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    Valentine's Day is coming up...

    ...and I don't have a GF or a date.

    I've mentioned it in several places on this site, but I was born into and have grown up in a fundamentalist Christian family that goes to churches that follow the same old KJV that you'll see a lot of those Creationists from back in the day and even now turn to. I used to just sort of blindly go along with whatever they taught me; I wasn't an 18-year old "adult" yet, so I figured I had no power in life up until that point to really do anything about it. One thing I was always taught growing up was that one should date and marry a girl (since, you know, I'm a heterosexual guy, and still am) who basically either goes to the same church that I did, or to the colleges that were shared the same beliefs, principles, etc.. Obviously, this makes sense for any relationship.

    The thing is, the lifestyle I live, and the experiences with my own family have taught me that the media I tend to have more of a taste for, be it Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, lots of anime, and how I prefer to watch the non-TV versions of movies doesn't really mesh all too great with the majority of the people I've interacted with. I remember getting comments regarding Mortal Kombat being too violent, King of Fighters featuring women that don't cover up enough (think Mai Shiranui, and you get the picture), and anime...do I even need to point out how often they try to shove in a shot that puts a female character's "features" on full display, and these people are so fragile that movies or honestly any sort of entertainment that just has swearing or that has a situation where a character is nude is a giant no-no.

    I get making compromises. Maybe Mortal Kombat isn't good to play when someone's about to eat. King of Fighters might not be good for the young boy, and maybe a lot of modern anime tries a bit too hard to push for fanservice where it isn't necessary.

    Some girls might enjoy or not mind these things as much as others, even within this church. After all, I was in a relationship with a girl who gave me my first "experience," and while at church and around her family she was "Christian," in our relationship before it came to an end, she may as well been an atheist, only identifying as a Christian in the most Cafeteria Christian way possible. So who can really say?

    All I know for sure is that, while I'm stuck underneath my parents' roof, the idea of finding a girl at this point in time for a day that we as a society have designated as gift-giving day for potential couples-to-be is one that I would love to pour my heart into, but unfortunately, the rose that was growing is constantly getting clipped before it can fully bloom for right now.
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    Ask Me Anything

    Title. You could ask me anything about anything about anything...

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    Looking back and seeing how far I've come with gaming on PC.


    This...is the closest I have come to re-creating the PC I originally built back in 2016 after a little more than a year spent saving up every dollar and penny I could, asking for PC parts as presents and getting two parts taken care of, selling off old game systems and games, and all while attending college with no job to pay me on the regular. If I got paid anything, it was my Dad paying me money to mow the lawn whenever I had a chance so he wouldn't have to do it.

    Now, why would I do this when the following PCPartPicker list is my current build, more or less? Well, it's taken a lot of time to get my HTPC to be something that I was happy with, and I still have this and another case sitting around that I have been looking to get rid of in one way or another. But before I did that, I wanted to take some of the more demanding games in my Steam library and put them through the paces to see how well they run on a CPU with only 2 cores, a graphics card that was an OK budget choice back in 2016 (AMD had better offerings at the time at the price this was going for, but I was skeptical at the time of their video cards thanks to the horror stories I heard about their driver support and various incompatibilities with certain emulators and video rendering APIs), and 8GB of RAM?

    *Mortal Kombat XL - Works fine as long as you turn shadows off and maybe turn one setting or two down a notch. Otherwise, runs great!

    *Mortal Kombat 11 - And this is where the PC definitely had a brutality inflicted upon it, as turning every setting down as low as possible...simply wasn't gonna fly. I mean, unless you want to have stutters every other frame, I suppose.

    *Injustice 2 - Turn shadows off as well as the quality of the anti-aliasing. If you ever have low-spec hardware and are struggling to run a game, turning down the quality of the games shadows is always a good place to start!

    *Tekken 7 - Stutter hell like MK11.

    *Soul Calibur 6 - Stutter hell on higher settings. On lower settings, you might still get stutter, but its more manageable than Tekken 7 and MK11.

    *Resident Evil 3 Remake: The main trade, in addition to the aforementioned turning off of shadows, is the quality of the textures and ambient occlusion when I set this up. If you try to push it to the limit, you're gonna see texture pop-in and slow downs like you wouldn't believe. Also, don't even think about going above 720p. And while the Resident Evil 2 Remake didn't want to boot because of some weird storage error upon launch iirc, I can assume that what applies to R3make applies to RE2make considering how similar the two games are!

