a bit like I had some alcohol. It spread from my face, to my chest, and then down the rest of my body. Then suddenly, it hit me. It was so sudden that when the feeling hit my feet I realized I was high. For about 10 minutes I could not stop grinning. Things that would have been a "haha", were now the cause of incredibly intoxicating laughter. The things I tasted were altogether better, and music became a God given gift. After I adjusted to the high, I became incredibly thoughtful. I began a meditation of self reflection; Who am I, where am I going, what kind of woman do I like. Before I knew it 10 minutes had past, and just as suddenly as it came, it was gone. 20 minutes for one hit. Its amazing how something can be so subtle and still make you feel like this. I mean, I had expected it to be more aggressive, but it really isn't. Its a mind enhancer more than something that alters the way you think.

    Now, just so everyone knows, I do not recommend you go out and do this. I now understand why someone would waste years of their life on drugs, and why they'd want more and more. Its an awesome feeling, but somehow, I think I probably just made my life more complicated because now I'm going to do more of it. :'(
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    A few updates, it's been too long!

    So yea, my last blog happened last year... I think... Anyway, I have some updates for GBAtempers if you're interested.

    So, I'm nearly Comptia A+ certified. For those of you that don't know what this is, it's a certification for computer repair. It's a certification to get your foot in the door for employment. The test itself is one of the harder tests, and it gets harder every year. Today I take the last test, and I will be walking away certified. This has taken me 3 years to get here. From the two times I failed it in high school, to today when I achieve a goal.

    I've decided to lose a lot of weight. I need to lose around 80 Lbs, and that's not simple task. I've switched from soft drinks to green tea in hopes of increasing my energy and metabolism. I've made it a point to exercise more and start a weight lifting regiment. I've started swimming and I'm thinking about attending a water aerobics club. All in all, this next part will explain my sudden desire to change my visage.

    I've finally found my dream girl! Though, this dream girl isn't quite what you're thinking. Please, don't laugh when you read this because I'm dead serious. The only problem with my dream girl is the fact that she doesn't exist in real life. What I've actually found is a fictional woman who embodies everything I want in a woman. I realize that this character isn't someone I can be with, but I've made a promise to myself that I'll change myself into a man worthy of someone like her. If there is someone out there with similar traits, then I'll find her. I've decided to remain abstinent from sex until I find her. It sounds completely insane, but I have the weirdest feeling that I will meet her. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I ask that you refrain from laughing. :)

    Well, there's more than that, but most of it is unimportant things that even my friends wouldn't care about.
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    Zelda OoT 3DS...

    So yea, I'm in love with OoT on the 3DS. So many improvements! Much more vivid colours, detail has been massively improved, and frame drops are non existent. So far, I've been through the Forest Temple, and I'm about to move on the the Fire Temple. I'm so looking forward to Master Quest too. It will be my first time going through it. I've gotten a Nostalgia Boner, and a boner from the pure awesomeness. If your nostalgia boner lasts for more than 24 hours, please contact your doctor for appropriate usage of Nostalgra.

    TL:DR: LoZ: OoT, Fuck YES!
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    My Roommate is a Hipster Douche.

    Alright, so many of you know I room with a friend. I just confirmed that he is a Hipster Douche. If something gets popular, he just dislikes it. Everything he dislikes, one of the reasons is "Because it's popular." Even if he liked it before, if it gets popular, he starts hating it. People like this just pisses me off. Disliking something to break away from the crowd. Music, movies, video games, books, etc. Nothing is protected from him. One example is that when he was listening to a DJ named Satomi he introduced me to his music. One of the very reasons I started listening to him was because he thought so highly of him. I played one of his songs on my stereo, and he changed it. Almost made him get out and walk. Just out of the blue he disliked his music because it was suddenly "Too popular". I mean what the hell!?
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    Got my name changed.

    From Argentum Vir to Sterling. (My real name) :)

    Thank ya' TJ. :)
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    Fuck my job.

    Worst day of work ever. Made me have my first suicidal thoughts in a long time. Also, my first big Bi-Polar breakdown in around a year.

    wht happened?

    Imelda did first.
    Then some fucking pricks came in for food.
    Then Lawanda tried to fucking tell me how to do my job.
    Enough is enough.

    u gonna leave again?

