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    SirBeethoven Response to blujay from a recent discussion on my profile page

    Hmm, I see your point, but unless the US can work together with other countries, that won’t happen. I guess that I don’t understand the point of this video - if there are talented individuals who are trying to escape their country because they cannot change the country (for example, a dictatorship rule like Korea) or because of poverty, why should we stop them? We can’t change other country’s ways unless we influence them (by first making more peace in America) or work with other countries. For an analogy, it would be like how it was in the Industrial Revolution, were the lower class would work extremely long hours to no end, and then saying that they should continue working if they want to help each other. Instead, they built Trade Unions to work with eachother.

    SirBeethoven Should I make fictional stories on here? What do you think? They are just random, casual stories. :P
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