    *Killer Instinct 3 - Runs perfectly, as expected of a game that was gonna have a 360 version, but was cancelled because the particle effects were too much for the aging system in 2013.

    *Yakuza Kiwami 2 - After turning settings down, Kiwami 2...ran surprisingly well all things considered. Yeah, I was just playing the last few boss fights of the game from a save file thanks to Steam Cloud Saves, and I was able to play it perfectly in terms of there not being any stutter or anything!

    *Yakuza 0 - In a disappointing twist, Yakuza 0 is stutter hell...for some inexplicable reason. Like, it runs OK, but it stutters enough to make fights a stop-and-go affair Majima-san would be getting pissed off over.

    Now, these are all the games I felt like testing that I that wouldn't necessarily be on any low spec gamer's list of games to test out for themselves that I've seen. I know there's already plenty of guides explaining how to play the Witcher 3, any of the Crysis trilogy, or *insert popular hardware demanding game here* on hardware like this, but thankfully, I don't have to worry about that since I already have another PC that's capable of playing these problem games with no problems:


    It's crazy what the power of taking the mindset of "I can't do this, I wouldn't last long, I'd never stand a chance against anyone else" can do. Instead of wallowing in angst, you can try to get in the Cannon of Dreams, aim for the Moon, and maybe make your way to your goal(s)...or end up as one of the stars, because you never know unless you try what you're truly capable of doing not just for yourself, but for others! :)

    *raises wineglass*

    Happy gaming, to players on all platforms!
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    Amadeus Mozart's Ass

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    Walmart Nightmares Episode 3

    This time its about a wicked witch...not of the West, but of late 2018 going through early-2019, a time I ended up dodging most of thanks to going to a university and getting myself into more trouble than I was honestly ready for, with the debt I just paid off being the consequences of that!

    Anyways, while I was gone, the store manager of my particular store for most of my time there until then had left, and new management from another Walmart in town came in to help the situation along. The changes they brought to how my department operated were...brutal, to say the least.

    Everyone other than maybe the lady stocking the paper aisle and the minors had to unload the truck. Most of which made up the core part of the team for a while ever since 2018 until around the time I finally left for Target last year. Considering that some of us enjoyed just having to be on the floor and enjoyed that the only interaction with people for the most part were customers who, at their worst, would stick around the store all day just because and go full asshole if they asked for an item that we didn't have in stock, this was a shakeup not many liked at all, especially this guy right here who'd have some of the heaviest loads to stock.

    Now, I wasn't there when this lady, which I'll call Violet, arrived initially. I don't know if she was always a witch, but based on how I interacted with her when I came in and to where she left our department, I can safely assume that she just wasn't a good manager like the main department manager we worked with on most days.

    Violet would be very loud, verbally abusive, and somewhat on the edge emotionally at times. Like, I heard about a case where she got so mad at two female employees in our department that one went home early for the night, and the other just quit altogether. The former was a hard worker, and the other wasn't there long enough for me to really make heads or tails about. I can say from my experience that working with her was like walking on eggshells. Like, I'd try to stay busy, but I'd get somewhat tense mentally if I knew she was around. Think something like, "please leave me alone to do my job" kinds of tense, because I focus on my work, whereas a lot of the aforementioned core part of the team? They only managed to stay around for as long as they did because no one else came onto the team that lasted long enough to make them replaceable. But that's a whole other topic for another Nightmares.

    No one liked working with Violet. She was clearly not good enough for managing the stocking and unloading department, because she eventually ended up where all failed or expendable Walmart managers end up: Pickup today! Yeah, if you see someone with the PUT cart the next time you're at a Walmart, chances are they used to be a manager. And it was here where it's like she either chilled out, or whatever was triggering...whatever her problem was didn't exist in this job position.

    And Violet was only the first out of the three department managers before I left of a string of incompetent leads that made people wish the main department manager was there when he wasn't there...and that's assuming that people weren't using their Protected PTO...

    ...which is a circus I might cover next time now that I've mentioned it!
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    570 Hours.

    *heavy breathing*

    I put in...570 hours...into Mortal Kombat 11...

    ...it wasn't worth it...

    ...IT WASN'T FUCKING WORTH IT! BUT THE GODDAMN FUCKING CHARACTER TOWERS REQUIRE YOU TO GO FOR KRUSHING BLOWS (basically crush counters from Street Fighter 5, or counters that hit harder than normal counters, followed by the opponents bones or other body parts getting "krushed" to indicate said counter), WAIT IT OUT TO PERFORM 15-20 FATAL BLOWS (super moves that can only be triggered when you're health is in danger, unless if you're Spawn and have a specific ability equipped to one of his variations, and/or if you're using a konsumable that allows you to start the fight with a Fatal Blow, and ultimately lets you land 2 fatal blows a match) DEPENDING ON WHAT CHARACTER TOWER STAGE YOU'RE ON, DO 15 FATALITIES AND THEN 15 BRUTALITIES, ALL TO ADVANCE TO THE NEXT TOWER!

    Now, why would I go and put in this kind of effort? Well, you see, in MK11, they decided to introduce being able to customize your characters' movesets and kostumes as a sort of callback to Mortal Kombat Armageddon's pretty versatile Kreate-A-Fighter back in the day! But you only start off with so many skins and gear pieces to make your particular Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, etc. stand out from other players if you're into playing online. And honestly, obtaining those aren't too bad in and of themselves...until you see one that you like, and you find out that, because you didn't grind all this crap out when the game launched, you might be SOL on getting, say, Liu Kang's MK2 skin, or Kano's MK3 skin because they can only be obtained in the Krypt, and after buying so much stuff in said Krypt, you only get random konsumables, augments (which you can equip to the aforementioned variations to make, say, Scorpion's spear to more damage or stun longer or whatever). No, what I was aiming more for was brutalities, which, unlike the second fatality in these games, cannot be unlocked by simply satisfying the conditions to unlock said brutalities, and some are apparently only available to CPU players and can't be done by a normal player in any way, which might make sense if we're talking about the final boss (who only has one fatality, btw, and one that I'd say is pretty fitting for who she is and what she can do).

    And throughout this whole process, I just have an AI fighter do the fighting for me, mostly to cut past a lot of the BS you would have to deal with in not just the character towers, but any of the Towers of Time; bats that drain health from you and give it to your opponent, totem poles that nuke the whole stage if they're hit too much, sais that invert your controls, farts that make your character gag, and a lot of other nonsense that makes even some of hardest missions from the old Soul Calibur games' mission modes look like a walk in the park, something I discovered when the AI fighter ran into a fight that it really wasn't gonna be able to break through with the combo-heavy settings I gave all of them.

    But, I've done 36 out of the 37 characters and their towers as of MK11's current state today. The only kombatant I haven't bothered with is Kollector because he's gonna be in the same wastebin of the bad 3D era characters as Hsu Hao, Kobra, Moloch, Dairou, Darrius, Kira, Mavado, Taven, and Daegon!

    The game itself is fun if you don't give a shit about having stuff unlocked, but as someone who finds some of the brutalities to be pretty sick, as well as some of the skins in the game? I sort of like having everything unlocked for when people are over and just checking in casually.
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    I'M DEBT FREE!!!

    Holy fuck, is it cathartic to finally be posting this!

    For those still in debt, never give up hope, and remember there's always a light at the end of the tunnel! :)

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    The next generation of game consoles is upon us...


    *looks at time I've not spent on playing bigger name games throughout the 8th generation of consoles, my backlog from Steam and other gaming libraries, and also my anime backlog that's also been devoted to working, earning money, paying off debt, and just trying to make it through life's challenges*

    It just feels like the world is moving along faster than I can keep up, even with how things have been this year. I haven't had the luxury of being able to just up and quit my job when COVID hit because I was still in debt that someone who was getting paid only $11 an hour at the time couldn't fathom having to work a whole another year or more to pay off, so I haven't had the free time to play games like some have had when jobs closed down.

    Still, I can remember when the PS4 and the Xbox One came out in 2013. I was in my final year of high school, and it just seemed like I got my PS3 yesterday at the time! Mind you, I didn't have a job that paid consistently; my dad was nice enough to pay me about $10 an hour to mow the lawn (my mom wasn't as enthused by the concept) so he didn't have to do it, and while I saved up as much as I could, it was a video I saw on ReviewTechUSA's channel back in 2014/2015. I think I just watched YT videos like crazy because I just didn't feel like playing much of what I had, and what I had bought on Steam simply didn't run very well, if at all, on my hand-me-down-for-college laptop of $500 that paged all the fucking time. It was in some video with another Youtuber where Rich and this other guy were discussing how the whole "you need to take out a mortgage to afford a gaming PC" was an outdated myth. When this happened, I decided to do some research into gaming PCs, and eventually came across PCPartPicker, a godsend for planning out one's first build. Mind you, this was back before I even got desperate enough for a consistent income to apply at Walmart in an attempt to get said money. Granted, I also wanted to see if my autistic dumbass could cut it in the "real world." I'd say that, all things considered, I've been lucky so far with the fortune I've earned!

