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    Goodbye from Sinkhead


    This is just a quick post to say goodbye, and to thank everyone for the fun I've had through this place. I've been getting gradually less active for nearly a year, and I think it's time to call it quits. I've still got GBAtemp as my homepage and I feel guilty every time I see it, because I simply don't have the time to devote any more. I'll be joining the RAF soon, and then I'll be pretty much gone.

    I'm not great at goodbyes, so I'll keep this short.

    Thanks again to everyone who's made my time here enjoyable,

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    Things to do in London?

    Hi guys,

    Me and some friends are travelling down to London at the end of this month for two days on the super-cheap MegaBus. Aside from the usual jam-packed touristy type places, what is there to do on a budget? I've got the Trocadero earmarked already, and a few friends want to visit Camden Market, but apart from that I only know the main attractions.

    Anyone from there, or who's been there (or would like to meet up there), please let me know!

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    TPB 'Sellout'

    I can't understand why there's such a commotion on Reddit and similar sites about The Penguin Bar 'selling out'.

    After putting in such a massive investment of 60 million SEK (about $7.8 million or £4.7 million), the company who buys them will not alter the site substantially. If they do, they'll lose the users, and their investment will be worthless. It's as simple as that.

    Worst case scenario: People have to go to another torrent site. What a shame.

    Maybe it's just me who doesn't see this because I use something better...

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    Today, JPH made me cry.

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    So, my iPod was supposed to be delivered today.


    What was delivered was a sheet of paper telling me that because I was out, they've ran off with my parcel and hidden it in some damp, dingy warehouse nearly 15 miles away from my house.

    Now, to me it's quite obvious that during the day the recipitant is going to be out because they will either be at work in order to afford overpriced Apple gadgets, or go to school in order to get a good job in order to buy overpriced Apple gadgets.

    I paid for delivery, not short-term storage. I want the parcel delivered to my house, not to some warehouse staffed by the same kind of people that work at Argos. (see Bill Bailey sketch entitled 'Argos')


    So now, because the collection depot closes stupidly early, I have to wait until Saturday morning to make the 40-minute car journey to attempt to retrieve my property.

    Excuse me, but that's out of order. I paid £120 for an overpriced Apple gadget, I damn well expect it to be delivered. I don't care if TNT (said shitty delivery company) bid 2 pence cheaper than Royal Mail, because Royal Mail is the UK's delivery company.

    What do all small villages have? They have a pub, and a small shop, which is sometimes included in the third essential shop, the Post Office. You know, so we can collect our things without having to waste half a day?




    Bah. :angry:
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    sinkhead gets CRAFTIER



    Because I'm too poor to afford a proper one.


    It's made from some sellotape, an old PC fan, a Jaffa Cakes tray and cardboard.

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    A note to members in general

    The Report System has recently been greatly improved behind-the-scenes for staff. For members it still looks the same, but the new system of dealing with reports means they will be handled much faster and more efficiently than before.

    So... If you see something that could be considered offensive, report it! It only takes a minute for you to do so and it really helps us make the forums a nicer place. :)

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    Broke my clavicle (collarbone)

    Ok, so on Friday night at about 10:15pm we had just arrived at the kayaking trip with the rest of the club. At 10:45 I was in the car on the way to A&E :(

    Basically, me and Gaz and the rest of the club were play fighting (for lack of a better word) over glow sticks. Now, I'm one of the oldest junior members, only younger than two others, and Gaz was one of these. He flipped me off the top of a small hill and i landed on my neck facing the ground. He then landed on top of me.


    The pain was not immediate. At first I started to get up but it hurt so much, it felt like someone was squeezing the soft bit below the joint between your shoulder and collarbone, so I fell back down. Luckily two of the senior members of the club are physiotherapists. They poked and felt bits of my shoulder and told me that I needed to go to hospital, that either my shoulder was dislocated or that my clavicle was broken.

    I got to the first hospital where they had no real facilities, it was only a doctor's with a minor injury clinic. They gave me some normal paracetamol and took notes which they put in a letter for me to take to the real hospital so I wouldn't have to tell them it all again.

    I got to the proper hospital (James Cook University Hospital) and waited in the A&E waiting room while the police took out a drunk (it was Friday night) and then was examined again. They read my notes and sent me for an x-ray. I had two x-rays done in total, one of which I scanned and you can see here.

    So I went back to my room in A&E and heard some doctors talking, saying "wow, that's pretty bad" and "I've not seen one of those for a long time". I was one of two patients currently there so it was very quiet, so I stuck my head round the door and said "I hope you're not talking about me" in a sarcastic type of way. Turns out they were...

    They told me I would need an appointment at a fracture clinic, either on Monday at James Cook's or on Tuesday in my hometown. I chose my hometown so I could go home to my own bed and have things to do.

    To be honest this couldn't have happened at a worse time. I got invited to Blackpool Pleasure Beach (a theme park) on Thursday which I probably won't be going to and then next Monday I'm supposed to be going to France and Belgium on the Battlefields Tour our school runs.

    But then again, I suppose I am lucky in some respects. It's a clean break and the chances are that I won't need surgery, and if I do, I live in the UK so it's free.

    Does anyone else have experience with a broken clavicle? If so, what were your experiences, would you say I will probably be able to go on the trips I said?

    Thanks a lot.

    (argh I hate having to type with one hand!)
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    A plea to all members

    Please, guys, if you're going to report something, just report it!

    Don't reply to the thread saying 'lol i rported u rofl dats not alouwed!!!!!11!!'

    It's really hard to read through the whole thread in case somebody quoted the post or made a reply such as the one above.

    Thanks a lot :)
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    Tastes like Linux

    Recently on Digg I saw screenshots for the next Ubuntu upgrade... In the past I would have been excited about that, when I was a Microsoft hater, thought they were a big monolithic evil force that had to be stopped.

    And then I realized that actually, Windows is good.

    People say it's buggy. I've had my fair share of the blue screen of death, but I've been using Windows for ages now... My old Windows installation became unstable after a few years of use, so now just as a precaution I keep all my Windows installation on a separate hard disk so I can reinstall whenever I like and not lose my data.

    People say it's expensive. I use Windows for at least 5 hours a day, every day excluding holidays. Say that I use it for 300 days a year, 5 hours a day. That's 1500 hours. (Which means I waste spend 62.5 full days on my computer each year :S) Say I paid £100 for my copy of XP (which I didn't, but I can't remember how much it was). That means I've paid £1 for every 3 (average) days of computer usage. That is good enough value for me!

    People say it is bloated and resource-hogging. I agree slightly, but this isn't as big a problem as some people make it our to be. I have 100GB of storage inside my PC, then another 250 outside it. And I have less than a lot of people. 320GB hard drives and 1 to 2 GB RAM aren't uncommon in average PCs...

    Yes, I have tried Linux. (Ubuntu and Fedora)
    Yes, I have tried Macs. (Not sure what version, but I suspect it was the one before Leopard)

    The truth is that I just don't feel comfortable in either of them compared to Windows. And besides, a lot of my favourite programs don't work in Linux (or run at an unacceptable speed in WINE). These include
    • Adobe Photoshop CS3 (don't tell me to use the GIMP)
    • Adobe Flash CS3
    • Adobe Fireworks CS3
    • Windows Media Player (Ok, there are alternatives)
    • Media Player Classic (Same as above)
    • Notepad++
    • Windows Live Messenger (with Plus! expansion pack)
    • Microsoft Office 2007 (OpenOffice is great, but not as great as the real deal)
    • Jasc Animation Shop
    • NewsLeecher
    • All my other Usenet programs (QuickPAR etc.)
    The list could go on, but I'll stop there... I'm all for open source, freeware etc, but Linux won't be ready for my desktop until it runs all the programs I want it to without any hacks... This means that I am actually interested in ReactOS which isn't complete, but I'm still keeping an eye on it.

    So who here uses Linux and wants to try and change my mind? :P
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    My Usenet Tutorial

    Before I begin, this is just one way of doing this, there are many different providers and many different newsreaders to choose from, I'm using the ones I know how to use and the ones I feel comfortable with.

