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  • Sora de Eclaune

    Another World on Android

    I saw that Another World was available to download for Android, so I installed it onto the tablet I've had for quite a while without many games to speak of. After executing the application, I saw a screen that said "GBAtemp presents..." I assumed it was a version cracked by a GBAtemp user who just wanted to give credit to GBAtemp instead of themselves.

    However, after two seconds and NO WARNING, that Chacarron Macarron loop started very loudly and the screen changed to this:

    This screen stayed up indefinitely. I had to exit out with the home button and close it with a task manager application just to get the music to shut up.

    I'll link it when I find the link, but I found it on the SlideME Marketplace and it's unlikely there's an actual link to it.

    But real funny, guys. Real funny. Who did this?
  • Sora de Eclaune

    I'm not sure what to think.

    After I got home from work today, I turned on my laptop and logged into my user account...and my background was changed to a very inappropriate image of three men having kinky sex. I found the same image taped to the back of my bedroom door, in my closet, on my ceiling... When I went out to my car to get something out of it, the image was taped to the steering wheel.

    Chell came up to me earlier and kept asking why she was finding gay porn all over the house, and especially in my room. Alessa hasn't been seen since breakfast. We tried calling her, but we found her cell phone abandoned on the bathroom sink, vibrating away. Chell checked for all of our electronics, and they were all accounted for except for the large amounts of gay porn imagery sitting everywhere.

    I heard the printer start up about 30 minutes ago, too. We never have the thing plugged in except when we want to print, because it likes to turn itself on whenever we do something so it's print ready, but the noise it makes when it turns on is really loud and it startled us when it turned itself on at random. I went into Chell's room (where the printer is at the moment), and found it printing off 45 copies of gay porn imagery, 4 copies of the Yaranaika face, about 8 copies of a still image of the You Mad GIF with Oprah pointing. How do I know this? I stood by the printer until it was completely done so I could confiscate the images so they couldn't be used for this madness that's been going on.

    Alessa is doing some mad trolling, methinks, but I still have no idea what exactly she's doing.
  • Sora de Eclaune

    Rage against the machine (literally)

    A friend of mine was trying to help me find a stupid little Pokemon toy for my little cousin's birthday in a week... His parents are giving him a road trip to Disneyland for his birthday (and he was allowed to invite his friends if he wanted) and all of us decided that everyone would take a trip to my house for the party.

    While searching for an appropriate present, my friend happened to come across the Unova Pokedex toy.

    This is the worst Pokedex toy I have ever seen. Unova has 150 or so new Pokemon, but the Pokedex toy itself has "All 45 Pokemon" on it, according to the online shop it was found on. ALL 45?! I'm not even a fangirl of Pokemon and this enrages me to the point of near-blindness! I can't believe this is even an officially licensed product.

    It's outrageous to do something like that. I couldn't ever get this for my little cousin. He actually owns Pokemon White. He would literally shit himself over this because I don't think he has any idea there are real Pokedex toys past the first generation. This toy, however, would possibly cause them to kill the entirety of an endangered species with their bare hands.

    My little cousin is a Pokemaniac, technically. He has a lot of the Pokemon stuff that I didn't even know existed. He even owns three separate Pokemon Trading Card decks and knows how to play the game. I remember his mother telling me that he's even been to a rookie tournament and won a battle or two. Last I heard, he was trying to figure out how friendship values worked so he could evolve a Togepi or something.

    If he knew there were only 45 Pokemon on this new Pokedex (but didn't receive it, of course), he would probably send a carefully worded letter to Nintendo telling them to discontinue the product because fancy features doesn't make a Pokedex that's missing 105+ Pokemon entries a Pokedex worth having. I know he's sent Nintendo letters before, asking if the damage values on some attacks on the trading cards were meant to be different than the damage values in the actual game boy games or whatever.

    His mother told me to get him something good, as he used to tear up cards he didn't need until he understood that he could potentially sell those cards later and get actual money. If I'm not careful and I get him this toy, I could envoke the wrath of Thor or something.

    Fuck that toy. That's bullshit. My little cousin would probably agree.

    ...well this is great...now I have to go alert the other people going to his party that this Unova Pokedex would NOT be a good toy to get him because it's utter crap he wouldn't touch.

    TL;DR Unova Pokedex toy is so bad that suicide wouldn't be a harsh enough punishment for knowing it exists.
  • Sora de Eclaune

    A Dream

    So last night I dreamt that every Xbox game I played after a certain date, even if I had them before that, had "Dumped by the Catboy" and "Cracked by Narayan" on the title screen somewhere.

    Also my TV was the robot from Fooly Cooly.

    And for some reason, I was drinking knockoff Kool-Aid that tasted like ass.

    .......I don't even know.
  • Sora de Eclaune


    While I was at work today, my roommates did the idiot dance.

    They called me and told me my laptop crashed. Now, this is a big problem, as we only have one internet-connected computer in the house (the other is in Chell's room, but it's so beat up and nearly dead that we're just going to wait for it to die and then buy a new one) and my roommates need it for their college stuff occasionally.

