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    SirNapkin1334 So, as some of you may know, last night I went out to get some German cuisine. Afterwards, I had to do homework, and was tired as hell. So, I went to bed really late, and conked out pretty fast. And I had the weirdest dream.
    I dreamt that I found a Nintendo DSi XL (if that exists, of not then it's just a DSi). When I found it, the hinge had some problems, as the top screen assembly was about to pop off. The screen said to push down to fix it, so I did, and it was fixed. However, my mom wanted to test if it was a bomb. So, we went to the bomb-testing place (just a random parking lot with a car), so my parents crowded behind a car, I set the DSi on the ground, and turned it on. It made a low humming sound, almost like someone saying "nooooo..." and I ran away, behind the car. And, then it exploded SO LOUD it scared the absolute fucking shit out of me. Also, I must note that at some point in the dream, I looked inside the DSi. While I was looking in, the shell had turned mostly clear, and on the inside, I saw the outline of a motor that you see in cheap toys. So....yeah.
    Weird, huh? Well, what was your weirdest dream?
    SirNapkin1334 This is my second blog. It's kinda cool, maybe I'll do them some more.

    So, today I left school early and my parents brought me to the German embassy in San Francisco to have my German passport renewed (I have dual citizenship). It was a bit complicated, but now it's done, and we've gone to a cool German restaurant. It's called Suppenk├╝chen (German for Soup Kitchen, but they have a lot more than just soup). I've never been, but my parents have multiple times, and they love it. It smells amazing, even though we got there when it opened, it started to smell great within 10 minutes.
    So, let me just tell you the kind of restaurant it is. The menu is almost entirely German, except for short English translations on just the food itself, written underneath.
    Also, there are big German beer posters everywhere, but that's pretty standard in any mostly-German/German restaurant.
    Beer Poster!
    So, we start out, and why not order some German cola? And, I kid you not, it's called Afri Cola. I have no idea why, neither does my born-in-Germany dad, it has such an odd name, but that's the name. The cool thing is that it's got half the sugar as Coca-Cola, and a little bit more caffeine.
    Afri Cola
    The first two sips were weird, but then it started started tasting really good. Then, we had Katofelphankuche (translates to "Potato Pancakes"), which are basically big and thick hash browns with crunchy outsides. You pour Apple Sauce on top, or cut it up and dip it in Apple Sauce, and it tastes great. The Apple Sauce also tasted really good, it tasted a little cinnamon-y, sorta like Apple Cider Sauce. Then, the main course. Wiener-Schnitzel. The best food besides burritos. It came with two slices of lemon, one for each piece. You squeeze the juice onto the piece, and it's heavenly. We also got mashed potatoes, with a lot of nutmeg, the German way, which I also like. After that, we had Schokolade Mousse mit Schlagsahne, or Chocolate Mousse with Whipped Cream, which tasted amazing. After all that and the Cola, of course I had to go pee, and in the bathroom there were even more German Beer posters, of course. And now I'm on my way home, with a crapton of homework to do. But it was worth it. The original plan was to go to Gordos Taqueria on the way home, which has amazing burritos, but I'm glad we went here. Anybody who lives in San Francisco, I encourage you to try it, as it tastes really good. Make sure to get an Afri Cola. Just be warned, the mustard is quite spicy.
    SirNapkin1334 well, fuck.

    Power just went out as I was about to watch some super Mario odyssey on YouTube. Now I'm sitting in front on the fireplace, typing on my phone, but not over discord because I turned on 2fa and my app is on my desktop Mac.

    So, anybody have any power outage story's? Share them? Also, again sorry for crappy typif, im Typung in my phone.