    The Usenet provider I use is Usenet-News because of the block accounts they do (buy download quota that lasts until you use it up), but there's a list of other providers here. Most providers sell accounts that renew every month and have a download limit (eg. you pay £5 a month for 20GB download allowance per month)
    1. Get an account. This is the bit I can't really help you with (much). You could go for a paid account (fastest and generally best) or one your ISP provides. If you try this out using your ISP's Usenet you may have a bad experience (downloads missing, or slow, or corrupted). Paid servers are nearly always better.
    2. Get a newsreader. By far the most popular for Windows is NewsLeecher and I think it's great. I've tried a few others but none of them really stand up to NewsLeecher. I will be using it in this tutorial. Download the demo and either buy a license key or... you know... But buy it if you think it's good (like I did). If you're not using NewsLeecher then the rest of the tutorial won't be much use to you, and it's my favourite, so you should get it :P
    3. Open NewsLeecher
    4. Click the 'Manager' tab
    5. Click 'Add' at the top of the left-hand column
    6. Fill in all the details, you have to get these from your provider. Make sure to check the 'Server requires login' box and fill in the information if it's a paid provider. Your ISP account probably won't need this unless it says so specifically.
    7. You may be wondering what value to put in the 'Connections' box. This allows NewsLeecher to have more than one connection to a server. For example, with my provider I get around 120KB/s per connection, but my broadband connection can handle a maximum of around around 750KB/s, so I make 6 connections to the server to get the best speed. Any more connections and it wouldn't do any good, it just wastes connections that other users could use, so just use the number you need and no more.
    8. Press 'OK' to save this information, the server should now appear in the left-hand column on the 'Manager' tab and be in the bottom right-hand section.
    9. Now press 'Options' on the bar at the top.
    10. Click 'Connection' on the left hand-column of this window
    11. You should adjust these values as you see fit, I have mine so it automatically disconnects from the server after 5 minutes of inactivity (nothing downloading) and I change the bottom section so I am automatically reconnected to the server after 30 seconds of nothing happening (sometimes the connections hang for no reason, this resets them automatically which fixes the problem). Even if you're not having any problems you should change this value, you don't want to leave a really big file downloading then come back and find them only half-downloaded because of this problem!
    12. Click 'Download' in the left-hand column
    13. Choose the folder in which you want your downloads to be placed
    14. Change the 'Pause if disk space gets below...' value if you like. I have a separate (small) hard drive for download before I unRAR them, so I make this value quite small as it's a small hard drive.
    15. In the left-hand column under 'Download', click 'NZB Files'
    16. Change these values to what suits you best, I have it so NewsLeecher is associated with NZB files, which means when I open an NZB file NewsLeecher starts downloading it straight away.
    17. In the left-hand column under 'Download', click 'PAR Files'
    18. Change these values to what you like. It is worth mentioning at this point that PAR(2) files let you repair corrupted downloads fairly easily, I'll explain that in more detail later.
    19. Click 'General' in the left-hand column
    20. Change these values to what you like
    21. Click 'OK' to save these settings and close this window
    22. You're ready to start downloading! Find a Usenet searching site that generates NZB files (like NewzLeech), find the file you want, get the NZB file and open it in NewsLeecher! Look under the 'NZB Files' subheading below for a list of sites.
    23. Your files will appear in the 'Queue' tab and they should be downloading. If they aren't, make sure you are connected to the servers (the big button in the top-left should be indented) and that downloads aren't paused (the 4th button from the left should not be indented)
    24. Happy downloading!
    I have some points to go into in detail now

    NZB Files
    Everything posted on Usenet is posted in messages, an NZB file contains 'links' to these messages so the newsreader knows which messages to download. The website I use for searching for files and generating NZB files is NewzLeech but there are more out there, just Google for something like 'Usenet Search NZB'

    PAR(2) Files
    PAR files are used for repairing files that download incorrectly, or if parts of the download are missing. For more information on PAR(2) files I recommend reading this tutorial.

    SFV Files
    Most downloads come with an SFV file which can be read by QuickPAR (see above note). They check everything downloaded correctly with no problems.
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    A friendly notice from Sinkhead

    As I'm sure you're aware, Brawl is doing an excellent job of slowing down GBAtemp down, as well as creating all those nasty MySQL errors. And it's difficult to moderate efficiently in these conditions, so I'm asking you to help us to yourself
    <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>
    1. If a post is naughty, use the 'Report' button. PLEASE don't reply to it because that makes more work for the mods and your post will deleted too.
    2. Please give a sensible report. Things like 'against the rules' or 'being mean' really don't help us. Oh, and neither do 3 paragraphs. Just keep it short and simple, yet tell us why the post is bad! This helps because when we're looking through the list of reports we'll obviously want to remove a ROM request before a one-word post.
    3. If there are lots more posts that need cleaning up in that topic, add it as a note in the report. Sometimes, I clean up one post without realizing there's lots more a few posts down.

