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    SLiV3R Today is my 10th anniversary at gbatemp!

    My first contact with console-hacking was 20 years ago, when I bought a Super Wildcard SWC DX for the SNES. That Super Wildcard SWC DX was really nice for that time, I had over 100 SNES games on those 3.5 inch Floppy Disks. But it wasn’t until 2004 I got really hooked in the hacking scene. It was during the GBAs and PSPs prime time. Those handhelds were like the coolest things ever by then…

    In 2005, there were three main console hacking sites for me: Pocket heaven, Dcemu and Pspupdates. Unfortunately, all three of them are more or less dead nowadays. That’s why I am so happy gbatemp is still alive, kicking better than ever!

    The last ½ year, since Ninjhax 2.5, the 3DS scene has gone really far. In my opinion, today’s 3DS scene almost has the same activity as the DS and PSP had during their heydays. Today we can play Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario RPG and other special chip games for the SNES in fullspeed. The Quake 1/Duke Nukem3D PC ports are extremely impressive. And we just saw Win95/Win98 booting on the N3DS. Yeah!

    So, what is the N3DS hardware capable of? PS1 in fullspeed? N64 PoC? Half Life 1? Any other suggestions? Whatever happens, I’m eagerly looking forward to how much the cool developers can push the limits on the N3DS!

    Thank You to all hackers, gbatemp staff and n00bs for making gbatemp the greatest console hacking site on the net!
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    SLiV3R First I would like to say that I rank the vita equally as the 3ds. Both are fantastic handhelds. Vita is sometimes called a indie machine. I have nothing against that!

    The killer trio I'm thinking about are all roguelike in some way. Too bad the 3ds don't have any roguelike. The replay value are endless in these games:

    1. Spelunky. This is probably the best game I have ever played. After 1000s of games played during 30 years, that says a LOT.

    2. Rogue Legacy. Totally awesome roguelike that make us think about Castlevania and Ghost n Goblins.

    3. The Binding of Isaac. Really nice roguelike that are heavily influenced by Zelda 1 dungeons! :)

    None of these games are casual and are not made for the masses. They are made for the gamers! So therefore they are no console sellers....

    Hope the VITA will do enough so there will be a PSP3!

    Happy roguelikeing :)