    I had my first bi-polar breakdown in a year because of this shit.
    Yea, my uniform is in the dining room trash.

    damn u quit

    Alright, here's how it went down.
    I was on the fry station.
    I was doing my job as best I could.
    Imelda was yelling at me, so I became indifferent.
    The more she yelled at me, the slower I went.
    around 7:30 she pulled me into the office.
    She starts yelling at me, asking if I have a problem with her.
    Demanding to know why I'm being so disrespectful.


    I ask her, what do you think yelling at me to hurry up is going to do.
    Mak me go faster?
    I then tell her, you're just frustrating me.
    She has worked with me for four years almost, and she knows what happens when I become emotionally compromised.
    Yet, she continued to bait me.
    I finally had to sit down and explain to her that I was losing my temper.
    I told her that I lost all respect for her.
    That if that was the way she was going to act, to not even put me on the schedule next week.
    I then told her I was 10 seconds from walking out of there.
    I asked her if she wanted me to finish my shift, or if I should leave.


    She told me to finish my shift.
    So I did.
    Around 11, I started to mop and finish the floors.
    Lawanda was already pissy, and she decided to tell me that I wasn't following protocol.
    I basically did both halves of the floor at the same time.
    Then I scrubbed.
    She said I was only supposed to do them half at a time.
    Which is correct.
    But after you wet the floors, you're supposed to wait 10 minutes before you scrub.
    Which is time spent waiting.
    I wanted to get the fuck out of there.
    10 minutes is too long.

    ya i never do tht anyway

    So a bit later, I was complaining about how I was being blamed for the vacuum breaking 2 days after I went to quiznos.
    That pissed me off damnit.
    She told me to clock out.

    the vacuum burned out it was no ones fault >_<

    I told her I had not finished, and I told her I wasn't leaving 'till I finished.
    She then said that she was gonna clock me out anyway.
    I said, well you'll have to fix my hours because I hadn't clocked in from break.
    So she said she would and she walked back to the office. I followed.
    She then said leave and she would do it.
    I told her, to fix them now.
    Turns out she had been writing a letter to sam or something.
    She didn't want me to see it.


    When I did, she took out her phone and called sam.
    I told her, that when he picked up the phone, that I was going to talk to him.
    Not her.
    So, she is going to be in massive trouble.
    I'll bet 9 to nothing she's gonna try to get aaron or walter to do it.
    I'll bet they'll tell her no.
    That I was willing to finish my job, but she wouldn't swallow her pride and let me.
    Which is exactly what I'm going to tell sam when I call/ meet him later.
    This is bullshit.

    did u get a hold of him walter says got fired?


    thts wht lawanda is sayin shesays ur not allowedback

    I guarantee you that Sam will listen to reason.
    I don't want to come back dammit.
    I'm done.

    im proud of u

    I'm not.
    I hated the way this ended.
    I just wanted to finish up the day, and get it over with. But I guess not.

    lawanda always makes huges deals out of things

    I've been at Wendys for 3 and 2 4ths years, atleast twice as long as her.
    She has the gall to outright say I'm doing my job wrong.
    I'll understand that when she goes for a walk through, and finds mistakes, I'll listen.
    Just telling me that I'm doing it wrong is messed up.
    Especially when the video does it the exact same way but split.

    u gonna talk to sam tomorrow

    I'm gonna wait for his number first.
    I sent a message to Brandon to get it.
    At least I know Brandon is on my side.
    As a friend.

    did u get a holdof him

    It's two AM, FUCK no.

    lmao true

    It's a FB message.
    at any rate.

    My responses are the long ones, the others, one of my co-workers.

    This FB conversation explains nicely. I don't feel like typing it all out again.

    Also, the pricks who came in for food, basically were pissed because we had already logged off our register for the night. So they decided to throw a tray full of food on the ground. Opened around 30 packets of ketchup, and smeared it on the seat and floor, and tray. That was a fucking bitch to clean up. When I see these fucked, I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind, and a knuckle sandwich.
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    More Girl Troubles.

    Okay, so some of you know that I had a girlfriend a while back. She dumped me before Christmas. She didn't even want to be my friend afterwards. She completely removed me from her life. I was content, but not over her. Now she just texts me out of nowhere. What the hell. I'm now very confused. She is being fucking cryptic about something of great importance. I'm a little worried she's gonna try to get back together, and it sounds like she wants to. If she does, I'll give her another chance. The problem is though, that I like this other girl, and now I have to choose. I guess if you guys cannot help me, I'll just wait and see what happens.
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    Hmm, well I'm gonna be quitting my job.

    As some of you know, (from previous blogs or whatever) I work at a fast food joint known as Wendys. For almost 4 years now, I have not only been a loyal employee, but I could also be classed as a lapdog. Someone told me that someone blew a nicely orchestrated gastric fluid montage all over the women's restroom, I would ask for my position to be covered, and have it cleaned up in less than 5 minutes. Someone throws an entire industrial sized toilet paper up their ass to wipe, I have to be the one to unclog it. Manager has a problem with their personal life? I have to stay 3 hours later so they can take care of said problem over the phone.

    I get paid 7.75 to serve anybody, and any whim. Not only did I get started at 7.00 when minimum was a 6.25, but I did not receive compensation when it was raised to 7.25 two years later. I get .10 raises every half year. I was making 15 cents more than someone who just got hired. I am a loyal employee, and I'm the one that get's screwed.

    Onto our store's current problems. We cannot hold new employees. We had one of our best employees quit just Monday. He had been there for only 6 months and he was considered the best on day shift (besides the management). Then we had one of our new hires just walk out on us, and in the process cursing the GM's name, and with every motion, flipped him inappropriate gestures. I understand why he did it too. They expect you to grow 4 extra arms, and 2 extra legs. They expect you to perform management hours and on the same level of productivity... Just 25 minutes after being hired. It's bullshit. We are the second busiest store in the district, and the first has never had this problem. We also have double the amount of complaints as the busiest store, and all the stores combined is just about equal to our complaints.

    Let me show you what I typed up for my two weeks.

    Dear Management,

    I thank you for your time and patience for putting up with me.
    As a long time employee, I have seen more changes in
    Management than I care to admit, and I have seen many of
    my comrades of the fry table fall to the tests of time and stress.
    Though I'm proud to have outlasted many, I too have an end.
    Many of us have our shortcomings, but when we band together
    and play as a team, we are not only steadfast, but unstoppable
    in our aspirations. However, some of us do not want to be part
    of the team. Some of us would sell each other out for very little.
    This not only compromises friendships and trust, but prevents
    productive attitudes, impedes labour, and harbors mistrust.
    I for one cannot work in such a work environment. I've put up
    with it out of respect for the grieving and the troubled. No longer
    though. We cannot keep new employees to replace the ones we
    drive away, and I cannot continue. Thank you again for the great
    times, memories, and the useful experiences that only being an
    employee to a fast food chain can bring. I've learned a lot by
    doing, and even more from listening and watching. I appreciate
    all the friends I have made, and kept in my time here.

    Final Date: --/--/----

    Employee #5,
    Sterling --

    Wednesday night was the last straw. One of my managers and close friends has also had enough. I also have a job offer across the street. So, I will be turning in my notice when my friend lets the DM know.
  • Sterling

    Work, faith and a leap of courage.

    So, some of you know I work at a local Wendys where I live. About 2 - 3 months ago, my Boss was caught cheating with another manager. His girlfriend then went on a spiral of depression and just as she was getting better, acute pancreaitis took her life. Needless to say, the last 2 months have not only been a pain on me, but also my co-workers. Everyone is stressed, and some of my co-workers are taking advantage of this. I manage to keep my sanity by throwing myself into my work. My particular job as the register op, is to also keep the lobby clean and free of debris. Today, someone threw up in the women's restroom. The puke was luckily mostly in the toilet. However, I was the one who had to clean it up. When I went in there to get it done, what greeted me almost made me lose my lunch. It looked like someone had Hi-C, and put it into a blender with guacamole and burger bits, and launched it into the commode. It was nasty to say the least.

    As the night went on, I had very few people come in. Then two girls came in. One was average, and the other... Made my eyes almost catch on fire. She radiated heat like no other, damn she was fine. After they ordered, I assembled it and called them back up to get it. Before they took it back to their seat, I asked her to sign the receipt, as she started, I then added, "With your number." Then I winked at her. To my surprise, after her initial stuttering, she wrote it down. Her name is Shia... Very pretty name man. I don't know what came over me, but it was enough to ask a woman with enough bust to knock me over, and a pretty face to lift me off of the ground afterwards. :wub:

    Then, later. One of our best employees quit. Gonna be a shitty week if they ask me to come in, because not only can I not, but we have 2 employees out on 5 day personal. God dammit...