    When I got home, it was sitting on the table with about four fans running at it, and it was nearly taken apart. I was told this:

    Alessa was sitting, curled up in about five blankets with the laptop in her lap, when the laptop suddenly shut off. It wouldn't turn on again and was extremely hot. She immediately took it into the living room and put it against four fans. She and Chell started taking it apart to see what the problem was when I got home.

    I put all the parts back on and turned the computer on. I again warned them that if the computer overheats, it will shut itself off and not turn back on until the heat level is down. They both apologized and Chell explained that Alessa told her something very bad had happened to the computer and needed it to be taken apart. However, she didn't even think twice to wonder WHY a laptop would ever need to be taken apart.

    What the chicken nugget, anyway? How can you NOT know that a laptop can overheat to the point of shutting itself off, especially when that information is conveyed to you when you first use the laptop (I explained exactly how to use the laptop without overheating it, even that the laptop shuts itself off when it's overheated)?
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    *Kills self*

    I have just made the biggest social fallacy and, while I was replying to someone's question on a friend's account on Tumblr for them (it wasn't letting them reply), I noticed a reply to MY account . I immediately forgot what account I was logged into and replied. Afterward, I realized what happened. My account is an RP account, so being logged into the correct account is important.

    Kill me. Just kill me now.
  • Sora de Eclaune

    Cool beans!

    I was being nosey today and saw that the new neighbors brought home one of the newer-style Xbox 360s. Then the son started bringing a perfectly good old-style Xbox 360s out to the trash, so I went out there, stopped him, and asked if I could have it for $10.

    So now I have an Xbox 360 and no games or controllers. It came with all the connection cords and a hard drive, though, so that's good. I was told it's already red-ringed a couple of times before, so I shouldn't play it for more than a couple of hours at a time, but I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm assuming the red-ring problem is why the kid didn't try to haggle for price.

    Oh, Alessa and Chell just got back. They bought a couple of games, but had to borrow a controller from the neighbor. Apparently, the shop down the way doesn't stock controllers, so we'll have to go sometime to pick up a controller from Gamestop in the next town over (Alessa and Chell forgot to take more cash with them today).

    Anyway, now we have...hmm...let's see... "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY Edition" and "Alan Wake." Two good games, I'm assuming. I was never too caught up with anything except Nintendo and Sony, since that's all we've had for forever. Interestingly enough, they got both games with the original cases and all of that. Right now, however, we're still trying to figure out how exactly this Xbox works, making our little avatars or whatever, checking out XBLA and all that...Just the usual first-time user nonsense.

    If they keep blowing all their money like this, however, we'll never be able to buy that Wii so we can play Skyward Sword. I mean, Chell went as far as to TAKE FROM the bucket we've set up for this. It's ridiculous. I may have to get a LOCKED piggy bank and set it all up in my room where they can put money in but not take out.

    So..Yeah. Any suggestions for future 360 games we should be getting? It would help out a lot. Alessa has a lot of suggestions, but only for XBLA games and not actual games on a CD. Chell doesn't really keep up with games besides Portal, too.

    Edit) Well, the neighbors came over and explained that their son wasn't supposed to try to throw out the old Xbox. Then they said that since I had no idea and they assume they don't need it anymore, we could keep the Xbox. The controller too, since it came with the system and their son didn't need it. That was nice of them to understand like that.
  • Sora de Eclaune

    Random stuff that's happened over the past few days.

    ...sooo.....new GBATemp layout. I like it, but it was such a sudden change. I can understand why some people don't like it, but if the changes had been implemented gradually I believe no one would have objected or hated it. It's just like Facebook's sudden changes. Everyone will get used to it and by next week there won't be any more griping.

    In other news...

    Chell and Alessa have already started buying Gamecube and Wii games and we don't even have a Wii yet. I don't get it. Because two of those games are Zelda games that do not have the exact same graphical style of Twilight Princess, they've been barred from playing on my friend's Wii (she hates Zelda games that don't have the graphical style of Twilight Princess, and will hate you if you own such games). So they have games sitting around and no way to play them. Hopefully we'll be getting a Wii within the next month or two, though. I'm still in the process of saving up my part of the whole deal. I shouldn't be splurging so soon after getting a job, I know, but it's not like I'm paying for the whole thing.

    Also, glasses suck. I haven't had them for long, but never before in my life have I noticed my face gets REALLY oily. I have had to use my facial cleansing materials much more. It's annoying. However, I'm probably going to get contacts. At least then I'm not spending 1/4 of my day wiping my nose dry so my glasses will stay on my face.

    In addition to problems with my glasses, I went to go get my highlights redone today and the stupid hairdresser went and tripped, which dumped a whole thing of hair bleach on my head. So now my hair's white. Not platinum blonde, which is my natural color, but white. As white as the color #FFFFFF. However, I told my boss the entire situation as to why my hair is white so I wouldn't have to explain tomorrow when I go in for work. He understands and won't fire me about it or when people complain about my 'wild' hair. However, he says that if it gets too bad then I'll have to wear a plain tan head scarf to hide my hair. Well, at least it'll grow out and be that wonderful little color I've been complimented over in the past.