    But compared to the consoles from back then, it's just different now; the consoles supposedly are launching with far more powerful hardware and aren't encumbered by the limitations of HDDs. Truly, progress has been made, but I just can't hype myself up for these systems. Maybe it's the fact that every game that used to be something you had to own a console for to be able to play is released on PC at this point, and that emulation of some systems (PS3 and the 360, kind of a bummer about the OG Xbox atm) is starting to get so good that most of these remasters/remakes simply aren't necessary. Like, sure, Demon's Souls on PS5 probably looks better than the PS3 original, but am I going to buy a PS5 just to play it in 4K and with faster load times? And let's not forget that Microsoft is simply releasing some of, if not all, of their exclusives onto PC, and some of them are also on the Steam storefront!

    I mean, outside of a "better" controller, what does the new consoles offer that's different? At least the Switch allows one to play games on the go if you're out and about, which was fine until COVID hit.

    At this point, all one is doing is buying into a platform and service when they're buying a system, with maybe some exclusives that may or may not stay exclusive in the long run. Yakuza used to be a PlayStation exclusive. Now? It's on everything...for the most part (still waiting on the 3-5 remasters as well as a port of 6, SEGA!). Microsoft understands this, and that's why they're offering Game Pass and trying to work on xCloud in order to try and get more people on board with the Xbox service if not the console itself. Even though I don't agree with the rhetoric, it is ultimately the future of where everything's going, regardless of what you or I on these forums will say.

    I have a feeling that, if I do play anything new after this year, it's either something I would really be looking forward to like a Bloodstained sequel, some multiplayer game I really like, or maybe the complete edition of a fighting game, because I'm starting to realize, with me turning 26 in a few weeks here, that while I'm still young, when you have to work every day, and deal with the daily grind, you start looking at what you already have and consider maybe trying to spend more time with that before going forward with new hardware. Like, I'll probably be building a new gaming PC at some point in the future, but it's not going to be anytime soon given how my time is divided up nowadays.

    Maybe I need to start considering a somewhat more minimalist lifestyle...
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    Internet atheists make me facepalm at times...

    Man, what an original concept...except...wait a minute...

    Man, doesn't this "new normal" look attractive? Do you not ever want to touch or be around people again, everyone? IDK about you, but even my sorry autistic ass still wants to spend time with others, and hopefully find a wife and have adventures in this life together!

    Breadtube in general is cringeworthy, but this guy (Mr. Atheist, Jimmy Snow, whatever), Suris, Telltale Atheist, and their associates on YT and other sites are the kind of atheist that makes me facepalm. I thought the whole idea was that you guys could be normal and "moral" without God? That you didn't need to share your parents' opinions on worldview and their norms, mores, and folkways to be a "good" person?

    Internet atheism in general has always attacked low hanging fruit. People who are clearly outside of the norm and even most Christians would laugh at the figure's expense. People should be called out and their ideas exposed for being the flawed failures that they are, but now that they don't have anyone that they can really attack or take down due to the cultural zeitgeist turning against the "I SWEAR, IT'S NOT A PHASE MOM!" atheism of the 2000's/early 2010's (and stuff like "IN THIS MOMENT, I'M EUPHORIC BECAUSE I AM SUPERIOR TO MY PARENTS DEBATE ME BRO HURR DURR), they're left beating the same drum to the same tune that they've been doing since then and nothing has changed. Not to mention all of the fracturing that preceded the meme-worthy Reddit post by Aalewis.

    Now watch some fedora tipper screencap this and take it out of context on r/atheism, r/exchristian, r/FundieSnark, and other circlejerks that render the site to be good for nothing other than maybe subreddits centered around an actual hobby as opposed to what I'd say is mostly a bunch of people who need to get a job, save up some money, and be the change they want to see in the world!
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    Walmart Nightmares Gaiden: So I visited my Walmart a week ago...

    ...on a side trip to get a few things my parents wanted for dinner that night, out of a sense of nostalgia and to see how things were holding up, and , talk about it looking like the stocking department really got butchered at some point in these last 6 months (man, how time flies); maybe the main crew was unloading the truck in the back, but all I saw were high school students stocking the shelves. Like, you can't get much more desperate than that, and given that I've heard that this has been the fate of other stocking departments at other Walmart stores in my area, it makes me really grateful that I got the opportunity to work at a Target DC like I've had, until about two weeks ago and that I've been able to take care of more than half of the debt I owe atm thanks to both it, the last paycheck from Walmart, and a tax return that I wasn't counting on being so beefy, all things considered.
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    My reaction to the RTX 3090 being capable of 8K...

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    Walmart Nightmares Episode 2

    Most days at jobs like Walmart or any job that's meant for peasants without the ticket to economic privilege called a Bachelor's Degree in Something That's Marketable can be very day-in, day-out, with very little variance in between said days. That being said, this particular day is about how a curve ball was thrown at my job at Walmart that, were it not for the offended party's more forgiving nature, I would most likely have been fired.

    With hindsight, I am glad that he did. What, you think I would be where I'm at today without the 3 years of Walmart after this? ;) Besides, its no worth regretting the past, this past year has taught me.

    This happened in the Winter of the first year I started at Walmart, and at least a few months after the previous episode's mess. It was cold, snowing, and New Year's was upon everyone. I may be an atheist, but I love Christmas. It's one of the jolliest, most uplifting, and hopeful times of the year for me! But unfortunately, this experience after the presents of 2016 were open wasn't so jolly, uplifting, or hopeful.

    You see, usually, they'll have a few guys or gals at Walmart grabbing the carts that people hopefully put away in the cart lanes throughout the parking lot, as well as the many carts people just carelessly leave out for unattentive drivers to ruin their cars. The catch? They aren't always out there when they're needed, and when they aren't, guess who's called out to grab them? Santa Claus? The Grinch? Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series & Knuckles' Chaotix? If only!

    Us trailer unloaders and shelf stockers would have to do the cart grabbing in these circumstances. Usually, the ones out on the floor first, with maybe the unlucky few unloading the truck or transporting pallets to the sales floor to help move things along next if there's not enough people stocking the shelves when things are going slow.

    So, we go and grab our coats, gloves, beanies, scarves, earmuffs, etc. and walk throughout the store, and make our way out to a treat those in the South may not have had experience with; Winter of the North Half of the United States Star Spangled Banner. It's cold, its dark, and if you're unprepared, you might develop frostbite.

    Now, if you haven't shopped for a bunch of food items at this point like I have nowadays, you probably haven't had much of a reason to use cart. These things are not easy to push in a straight line, especially when you consider the fact that its windy, some of the parking lot is slippery, and you have cars pulling in and out of parking spots, driving around the lot to find a parking spot, and to add the cherry on top, you discover, while coping with all of this, that you can really only push three carts at a time, while the wind and is pushing these carts this way and that way if you aren't keeping the carts in your hands at all times.

    Yep, that sounds about right, and I was desperately trying to avoid it; having one of these carts hit a car, be it parked, moving, or whatever...

    ...naturally, I eventually was juggling a bunch of carts in this weather, and one of them slid onto the side of a car.

    My heart, freezing in fear as it pounded at near panic levels of nervous while trying to keep my body warm. Sweat, even in not-so-cold-Greenland (no, seriously, have you seen the fucking wind chill up there!?). A guy, getting out of his car. "I'm fucked. I'm so fucking fired...OMG, I just want to quit so badly, I want out of here, oh fuck, oh God." It was at this moment, that I knew, he was going to say, "WTF is your problem!? You fucking-"

    "Do you need help, sir?"

    NANI!? I thought I was gonna have a gun or knife drawn at me, or at least a verbal THUG LIFE EPIC TAKEDOWN on the levels of Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson, but this gentleman was offering to help!? I...I was left absolutely flabbergasted. Do I accept this customer's help, and risk making me look like an incompetent buffoon to management, or try to wing it in hopes of trying to save face?

    I, at first, tried to do the latter, while still going through the shock described in the above three lines above "Do you need help, sir?", and he insisted on helping me out. I, just wanting to get out of this mess without a manager finding out, decided to swallow my pride and thanked this kind stranger for his assistance.

    My co-workers in my department made fun of me for it, and the supervisor at the time said he'd ask the store management if they heard anything about it. Thankfully, they never heard anything about what went down, and I got out of it with no complaints or anything of the like. I was left mentally and emotionally shaking for the rest of the night, and never had such a critical, yet nerve-wracking moment in my time at Walmart since.

    And that's about it for my first year at Walmart in 2016. To tell you the truth, the main reason I was anxious this year was the performance anxiety and the fear of fucking up my first job opportunity, and having it be Walmart of all places. Thankfully, my performance getting better and more consistent at my job towards the end of this year would be just the beginning!
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    Walmart Nightmares Episode 1

    This is something I've been meaning to do for a while, but never got the inspiration to do it until now. This series on my blog will be documenting various stories of my time working at a retail Walmart mostly as a stocker and truck unloader, with maybe some excerpts from my brief 3 month stint in electronics here and there. Any names brought up will obviously not be the individuals' actual names, be it a co-worker or a nameless customer. I

    With the intro out of the way, let's start with the time my store got flooded...except not really.

    This was towards the time I started at my main job as a stocker for a set of aisles containing Clorox wipes, air freshener spray, detergent, fabric softener, disinfectant spray, mops, brooms, and so much more. This would be my main job for the past four years, all at a whopping $11 an hour, not a whole lot I realize now, but considering this was my first "real" job, it was more than I was making before, which was whatever hand-me-downs family members gave me here and there.

    Let me explain the work structure of the Walmart I work at. Mind you, where you work will probably change how the hours are arranged, but it generally went sort of like this for your average grunt employee:

    1. Clock into work, go to work area, work for 2 hours.
    2. Break for 15 minutes, then go to work for about 2 more hours.
    3. Lunch break for usually an hour, but sometimes, especially in our department, and depending on how the truck unloading process was going or the amount of work to be done, management or our supervisor would ask us to come back after 30 minutes. Compared to my current job, even 30 minutes is a godsend.
    4. Come back from lunch break, work for 2 hours.
    5. Last 15 minute break for the night, then back to work for 2 hours.

    This was my general structure at my Walmart. The flooding incident happened while I was on the lunch break mentioned at 3 in this list. I was just at our store's local fast food joint getting lunch, and I want to say as I was sitting down to eat, the alarm went off. People weren't leaving the store, and management wasn't trying to evacuate anyone, so it seemed oddly non-urgent, and I kept eating. Fast-forward to me clocking back in and returning to my aisles, and I go to start working, and then this one really big guy came by and told me that assistance was needed over by the freezer where the frozen food is stored (not the meat, but stuff like your Digorno's Pizza, and other dairy food products. Milk was in its own section of the backroom). I noticed in passing that they had these metal divider things with wheels on them that was essentially a way of keeping customers from possibly slipping on the water leakage that was happening from a pipe in the freezer itself from what I remember.

    There wasn't time to make out the details though, as we had to salvage as much of the frozen food in the freezer as possible. Eventually though, I was put on water-leak-containment-duty with trying to sweep out as much of the water as possible from the store, as there was an emergency exit door that would allow us to get the water outside. Thing is, this water started to rise up ever so slightly to where even my really nice sports shoes started getting ruined along with my socks. There was a department manager helping to sweep all of this up, and he just removed both his socks and shoes!

    Eventually, we got it contained to the point where we could return back to our aisles (with not enough time to finish them, btw), but that was quite a night to remember.

    But what will Silent_Gunner recount next? Find out, on the next episode of Walmart Nightmares!

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    OK, what the fuck is wrong with my PS3?

    Green Joy-Con D-Pad Shells for Nintendo Switch

    So this is one of those phat PS3s I have that are BC with PS2 games on a hardware level. And it's louder than my Lasko tower heater. I know I've read that the fan gets this loud due to the poor thermals that Sony approved of back in 2005, but there's gotta be something else I'm missing here, right?

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    An apology to everyone.

    Yep, two blog posts in the span of a few days. The last one was more of an emergency reach out sort of thing due to a situation that, by my presence here, clearly I came out the other side on! But enough about that.


    It's been almost a year ever since I made this blog post, and holy hell, do I cringe on going back and looking at it. I let my fear, paranoia, and an unhealthy mixture of anger, sadness, and bitterness get the better of me at the time when I really should have let the boiling pan cool off before unleashing a torrent of frustration out on a forum that, while I've spent a lot of time here, I haven't played any games with any of you, been on podcasts, or done anything other than discuss various topics here and going into long paragraphs like what this would've turned into had I not stopped myself here.

    The reason I wanted to bring all of this up was to say one thing to everyone I lashed out against in the comments of this blog post:

    I'm sorry. I bit your guys' and gals' hands who only were trying to help, and I got what I deserved.