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    Dolphin's Blog: "Super Smash Bros Brawl: Princess Peach's GUN".

    So the subject that followed was not me who discovered it, I saw it on the jiraya channel (a Brazilian channel). credits to Jiraya,https://www.youtube.com/user/JiraiyaPlays his channel (Check if you can speak Portuguese).
    and i just write this entry cause I just couldn't let it pass.

    Princessa Peach. The Princess Innocent Gentle And clearly WORSE than Daisy (TEAM DAISY GO!) Who would know that she would Have ONE M4, seriously nintendo? ...
    So ... apparently Peach was supposed to have a gun, an M4 specifically.
    The pan and racket was not enough ... Super Smash Bros Brawl. if you have a texture viewer, go to peach's file and i you might find it.
    Nothing more to say ... Byes from Mr.Cool Dolphin Here
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    Dolphin's Blog: "M-ma-mama-MAMA!"

    So, on my first entry i forgot to say that i would post every blog entry at 09:00 am. so sorry for those who were wondering and let's go to the main subject.


    So this morning i was playing Mario Kart Wii, i was trying to get a 100% file and in order to get one, i had to win all cups in all categories in first place with at least 1 star ranking.
    I had just won the 100cc special cup, the credits were rolling down and i decided to get a break so i shut down Dolphin and went to Youtube to watch some Videos.
    when i started the game, on the title screen, instead Mario Welcome you shouting "Mario Kart Wii-hii" He just said "M-ma-mama-MAMA!" i was playing mario kart wii on 03:00 am but obviously it
    had nothing to do with DoMeNs or SuTuM OOO, i just think to myself "probably glitch" and then i started playing and that was it!
    After Beating Lightning Cup i went on the internet to see if there's something about "M-ma-mama-MAMA!" on mario kart wii. i decided to look on mariowiki.com and i found... NOTHING! YAY!
    But then i'd found this video on youtube: and the extra on this video is the "M-ma-mama-MAMA!" that i was looking for! Yay i found it!
    And i'ts rare! only 2% of chance of this to happen! Lucky me!

    so that's what i got to say for today's blog. See u on the next Friday! Byes from Mr. CoolDolphin here!
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    Dolphin's first Blog

    Hello! Dolphin's first bloggy! If you had seen the introduction topic, you've must seen a thread called "Hi there! Gbatemp people"
    So that's explain a lot, i'm a newbie!
    I'll "try" to came up with something to post
    Every Friday! About gaming and if i "can" Hacking! Byes and see on the next friday!
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