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    Spectral Blizzard You give me questions, I give you answers.
    I will not respond in the comments, but here instead.
    Jim R-
    Spectral Blizzard
    Nitro. Wonder where he/she went.

    Round 1:

    Round 2:
    Because it was a GBATempOriginal Meme.
    No, and why would I be your buddy?
    It's obviously Jason Bourne, not Jim.
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    Spectral Blizzard NOTHING was even offensive that time! You want me to type horizontally? Okay.
    So, another suspension, huh? Welp, time to catch up!:mthr: First of all, I love how everyone hates me! The responses are hilariou- :rofl2::lol::unsure: Wait, that's probably not a good thing. Anyway, with 47 notifications and news, let's catch up!
    First of all, what the fuck, man? I don't have an alt. And I didn't know my opinions were supposed to be shitposts.
    Maybe, maybe not. Definitely for the social experiment.
    Oh shit, it's a conspiracy!:P
    I understood none of that. I even understood @Sathya better. :wtf:
    :rofl2: Chronic fucking shitposting? My god, I'm dying! What are the symptoms, hate?
    Finally! America is getting fucking sensible! Give our kids good stuff!
    Reduce the violence! Fix the food indu-Wait, that's not gonna happen.
    Are you fucking kidding me? It's obviously a port!
    There you go, mods.
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    Spectral Blizzard I love how every post of mine gets deleted.
    Oh crap, I'm hysterical again.
    Can someone call a therapist?
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    Spectral Blizzard I'm 38 now!
    Happy birthday to me!
    Happy birthday to me!
    God, I'm lonely...
    *starts sobbing in a corner*

    [This is obviously meant as a joke. I am having a great time.]
    Spectral Blizzard So, many of you know that...
    ...creepiness fiasco.
    Why did I do it?
    Well, I like to mess around with things.
    I had originally joined the temp for help, when the 3DS scene was blooming. Ish.
    One day, I was bored. So I decided to do a VERY long social experiment. How would people react after I have made everyone hate me and I "change my ways?"
    So I set to work.
    From sending mysterious texts, to being creepy on MULTIPLE people's profiles, it was crazy.
    And I was waiting for a ban.
    It never came.
    So I decided to take it way too far until I got a ban.
    Boy, that was a mistake and a really fucking long time.
    So much of my time had been wasted. A whole 5 minutes a day!
    Once I did finally get a ban, I "changed my ways" and yadadadada...
    And there you go!
    The results were interesting though.

    Edit: :rofl2::rofl2::rofl2::rofl2::rofl2::rofl2::rofl2::rofl2: