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Heyo" I'm Autumn(Wolf) and this is my blog.

Hope you like my stuff
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    Sinon This blog will probably be long so...

    Switch Stuff

    Got a Switch + Xenoblade Chronicles 2 + Overcooked and a friend lent me his copy of Super Bomberman R

    Sadly this Switch is patched

    My thoughts on the Nintendo Switch:

    it's a good machine, I like playing Xenoblade on my bed before I go to sleep, it took me a while to get used to the joycons but now I think they feel good

    Quick analysis on a few games I tried:

    Xenoblade 2

    It actually looks good on portable, the framerate is good, only time I saw it go really low was on a cutscene when you first arrive to Torigoth (too many NPCs?) this doesn't happen in handheld mode which is weird, I'm 10+ hours in, I'm level 20 and I have 4 rare blades


    I don't understand why people were complaining about Fortnite on Switch, it looks good in both modes, it has very small framedrops on portable mode... it feels more like server lag

    Overcooked and Super Bomberman R

    Both look and run great, I like playing both games with my lil' bro and my friends, both are very fun games, specially on 1v1v1v1 and 2v2, it can get pretty crazy

    Life Stuff

    I finally sold my Wii U

    I'm growing a 'small' garden in my house

    I visited my grandma after a long time

    My sister asked me to install The Sims 4 on her PC

    There will be a Carnival nearby on friday

    Old Cartoons

    I've been watching some old cartoons and I really liked this one...


    The episode I saw was very good, fun and creative, Freakazoid sent a big robotic arm flying off to china to grab a part of the great wall to block his enemy's path with it, I thought that was very creative and funny

    "Fenomenoide - fenomenoide!"


    Last week I wasn't doing very well, cause I forgot to take my meds for a considerable mount of time (irresponsible Wolfo!) but I'm good now

    Piracy forum I can't name

    A few weeks ago I got promoted to moderator there so... yay

    I post Games and Videogame OSTs there too

    Stolen Netflix Account

    My netflix account was stolen, I am not really sure how that happened but I already got my account back, it was a rather simple process, props to the Netflix guys

    Old New Phone

    My previous phone went "KABOOM!" (battery) so my dad gave me his old phone, I tried PPSSPP on this phone and it actually runs very well


    My studies are going well, I'm helping some of my classmates study

    Please call me Autumn or AutumnWolf :)

    Ask me anything

    Edit: fixed various typos
    Added some more stuff to the "life stuff" section
    Sinon Ask people you are following a random question

    For example

    "Would you eat an XL donut that has caramel inside, white and normal chocolate on top, cream and white sugar (also on top)?"

    You can post the question in the person's profile or tag them in this blog (or both)


    Sinon Updates: Games now have colors
    Green - recommended
    Yellow - Good
    Red - it is an 'ok' game
    No color - have not played or am not sure

    New Section with games suggested by other members

    The list will be separated in 3 sections

    -Here we go-

    Games you may not know
    And games you may not know got a Wii U release


    Plays and looks like old resident evil games, mansions are generated randomly and there is xp and stuff

    Child Of Light

    Child of Light Features nice visuals, the game is an RPG (I will add more about the game when I am done playing it)

    Freedom Planet

    Sonic-like game, but it is more like Sonic 3 (That pretty much describes the game)

    Chronicles Of Teddy

    Indie game, 2d action platformer with very nice visuals

    Olympic Rising

    Another old-school looking game

    Sky Force Anniversary

    THIS game is on the Wii U, it is an old school style shooting game camera moves on its own and all

    Earthlock: Festival Of Magic

    Old fashion looking RPG but with more modern graphics, has old FF kind of battles

    Book Of Unwritten tales 2

    Good looking -weird -RPG

    Not sure what to say about this one but I think it is worth cheking out

    Freeze Me

    3D platformer, kinda like SMG

    Spiderman 1 and 2

    Well, it is Spiderman


    You take on the roll of an Octopus, Octodad that is, you must try to act -human- as an octopus
    Weird game but it is fun, the game was made using unity

    The Girl And The Robot

    Just in case you did not know, this game is on the Wii U, I have heard it is buggy but I myself have not encountered many issues, it does take long for the game to start and it was made in Unity I believe (Another Unity game hmm?), it is an adventure-puzzle game that features a girl and a robot (you don´t say...)