    We got some new neighbors a few days ago, too. They were a nice 3-person family...a mom, a dad, and some rebel son. I went to meet them and the son answered. He looked me into the eyes and said something along the lines of "They are not here anymore. However, if you will come in, you may have some dinner roast with me. Please, I insist. I just made it." It sounded like he had killed his parents and was preparing to eat them, so I turned around and started getting the hell out of there when his parents drove up. So.. I met them and I told them what he said, but they laughed it off as if he was harmless. I don't trust that boy. Neither do the neighborhood stray animals, from what I've seen.

    So, that's all that's happened. Nothing really of note, but I just wanted to get this out. I don't really have anyone around here who wants to listen to my ramblings.
  • Sora de Eclaune

    No way.

    Today, I drove to work. As it turns out, some group of guys walked in and attempted to rob the place. I got there after the fact, while the police were getting information about the guys. They closed the store to make a list of what was stolen. The place doesn't have very many people working there, so they probably didn't get done until around an hour ago, but I'm not sure since I haven't gone back up there to check.

    I offered to help, as I was supposed to take the next shift, but the store's owner told me to go home. I wouldn't be able to help because I don't know how their systems worked. And it's true, I don't. I just shop there occasionally when no one else wants to get groceries. Now, I can't even go up there to work. It's no longer my shift.

    If I see any of those guys, I'm going to ask them two things: Why they tried to rob a grocery store, and if they're ashamed of themselves for ruining someone's first day of work.
  • Sora de Eclaune

    I have a new roommate

    Yesterday, my roommate's cousin (Who will now be called by her nickname, Alessa. My roommate will now have to be called by her nickname, Chell. Yes, the nicknames are based on their favorite games) came here to stay with us while she goes to the nearby college (next school year, anyway. Right now, she's just taking summer classes). She brought a bunch of stuff with her, but after we had helped her put up her clothes and those types of things, we decided to hook up her PS2 and organize her games.

    For about the first ten minutes of that, she attempted to explain every game I took out of the box, but she was still extremely nervous about meeting me and was stuttering so much she couldn't get her point across. After the ten minutes, everything evened out and things were fine. But we did spend about thirty minutes to an hour just putting her games up, since she still wanted to explain all the games. She REALLY loves video games, I guess.

    After we put everything up, it was around 7 or 8 PM, so I decided to show her something in return for showing me something: creepypasta. Now, I'm not creepypasta-obsessed like some of the people I know on MSN, but I at least know where to find good ones and what some good ones are. We finished reading/watching at around 10pm, but by that time Alessa was freaking out. I didn't expect it, since she said that two of her games, Silent Hill 3 and Fatal Frame 2, were never scary to her. But she was freaked out really badly. Neither I nor Chell got any sleep last night. We had to stay up with Alessa and keep her from freaking out too badly.

    The only highlight of the night was when Alessa said something along the lines of "Chell? Chell! Are you still you? Speak to me!" (Turns out we all call eachother by our nicknames, never using real names) and Chell jumped. I didn't get it until I was told it was a Portal 2 reference, but it was funny after that.

    But still, I'm tired as can be. It may have been worth it, but I shouldn't be losing any sleep. I could have taken a nap today, but I was actually a little busy getting to know Alessa, then learning how to use a PS2. We played a bit of Katamari Damacy before she had class (she takes summer classes right now), but I forgot to ask if I could use the console while she was gone, so I didn't play any more after that. Oh well.

    ...I got off on a tangent, there.
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    I wrote a short story in Tempese.

    I wrote a short story in Tempese. Can anyone read it and tell me how good I'm doing with the language?

    __ __ ____ __ _____ ___ ___ ______ ___ ___ ___ _____ _____. _ _____ __ _ ___ _____ __ "___ _ _ _____ ___ __ ________?" _ ____ __ ____ _ ___ ___ "__ ___ __ ___". ____ ___ ___ _____?
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    Sony did not understand the problem

    A friend I know on MSN relayed this story to me the other day about her troubles with a PSP game downloading/activating problem.

    She says that since she got her PSP in February, it was never able to download games of any kind (she's so far only tried with demos, however). She eventually got around to asking Sony and they didn't reply for some time.

    When Sony did finally reply, it was after PSN went down because of the hacking. They claimed her PSP game downloading problems were due to PSN being down. She says she did tell them her problems had been happening since February, so she couldn't fathom why they would say a problem existing before PSN was down was caused by PSN going down.

    Because all she wanted was one game, maybe two at the most, she wasn't too worried about it and hasn't asked again or replied to their message. She tried googling, but no one else got a good answer out of Sony either, and nobody knows what causes the error or how to fix it short of reformatting the entire PSP (which was already done because, to her knowledge, she got a REFURBISHED PSP).

    Still, it's kind of dumb to have said that. I think Sony was just trying to avoid tech support of all kinds at the time because they were busy with the hacking, but their response to the matter was very unprofessional.
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    List of Stupid NDS Stuff My Friends Do

    Most of you know that my friends are NDS stupid by now, so I thought I'd make a thread about it. All of these are rougly paraphrased, but are as close as possible.

    I can't put any more quotes here. ;_;