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    Yay getting a 3DS later

    Finally 5 months of saving money,i am now able to buy a 3DS, my local gamestore selling the 3DS with two games for 540$ which is a great deal,the 3DS price is 470$ and the games is around $60-$70. Planning to get DoA and ridge racers but i am still not sure. any other recommendation? I still have enough money for OoT next month.
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    Should I buy a 3DS?

    the title say it all,should i buy it? cause when i watch 3D movie last year(Tron Legacy),I felt dizzy after half and hour.
    Sadly there is no demo pods/booths here. Oh when i went to my local gamestore,they have a Japanese 3DS(the only one here) on display and when i asked the price its $BN550/$US430(I am sure the US 3DS price will be same here),they also said that the US 3DS will arrive next month. Is it worth the money without the 3D if i cant use it more than half and hour?I would rather ask you guys instead of my friends(Sony Fanboy).
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    i realise that i have trypophobia

    it was yesterday when i found the word TRYPOPHOBIA while surfing on the internet,since i am a very curious person,i google the word and the image gives me the chill,itch on my skin or whatever. for those people who doesnt know what is trypophobia: its a phobia of looking at small/clustered holes. Anyone know how to cure this? D:
    And YAY its my first blog :)