    Super Meat Boy

    It is Meat Boy on the Wii U

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    So there is a Tekken game on the Wii U, Tekken fans should try that game out, ARE YOU a Tekken fan?

    The Wonderful 101

    TBH I have not played this game yet but it looks good and I did not know of its existance, from what I've seen it looks entertaining and like a good game in general

    Known games that I think deserve more attention

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    Despite looking like an MMO it is not really one, if you have ever wanted to explore another planet I recommend you play this game, also the story is interesting

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Paper Mario Color Splash

    What can I say about this game... well, people did not like it because the story is not as good as the one in the first games and because the battles are slow... and boss battles feel (are) scripted as in they require specific battle cards, also it relies a lot on comedy and what I will call "internet humor" (do not give me the death stare, Luigi...)

    Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two

    I first played Epic Mickey 2 on the Wii with my brother and I didn't like it as much as the first game and well, the Wii U version has bad framerate issues but you may still want to try it, finding a copy for cheap is easy

    Darksiders Warmastered

    Nothing to say about this one, I just think it is wroth giving a shot... and it has nice graphics

    (I cannot recommend darksiders 2, sorry)

    Star Fox Zero

    People kept saying the motion controls were awful when it came out but I did not find the controls to be a problem, the game has nice graphics and I think if you ignore the stealth levels the game is actually good

    Pikmin 3

    I have heard many people say they do not like this game because you do not play as Olimar but I find that excuse to be very poor, this game is still great and it uses the gamepad correctly, but can switch to traditional controls if that is what you prefer, a new type of pikmin is introduced in this game

    The Lego games (specially Undercovered)

    What can I say, they are fun and very good if you have a brother or sister to play with, I think my favorite lego game is not on the Wii U but I am still going to mention it as it was on the Wii - Lego Pirates Of The Caribean- me and my brother played that game A LOT to the point the disk was completely scratched and unusable (I think we unlocked nearly eveything) lol

    Back to Lego City

    It is kind of like GTA but with legos and "lego humor" I guess, it is an open world game so you may want to check it out

    Captain Toad

    This game is not very long but it is very good, you must collect stars (treasure) and defeat bosses in your quest to rescue Toadette and recover the stolen treasure, some of the levels are very interesting

    Batman Arkham Origins, Batman Origins Blackgate and Batman Arkham City

    Well, it's Batman but on the Wii U

    Bonus round

    Sonic Lost Worlds is not very good but if you are a Sonic fan or like fast peaced games you may like it

    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse plays like kirby canvas curse, except characters look like they were made out of plasticine, anyway, this game has multiplayer and plays using the gamepad, it is the only Kirby game that came out on the Wii U, and while it is not as good as other Kirby games you may want to give it a try

    Nintendo Land is a collection of minigames featuring... elements from the nintendo universe, it is very fun when playing with friends or family, I personally had a lot of fun playing the Luigi´s Mansion minigame with my family

    Not that well known games

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions

    Do you like persona and/or SMT?
    Then you should try this game out


    Indie game, action adventure with some puzzles, you use the touch screen to kill enemies, the story is good, puzzles are good, has lots of secrets

    Rodea The Sky Soilder

    Old fashioned Adventure RPG, reminiscent of old PS2 games I think it is good (just not for everyone)

    Fatal Frame V: Maiden Of Black Water

    Have you ever played any of the older Fatal Frame games? no?
    Well, you can play this one, but I´d recommend playing Fatal Frame 2 and 4 first, this one
    is not that good but has better graphics (a lot better) if you like jap-horror stuff then you MUST try this game out

    This game makes good use of the gamepad

    Shantae 1/2 genie hero and the other Shantae games

    Indie platformer game, Shantae beats enemies up with her hair, her mission is to protect Sequin Land from the bad guys... again

    Pokémon Rumble U

    Good if you are playing with your friends or sibblings, but it may get repetitive FAST, I'd recommend you play the Wii one instead

    Zombie U

    Zombie U isn´t exactly well know but it kinda is so
    anyway, Zombi U is a Survival game, your character changes every time you die, you take the roll of other person so it is well... I think it is a cool thing, your character died and it is not coming back

    Suggested by other members

    Watch Dogs
    and Monster Hunter 3 U

    In Watch Dogs, fight against the ctoss system, nice graphics but the framerate can drop to 19FPS when driving too fast, also AI is... not very good...

