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    Why I 100% Support the Nintendo Switch

    So, the Nintendo Switch recently released (And by recently I mean a few months ago) and, oh, let me tell you, the hype was REAL. On launch night, the line at the Nintendo World Store (Now Nintendo NY) was HUGE. And recently, people have been trying to destroy the hype by attempting to explain why the Switch sucks. Well, here's a change of pace. Here are the reasons I 100% Support the Nintendo Switch:

    It has Skyrim on it!

    To me, if a console has The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on it, I'm sold. So when Bethesda announced that Skyrim was coming to the Switch, I was ecstatic. I knew it was a must-buy.

    It Switches from home console to portable with the greatest of ease.

    The entire selling point of the Switch is that it's both a home console and a portable. You simply slide the controllers onto the sides, pull the Switch out of the dock, and you have a AAA experience on the go.

    Each Joy-Con is it's own controller.

    The Nintendo Switch eliminates the need to purchase 2 controllers for (most) games by including 2 controllers out of the box. You may ask "Where is the second controller?" Well, the Joy-Cons each act as an independent controller when turned on their sides, allowing you to Share the Joy™ wherever you go.

    There are many ways to word this next one, but my favorite way to word it is...
    Yes, the Switch allows for multiplayer fun wherever you are. Be it at a birthday party, on a train, or even in the park, you can play multiplayer with anyone around you.

    The Switch is region-free!

    I'm sure we all know the time when we bought a game from another country, only to find it doesn't work because of region-locking. With the Switch, that's a thing of the past, because the Nintendo Switch is REGION-FREE!!!

    The Switch uses game cards!

    With the Switch, I no longer need to carry a game disc, a large console, a power brick, a small monitor, a power bank, and an HDMI Cable with me to play AAA games on the go. Now I just throw game cards in my pocket, pull the Switch out of the dock, and we're good!

    3rd party support!

    The Switch actually has 3rd party support (unlike the Wii U, but we don't talk about that, now do we?) so we could potentially see ANY game on the Switch!

    I really enjoy the Switch, and I'm excited to see what Nintendo does with it in the future. Now I just need to wait for Smash Bros. to be released on this console...
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    There's a blog?

    I never knew there was a blog. First I find out there's a GameCube section, then a blog? Well now...
    What else is there that you're hiding from me, GBAtemp?