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    My Experience with GBAtemp

    Hello, my name is Stealphie and now i've been in GBAtemp for almost 1 year. Yep, almost 1 year.
    So, this time, i'm gonna talk about my experience in GBAtemp, which started in March 27, 2019.
    I signed up on GBAtemp as Carlos_Knijnik, and yes, Carlos is my name. With a black cat as a profile picture and a
    somewhat broken english.

    I did literally nothing on the first days of me as Carlos_Knijnik in GBAtemp, then in April 8, 2019, i had a issue.
    A big issue. I had hacked my Wii recently, and i installed a .wad that was a forwarder from USB Loader GX. I asked for
    help in GBAtemp in the same day. I couldn't fix it. Oof. After that, i would just log into GBAtemp from time-to-time,
    maybe comment, but that's about it. Some months later i change my username to my current username, Stealphie.
    Also, My username doesn't have a backstory.

    Then, something pretty similar to that happened with my Wii happened. My WiiU bricked. Dammit.
    I didn't understand why it happened and i still don't understand it now. CBHC related. Yes, i did buy Brain Age and installed
    CBHC Correctly. Then i installed a New Super Mario Bros. Wii hack, New Super Mario All-Stars HD, it's actually pretty
    decent to be honest. It requires you to restart the game after the first booting. It worked fine before CBHC was on my WiiU
    (i formatted my WiiU before installing CBHC). But when it asked to reboot, it froze. I turned the console off by plugging
    it off the power outlet. Now it just gets stuck at the white thingys in the background. I asked for help (with better
    english) in GBAtemp but couldn't fix it once again. Dammit.

    After that? I became WAY more active. Constanstly using GBAtemp everyday being way less shallow.
    I started reviewing games on my blog, the first one being Cuphead (https://gbatemp.net/entry/quick-cuphead-review-overrated.16265/)
    Then i reviewed more games and movies on my blog. Then, January 7, 2020 came. I started doing actual reviews (reviews
    on the reviews tab). In January 7, 2020, i reviewed 2 games. Mario Party 9 (https://gbatemp.net/review/mario-party-9.1233/)
    and Toy Story 3: The Video Game (https://gbatemp.net/review/toy-story-3-the-video-game.1240/).
    Then January 14, 2020 came. And boy. I posted a Super Mario Bros. review (https://gbatemp.net/review/super-mario-bros.1251/)
    And i gave it a 4. And i got some hate.
    Then in January 16, 2020 i re-reviewed Super Mario Bros. (https://gbatemp.net/review/super-mario-bros-re-review.1253/)
    And it flopped hard. In the re-review i gave it a 6 btw.
    I still make blog entries. You probably know that because you are reading one.
    My thoughts one GBAtemp are mostly positive, it's a pretty good site with a good userbase, but there are a few bad users.

    This is my blog, and this blog entrie is over. Good night.
  • Stealphie

    Template for...

    Template for when you finish a review and you want to tease another review.
    Super Mario Bros..png
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    I'm gonna re-review Super Mario Bros. (EDIT: It's out (https://gbatemp.net/review/super-mario-bros.1251/)

    So i made a Super Mario Bros. review and some users got pissed, during my inital playthrough i was playing in the game with a negative mindset about the game.
    This time i'm gonna see if i still think that this game is bad.

    (EDIT: It's out (https://gbatemp.net/review/super-mario-bros.1251/)
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    Some of my unpopular opinions

    The WiiU was a good console
    Sonic 4 is good
    Madagascar 2 is the best one
    Minions are cringey and unfunny af
    I like motion controls
    I hate the PS4 controller
    I like the WiiU gamepad
    I think Shrek 4 is great and the 2nd best shrek (the best one is 1)
    Paper Mario Color Splash is good
    Incredibles 2 is pretty bad
    New Super Mario Bros. 2 isn't bad (it's just mediocre)
    The only good Despicable Me movie is the first one
    The first Despicable Me movie is the only good movie that Illumination made.
    Kirby isn't that bad in Smash Ultimate

    (i will constantly add more unpopular opinions here)
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    yeah i hate Incredibles 2 but...

    If there's something i love about this movie is this line:

    But it isn't even close to being as good this line from Incredibles 1:

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    Games that i will review eventually

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
    Cars 2: The Video Game
    Cars 3: Driven to Win

    Games that i am currently played/making a review of (of these games):
    Team Sonic Racing
    New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
    Disney's Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

    Games that i had put on this list before but were removed due the review releasing:
    Super Mario Bros. (https://gbatemp.net/review/super-mario-bros.1251/) (re-review: https://gbatemp.net/review/super-mario-bros-re-review.1253/)

    ( i will add more games here constantly )
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    Sonic The Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1 Review in the works!

