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    Modded xbox360 journey

    Hello reader, I’ve got this Xbox from my brothers friend for 5 dollars. It had rrod’d, but I knew it was still under warranty and sent it off for repair. Great, it works! This was 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve replaced the thermal paste and cleaned EVERYTHING. Recently, I got an xk3y and a x360usbpro v2. I’ve got most things working (still trying to figure out loading my xgd3 backups).

    It’s been running fine, but knowing that if it dies I can use the xk3y in a new console. I am willing to take risks and thinking that I can learn a few things with this console. I’ve always wanted to mod this 360 and now I feel I’m ready to do it. So, I installed a switch.....
    The stock dual fans now have a constant 12v and the on/off switch is wired with on being 5v and off being 3.3v. When I toggle the switch, my fans toggle between 7v and 9v now. I wasn’t sure which I would like so I wired them like this. I may remove the switch and stick with 7v. 9 volts is a bit loud.

    Now, I just cut the logo in the shell. First time cutting a shell with a dremel. Looks pretty rough, though and i don’t like it much. Maybe more sanding. Anyhow, I’ll probably scrap this cut and cut a giant window. I’ve got a plexiglass sheet to go behind the shell and create my window.
    8E82B2D8-6887-44FE-AD0F-C401A5B82B94.jpeg I was hoping for more light. These leds are layed in. I haven’t secured them in yet as I’m still playing with the placement of the lights. I’m using a usb supply for testing. I’m going to hardwire these leds to the 5v where the stock fans used to terminate.

    In the future I may paint it. I have a vinyl cutter and will probably put stickers on the window in hopes that the light behind will create nice silhouette.

    Made this sticker out of an image I found.
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    The Tick is back......again.

    Here is the trailer

    If you didn't know.
    The one true tick was the cartoon series, then it became live action and died. Here it is again now that everyone forgot.
    Here is one of my favorite episodes.
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    Almost lost my esflashIII forever!!!

    im on vacation and staying at a couple of hotels. We checked out and went to breakfast. While ordering, I realized i didn't get my Gba, cart and all from the nightstand. I quickly went to the van to check our luggage and couldn't find it. I immediately called the hotel notifying about the loss letting them know I'd be right back. They said they check with housekeeping in the meantime. When I get to the lobby and check with the front desk, they didn't have and they set me up a key to check the room. I went right up, there were a couple of maids on the floor. I went to our room and the door was ajar. I went in and check led the nightstand. Nothing there! (Jaw drops). I talked to the maids and they didn't have any idea, so they check with someone else. Another maid comes up and I tell her what I'm looking for. After confirming my loss with her, she hands me my Gba and all. WHEW!!

    Realized how irreplaceable my ezflash is. I'd never see one again. Sure, I could get an everdrive, but it's not the same. Anyone else almost lose something like that? Something you couldn't easily replace.
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