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  2. Im annoyed how everything sucks my 3ds cant sell my wii broke i set the house on fire 2 nights in a row what is wrong with me
  3. give me 100 dollers
  4. Think about it. We got Madden 08, Super Mairo Galaxy, Super Paper Mairo, Smash Brawl and LittleBIGPlanet. Best 2 years ever.
  5. In Castle Bleck (8-1 - 8-4) in the background i can swear i hear the clock from wario ware, am i just imagining things?
  6. Super Paper Mairo Super Smash Brawl Newer super mario bros wii Pikmin 3 GTA San Andreas Minecraft PS3 edition Littlwbigplanet 2 Warios Woods SNES Tetris Attack / Puzzle Attack Metal Gear Solid V Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 Sonic 2 Mario Kart Double Dash!! Mario golf Toadstool tour Super Mario...
  7. all unpopular opinionz Paper mario the thousandth door Super Smash bros Meele Super mario 3d world Mario party 8-10 Super maroo party Chibi-Robo! Ziplash Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Wii Play Minecraft bedrock edition Mario Kart 8 Tetris 99 Warios Woods NES