    I'm gonna make a review talking about how Sonic 4 DOES NOT suck.
    please don't kill me

    EDIT: It's out: https://gbatemp.net/review/sonic-the-hedgehog-4-episode-1.1249/
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    Quick Aladdin - The Return of Jafar Review - Underrated?

    Hello, i'm Stealphie and if you know how to read, you will know that this is a review of Aladdin - The Return of Jafar, which was released straight-to-vhs in 1994.

    First thing, the animation is not good, but for a reason, the budget was like 1/10 of the original Aladdin budget.
    The soundtrack is pretty good, my favorite songs being "You're only Second rate" and "I'm Looking out for me"
    While Robin Williams isn't dubbing Genie in this movie, Dan Castellaneta does a good job at being the voice actor for genie.
    Iago has a pretty big role in the story.
    The villains (aka Jafar & Abis Mal) are pretty good.
    My main problem with this movie other than the animation? It's way too short.
    Also, i didn't spoil the movie because most people don't even know this movie exists/never watched it.

    8/10 - Great, and yes, it's underrated in my opinion.
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    Incredibles 2 is overrated as fuck

    i don't like incredibles 2.
    While it has great characters (aka the family) and great dialogue, the plot is weak.
    The villain doesn't make any sense, she is helping her brother to try to make Superheroes legal again, but at the same time she isn't triying to do that???
    Also, the climax isn't good.
    The new heroes don't have personality (except that void girl) and their designs are trash.
    Also, the plot of Mr. Incredible getting jealous over Elastigirl is dropped suddenly for no reason.
    I don't understand the near perfect scores of this movie, sure, everyone has their opinion and bla bla bla, but this movie sucks.
    Also, i didn't even mention the first Incredibles in this rant/review, because if i was gonna compare these two movies, Incredibles 2 would sound worse than it already sounds. The first Incredibles is one of my favorites movies and it's way better than Incredibles 2.

    3/10 - Atleast it's better than Ralph Breaks The Internet
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    Quick New Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2 Review

    First thing, these games are overhated because they are not very original.

    New Soup 1:
    The game is generic, but for a reason, the last original 2D Mario game was Super Mario Land 2 in 1992, so it makes sense that the game is generic, they wanted to appeal to everyone with the New 2D Mario game.
    The level design is great, the game is kinda easy, but not easy to the extent of being boring.
    The original bosses are nice, but still easy.
    The power ups are not good.
    The Mega mushroom is the definition of a gimmick done wrong.
    The Mini mushroom is useless in most situations.
    The Blue Shell controls terribly.
    The multiplayer is fun.
    The minigames are fun.

    Score: 8/10
    Pretty good.

    New Soup 2:
    The game is generic, but for no reason this time.
    The level design is good, but the game is too easy now.
    There are NO original bosses.
    The power ups are just op versions of another power ups.
    The multiplayer is kinda good.
    There are no minigames, the mega and mini mushroom are still useless.

    Score: 6.5/10
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    Quick Cuphead Review - Overrated?

    Hi! This is my review of Cuphead!

    Starting things, this game looks and sound amazing!
    This is the most unique looking game that i ever played!
    Now, let's get to the core game.
    It's kinda similar to contra in gameplay, you can shoot using the X button (Y if you are playing it on the Nintendo Switch), crouch, aim, use you'r super, etc.
    You have many different types of shots that you can use.
    You can bring 2 with you for every level.
    Also, you can play Cuphead entirely with a friend.
    Run and Gun levels are easily the worst part of the game.
    They aren't bad, don't get me wrong, but some enemy placements, are not good.
    Bosses are the main selling point.
    Now, my main problem with cuphead is,
    It's terrible in cuphead, hard games need to have decent rng to feel like: Ok, i lost because did something wrong.
    But in cuphead, for example, if you are fighting a side scroller boss, sometimes you will NEED to take damage because the platforms spawned too far.
    and i wanted to break my controller and my switch multiple times because of this TERRIBLE rng.
    Also, you can't finish the game on Simple, and the Devil boss fight is just ok.

    From a 0 to 10 scale, i rank Cuphead:

    7.8/10 -If it the RNG was good, this would be a 8.5, but with that Terrible RNG, yeah, a 7.8.

    Do i recommend Cuphead?
    Yes! but only if you can tolerate unfair deaths at every level/boss.
    The Switch version has framerate issues.
    And yes, this game is overrated.
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