    Monster Hunter is about hunting monsters and gattering materials, I don't know what else to say... it has nice graphics and it isn't very heavy in size, but I think the 3DS version is better, it has better framerate too

    Edited - March 15th 9:18 AM PT
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    Sinon I might regret this...

    Name: Anna

    Nickname(s) or Alias: Wolf Lady

    Gender: Female

    Species: Wolf-girl? Ummm... (Human - wolf - 75% human 25% wolf?)

    Age: 20

    Birthday: October 18th 1997

    Nationality: Costa Rica

    Religion: I do not practice any religion

    Sexuality: Straight

    relationship: Dating someone

    City or town of birth: San José

    Currently lives: Guápiles

    Languages spoken: English/Spanish

    Native language: Spanish


    Height: 160cm

    Hair colour: Real - Copper with Black highlights / Wolf lady - Copper with Orange highlights OR White

    Hairstyle: Medium/long lenght, wavy, fringe

    Eye color: Brown

    Skin colour: Like my avatar's but a little more white-ish

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: None

    Scars/Distinguishing marks: Mole in my neck

    Preferred Style of Clothing: Casual and Girly or something in between the two

    Preferered cloth colours - brown, black, orange, red and white

    Frequently worn jewellery/accesory: a bracelet and a necklace


    Smoker? No

    Drinker? No

    Recreational Drug User? Which? No

    Addictions: None

    Allergies: None?

    Any physical or mental disabilities/illnesses: I have an anxiety dissorder, I
    get distracted easily, I also get sick somewhat easily

    Any medication regularly taken: various


    Personality: I can be pretty serious at times but I can also be funny, I usually oversleep...

    Likes: videogames, art, movies, bad puns, good food, cats, good music, hanging out with friends, RPGs, JRPGs, internet cartoons, board games, table tennis


    Cutesy stuff, doing my hair

    Dislikes: jerk people, football (or/and soccer), traveling long distances, certain memes, elititsts

    Fears/phobias: death, memory loss, rats, being robbed, I fear that I may damage someone (physically) accidentally, losing my family

    Favorite colour(s): Orange, Black, Brown, Red, White

    Hobbies: Drawing, playing and collecting videogames, collecting plushies (I love plushies :3), spending time with friends and family, surfing the internet, playing board games, playing table tennis, running, cooking (I'm not very good at cooking but I'm trying to improve)

    Taste in music: VG OSTs, music from the 80s and 90s also early 20s


    Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Real - Omnivore / Wolf - Carnivore

    Favourite food(s): Chocolate and other sweets, any kind of soup, cereal, sandwiches (They're easy to prepare) , fruit salad, "gallo pinto", tortillas,

    Favourite drink(s): Tea

    Disliked drink(s): Sodas and alcoholic drinks


    Skills: I'm fast, I can read somewhat fast, I'm good with the piano
    Sinon Hello, this is my first blog entry, uummm... lets get started

    Why do people use cheats?
    Cheats are usually used to get items, especial gear/equipment, to get an infinite amount of whatever or sometimes even to fly (moon-jump) then

    Here are some reasons people may want to use cheats:

    1-For fun! (read this in the SSB4's announcer voice)

    -Moon Jumping is fun
    2-save file got corrupted, what can I do? (Example: in Animal Crossing Ds there was this thing called "seeding", seeding could get you certain buildings or other things but when people discovered they were able to do "seeding" online...):(
    -use cheats
    but cheats are bad
    -We'll talk about that later
    3-I did something stupid in my game, can I revert it?
    -It depends, cheats may help sometimes
    4-I don't like my Avatar's appearance anymore
    -Save editors or cheats may help you with that
    5-Easy exploration
    6-To explore beta content in-game
    7-I want a certain item, can I...?


    Cheats are bad, people use them online :nayps3::hateit::angry:!

    -ok, people cheating online is different and while this means the cheater is having fun, its not the same kind of fun (its an assholish way to have fun).

    Then cheats are bad, bad, bad :O!
    -As exposed before cheats can benefit the user in other situations that don't imply online play.:teach:

    What do you think then, are cheats bad or not?
    Have you ever cheated?

    Have a nice day, gbatemp.