    Bad Example
    [quote name='member923565'][quote name='nooby_noob_124']lol i haz teh romz luk here http://give-me-the-romz.com[/quote]LOL I REPORTD U LUK HOW I INCLUDE YUR LINK IN MY POAST SO MOD HAS 2 TRASH MIEN TOO LOOOOL[/quote]

    Believe me, I'll appreciate it if you help!
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    I'm back!

    Due to reasons I don't particularly want to share I've been without a computer for five days now, which made me realize just how useful my DS is. I've played pretty much all the DS games I'm interested in, but I've never really got into emulators. So using DSOrganize's browser I managed to download ScummVM and a ROM for Monkey Island, then extracted them using DSCompress which I downloaded from DSO's Homebrew Database. So I've been playing The Secret of Monkey Island for quite a lot of the time, but when I wasn't, I was able to go on IRC through DSOrganize (tried downloading ClIRC but I could only find a download in a format, I think it was RAR, that DSCompress couldn't extract from). I downloaded the new PocketPhysics which is pretty awesome on its own, as well as with my DS Motion Pak, however I couldn't download PocketPhysics from the download centre as the button didn't work, maybe a HTTP link could be added?

    So yeah, I never expected that my DS could be so useful!

    Also, before I went away, I started gathering information for my review of the DS Motion Pak, trying to find useful or fun homebrew to include in my review. It's a shame that most of the homebrew that would fit this description is either unfinished, buggy or only works with the Motion Card (the Card, slot-1, was released before the Pak, slot 2, so many old motion supporting homebrews only support the card). But I'll keep on trying, expect a review within a fortnight :)
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    My experiences with CashLagoon

    I've seen lots of these freebie-type websites dotting around but they always required you to refer friends which I didn't like (not because I don't have friends :P) but because my friends just weren't interested. And then I say GamingLagoon from a link in Linkiboy's signature. Unfortunately, at the time, the Lagoon sites were only for people across the pond, in the USA or Canada, so I couldn't join, but recently they've been letting people in the UK join as well.

    So I went for it. I created an account and did some surveys, and I was amazed when they actually worked.

    Over the past few days I have earned over 15 points very easily, which is $15 USD or £7.50 through PayPal. They even pay the fees, so you get the full amount without PayPal taking any of it, and although referrals are a part of the system you don't have to use them at all, I haven't yet.

    So after my account has verified (a very easy process, you simply ring a toll-free number and give your details and confirmation number) I will be getting my first prize, a $15 through PayPal. :D

    I just thought I'd share my story here because I was a little sceptical when I began and now I realize I shouldn't have been. Linkiboy has helped me very much throughout this whole thing, so if you want to sign up to GamingLagoon please use his referral link as thanks! If, like me, you prefer cash to physical prizes and you want to sign up to CashLagoon, please use my referral link by clicking the banner below! Feel free to ask any other questions, I'll try to answer them, and if you do sign up, happy earning!

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    Poi Poi and fursuits

    [quote name='Wikipedia on Poi (Juggling)']Poi is a form of juggling, or object manipulation with balls on ropes, held in the hands and swung in various circular patterns, comparable to club-twirling. It originated with the M&#257;ori people of New Zealand (the word poi means "ball" in M&#257;ori). Women and men used it to increase flexibility, strength, and coordination. It developed into a traditional performance art practiced mostly by women. This art, in conjunction with others including waiata a ringa, haka and titi torea, make up the performance of kapa haka (M&#257;ori culture groups).[/quote]After having a go with my friend's poi, I decided I wanted some of my own, so I ordered some (there goes my food for the week :'( )
    My friend had some rainbow-coloured ones but they look a bit childish, so I got myself some better ones. Instead of hard ends they are beanbag ones, and the tails are detachable. I also ended up buying a DVD that teachers beginners to become l33t at spinning...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    If I get good, these are some tricks that aren't too hard... These pictures were taken with special glow poi that light up different colours with a camera using a long exposure time so you can see the trails. I mgiht get some glow poi if I get good at it...

    And on an unrelated note, I found a great performance of 'Still Alive' (the ending song from Portal) by a guy in a tiger fursuit... :huh: