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    might be gone a while

    So, I probably am not gonna be able to use the computer for the better part of the week. :hateit: No I'm not going anywhere or anything like that; my computer is. It's been stuttering, going very slow and taking a lot of time to boot up. :wtf: So my mom's gonna get it fixed tomorrow (philippine time) I'll miss the temp for a bit, and even though I haven't been here for much too long, I think I'll be rather bored here at home for a while :(

    Anyway, keep at it guys.
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    semi-cheating (i guess)

    I've just started playing this game Front Mission on my AK2i. It was hard, seeing as it's highly plausible for you to play out a scenario with living units that can't attack. So I decided a little help is needed, and therefore activated the infinite money cheat and modded the hell out of my wanzer. The reason I only used a money cheat is to at least still get the feel of the strategy (it's still hard, but at least, with the money, it's bearable). I mean, if I used something like an infinite health or one-hit-kill code, then i might as well not have played, right? Is it different to cheat one way or the other?

    - rant follows -

    :hateit: :hateit: :hateit: :hateit: :hateit:

    - rant ends here -

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    This is for teh lulz

    Oy srepmet! I tsuj thguoht d'I evah nuf htiw ym golb. :creep: Os I thguoht d'I lleps eht sdrow sdrawkcab. I od epoh I t'nod evig uoy sguy sehcadaeh. :wacko: Yawyna, I yltnecer detrats gniyalp Tsevrah Noom : Dnarg Raazab, :yaynds: hcihw, yldriew hguone, saw erom elbayojne ot em naht suoiverp SD snoisrev. Revewoh, ti si a emit-gnimusnoc emag, dna I llits evah Nogard Tseuq 9, Eht Dlrow Snde Htiw Uoy, Nomekop LuosRevlis, cte cte te la ot hsinif (I tsuj tog ym EcaDrak i2 siht Yluj).

    Os, tahw od uoy syug kniht I dluohs od?

    *Sdda llop*

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    Have SP; will shoot dragon at your face

    Playing JUS is fun. Anyway, there I was with my dragon-shooting, SP-collecting, tank solo-Hiei deck playing an AI death match tournament for practice. I start roaming around at the start of the round to find a good opportunity to strike when Vegeta descended on me and proceeded to blast me with those DBZ-style ki blasts from point blank range. And since my temper was about as short as my battle koma was, I proceeded to shoot 3 straight black dragons back at him, a cinch when you have 7 full SP bars and a lot of pent up rage. Eventually (just as i was prepping up for the 4th straight black dragon attack, that is) the 2 remaining AI found us and the ensuing confusion allowed my prey to escape. But it wasn't over, not by a long mile, seeing as my special black dragon attack was steerable and the opponent's position are openly marked on the screen. If the AI was able to, he'd probably curse that bit of the game design. The AI quickly changed into a different battle koma that was less damaged, but no matter, I can always send him flying for a ring out. But, meh, I don't wanna do a blow-by-blow of the whole death match, coz that would be boring. Long story short, I won quite easily against AI. Now if only I had wifi so I can see if blasting continuous specials work on people.
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    scratched up my DSi's screen protector :|

    There I was, playing The World Ends With You like a madman on the loose, when suddenly *scritch* and i paused at once, sure that I had finally messed up the screen protector (but still hoping against hope that I didn't). And there it was, barely an inch, slightly crescent-shaped, on the left side of the screen. I nearly cried. In fact, I was so distressed I accidentally quit from the battle I had paused.

    I always did have a heavy way of writing, which is why I even bothered getting screen protectors in the first place, but it was really just a matter of time before i scratch it somewhere. Still, having scratches prob will make playing TWEWY, Metroid Prime, Don Kin Boxing, etc harder, and eventually, when I manage to gouge more scratches into the screen protectors, I'd have to replace them and get new ones (my mother will NOT be amused). I guess I can always just switch up the screen protector to have the scratch on the right side, which is slightly less accessible for a right-handed player.