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    StackMasher So over the past two days I’ve been wanting to play some GTA, and I’m tired of waiting for wine to slowly catch up to DirectX10/11. I just thought this would be a good story to share with the windows elitists, and also I need to let myself out after what has happened

    So I got a cracked iso of windows 8.1, and straight away the install process was painful. It kept freezing in between the different sections of the installer. But eventually I got everything up and running, so I booted up my Linux live usb to copy GTA 5 from my ext4 home partition to a 200GiB fat32 one I made for my windows games. When I rebooted and tried to start the game, I noticed (well, idk how I couldn’t notice it, it was that bad) that the partition was extremely slow. Opening the folder alone caused the file explorer to freeze. I asked my step-dad if it’s normal and he told me 8.1 is shit and that I should install 7 instead. I had a modded version of windows 7 on my home partition, so I installed that.

    It was in Spanish but I didn’t really care because I could just install one of those language packs to get english. The same freezes in the installer occurred. Once it was installed, I checked the partition and it was still slow. I also tried installing an English language pack through windows update but it didn’t work, I guessed that was because the iso was modified, so I found a clean English windows 7 iso online and once again reinstalled.

    This time the install went smoothly, but the partition was still slow, so I thought that maybe it’s because I made it on Linux. So I decided to use a tool for windows to recreate it. I found an decent-looking article on the top of google listing a bunch of random partition managers, and used the first one there. When I opened it, my home partition was listed as being 500GiB for some reason, while the game partition was 2.1TiB. I didn’t think much of it and proceeded to delete and recreate the game partition. Then I tried rebooting into my Linux mint, and it froze for some reason, so I tried a live usb and found that the piece of shit corrupted my home partition. I didn’t know what to do, so I found a tool called ‘testdisk’ which returned a partition configuration that looked hopeful (similar to my old one), but my home partition was listed in gparted as ‘linux_lvm’ or something like that, and nothing I did could fix it.

    So yeah, that’s why from now on I’m staying the hell away from windows. You could argue that it was my stupidity that led to this, but it’s not like windows has repositories with stable and tested software, so that’s my excuse. Either way I think I'll just stick to wine now. In the end I lost all my games, stuff I spent so long torrenting, music, save games, everything ;-;. I couldn’t even recover GTA

    I wrote this on my phone, I’ll proof-read it for mistakes later
    StackMasher I'm running it on linux using wine, and ENB doesn't work so that isn't an option

    Here's what my game looks like so far:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    StackMasher Ok you know the drill by now
    StackMasher So I've been trying to lucid dream using SSILD for 2 days now, the first time I couldn't sleep and when I did slip away I woke up 3 hours before I was supposed to, and the second time (just now) my new iphone decided to shut itself off even though it was charging so the timer never did its job. What I did get was a very interesting "fake lucid nightmare". In the end it wasn't that scary because, as far as I'm aware, there is no such thing as a bad lucid dream. The closest thing is a dream which starts of bad and turns lucid, but unless you sit on your ass waiting to get stabbed or shot, you can fight back or just teleport out of there. I also had multiple parts where I feel I could have had an easy real lucid dream if I put just a little bit of extra effort into weird details, but there's no point kicking myself that I didn't

    A lot of the parts of the dream are blurry, so there will be a lot of gaps here. I tried to put things in chronological order, but it may be incorrect. At the beginning of the dream I was going to sleep. For some reason I was resting my head on the windowsill, and as I fell asleep I could see a hotel/fairly small skyscraper thing in the distance, which did trigger some sort of a mini thought because we don't live near to any larger buildings. I just shrugged it off (would have been a good trigger for a real lucid dream ._.). I think after this I had 3 parts to the dream, each represented a part of the SSILD cycle and was in my house.

    The first part of the dream would have represented touch, though I've forgotten most of it. I think it was daytime and went to nighttime at the end for the rest of the dream, and my hand looked weird close up (kind of flakey - could have been another entrypoint for a real lucid dream). When I focused on it, it started doing some weird glitchy texture stuff, at which the me in the dream declares in his head that this is a dream.

    In the second part I had a false awakening from the last part, and I remember my left eye was stuck in a weird position and I couldn't see properly, so that represented the part of the cycle where you concentrate on your eyes. I tried teleporting somewhere but it didn't work. Don't remember what happens next, but I went downstairs I think.

    The last part represented hearing. I went deaf in one of my ears for some time, and then it would switch to the other one and repeat. Initially I was running upstairs and went to my brothers room, which was empty. So then I went to my room, you could hear my computers fan though I don't remember if it was actually on, I think I looked at my phone and it said something like 18:30 even though it looked really dark outside. Finally I went to my parents room, where I heard a youtube video playing before I entered my room, but it was once again empty (the lamp was on though). Before I woke up the me in the dream started panicing and tried willing his fingers though his left hand (reality check) but it wasn't working. The hand looked weird close up again from what I remember.
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    StackMasher Basically, if you don't know what a lucid dream it's where you're aware you're dreaming during a dream, and you gain some sort of control over it. All of mine so far have been where I was dreaming about school and I realize that I'm not supposed to be at school (weekend/summer holiday etc). It's a pretty amazing feeling, one of them was so vivid I could feel my legs swing around and everything :P One technique is to do "reality checks", which are a bit invasive of your normal life but basically you try to do something that wouldn't be possible outside a dream multiple times everyday and I think you know how that works. The important part is that you don't have to do anything while you're trying to fall asleep, which is how I came up with my idea:

    If you did reality checks often enough and entered a coma, you would have loads of lucid dreams + not have to live shitty life irl = living the dream
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    StackMasher I found some old version of minecraft hiding on the schools servers, and it's inspired me to update it and create a more professional and user-friendly package. I've written a message that is shown when my batch file is ran, and in it I put emphasis on keeping me anonymous if the user knows it was me. But then it hit me: what if me moving the minecraft installation can be traced back?
    StackMasher A few issues though:
    • Edgy bloom
    • Game sometimes freezes for 2 seconds when you press a key, especially when moving, where it does it all the time
    • Tons of bugs and graphical glitches
    • Sucky performance (at least comparing my benchmark fps to a video of some guy with a similar PC to mine)
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