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    Ugh... Sometimes I hate myself.

    Well, just so this doesn't go tl;dr, here's the short version...

    Out of curiosity, I read this story/book/novel/whatchamacallit called The Girl Next Door. And now I'm quite literally in pieces, mentally speaking. My mind just kind of turned itself off or something. Kind of like shock, I guess.

    I mean, throw ghosts, zombies, vampires, werewolves, aliens, the abyss, death, destruction, sickness, blood, gore, psychopaths, sociopaths, megalomaniacs, sadists, masochists, heck, throw just about anything at me in a written form, I'll be fine. Not this. Hell, I read Rage [getting it on] when I was 14, and that is banned and out of print in America after Columbine[paranoia probably, but whatevs, they needed a scapegoat], I think, and I shrugged THAT off. Again, not this.

    Yes, I realize I have only myself to blame. Flame me all you want. Damn, the images are in my head now.
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    this day sucks

    Don't usually rant bout life here in teh Temp, but since I'm pissed, the storm's raging outside, my flu/cough is bugging me, and my head's all contorted and I can't write, i'll just go right along...

    Here's the deal. I do this sideline where I write, research, encode reports and stuff. You wouldn't believe how inept some people are, even just Googling stuff... :rolleyes: Anyway, pay's not too bad, but my mum needs the money more [and I live at home and everything anyway] so that's where it all goes. Now, I haven't been doing this for the past few months [summer vacation here - thus, less people need reports and such] but last weekend I was asked to do one by my mum's friend.

    Long story short, I did it [read:rushed it] last monday evening because when I asked when they needed the report, I got no answer and I assumed they needed it at once. Yesterday I found the flash disk and the questionnaire still there, and they were all "Oh, no this was for Saturday [today]" etc etc... And it turns out she needed more than the one page I did beforehand, so I promised to finish the job and went back to what I was doing.

    So anyway, I woke up last night [don't ask; weird sleeping patterns] to find the flash disk and the questionnaire gone. I was like :wtf: but as luck would have it [and cos I actually had a brain] I made a copy beforehand and so I worked with that. It still took me an hour or so, and of course I've had to get the flash disk back to save it, but so far, so good.

    Well, if you don't factor in that it's shitting up a storm outside and the report might never be passed today anyway... Dammit! And I did mention having the flu/cough, right?

    tl/dr version - Storm outside. Reports. Stupidity.

    Moral of the story: make a backup, for chrissakes!!!
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    1000 posts!!!

    It's Friday, Friday... Gotta get down for 1k posts!!!
    Now it's 1000. Last time was 999, next is 1001 and 1002 comes after...

    Or something... :unsure:

    Should I go on?
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    Someone slap me awake

    As I expected, dad gave me a huge tour of every possible nook and cranny for a computer shop so he can print his document thing [we don't have a printer at home]. Well, like I told him, it took me all of 5 minutes to download the file and print it, which he had been failing at for weeks. I swear he was asking help from the wrong people [they can't even open a .pdf file??? LOL].

    Anyway, as soon as I'm finished, he goes "want to stay longer?" and I really did, considering the pc in front of me is the most souped-up rig I've been near to in months. It had SC2 when my home pc can only handle, uh Warcraft3 and such. Anyway, I didn't, partly because: I suck at SC anyway, and I had just woken up. Like literally, my dad woke me up, gave me 10 minutes to shake the sleep out of my head and off we went. I didn't even have breakfast yet, LOL.

    Is there something inherently wrong with me? I mean, I've wanted to play SC2 since it came out [last July IIRC] and there I was, going "nah, let's get our asses home".

    Well, at least dad won't be bugging me to print his mundane documents now. At least not until he needs new ones printed, that is. I can just picture that conversation in my head right now. Ugh.

    How are the rest of you?
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    So, anything particularly epic happen over at E3?
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    So I'm guessing my KYT got whisked away with teh Rapture...

    Mods, feel free to move this to blogs. LOL

    How's all a ya people doin?
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    WeLL... Waiting for 6PM

    So, right now I'm troLLing, Listening to music and pretty much just being a Lazy temper overaLL. Anyway, can't beLieve how many peopLe are actuaLLy taking this shit seriousLy. They're aLL either guLLibLe, stupid, or have a grudge on earth and/or it's popuLation. I mean, they're swaLLowing up an obvious Lie/faLLacy. The Last Lie I ate was a fucking cake (think I ate too much, actuaLLy).

    Anyway, gonna wait tiL 6 PM, then Laugh and troLL some more when 6:01 drops by. Good times.
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    My Avatar

    I just logged back in after a few weeks of inactivity, and lo and behold, my old avatar was gone. So I found a new one. Whatcha guys think, hm? I think it's pretty cool
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    My darkest days as a Nintendo fanboy

    I've been outta the Temp for a long, long, looooooooong while. Partly coz my internet time has decreased dramatically, but mostly because all my gaming hardware is on the fritz.

    [1] My DSi's D-pad and right shoulder button are unresponsive, which means no FIFA, no FPS games, no Pokemon... This would be fine coz I still have GS:DD, 999, TWEWY etc which can be controlled exclusively on touch screen except...
    [2] My AK2i is all in pieces. Like, literally it split into 3 pieces [front cover, back cover and the whole chip thingamajig]. It's all messed up and my DSi refuses to read it. Now, normally I'd just go back to the store and buy a new one [plus maybe get the DSi looked at] except...
    [3] All my cash is gone, stuck at home...

    So now I gotta stare at the PC monitor while everyone goes gaga over B/W, the english DQ6, Radiant Historia etc. Argh, I wanna go out and make heads roll!!!!!!!111oneoneone1!!!!!!1

    Do you guys think I can maybe tape or glue the AK2i back together again [humpty-dumpty much???]??? It closes fine, but the chip kinda wiggles inside it and all, which might be the problem. Help :sad:
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    Stupid, retarded goddam ants nearly ruined my lunch. I was just goofing off 'til lunch time, then I turn around, and the canned sausages I was about to eat, covered and all that was swarming with the blasted bits of turd humans call ants. I don't even know how they managed to do that.

    So, what I did was spear each individual sausage, place it under running water, scrape off the bitten parts and throw the darn broth down the sink. Then I ate 'em. Don't tell me it's gross, or wrong or some crap. I was hungry, they pissed me off, so down the sink they went and I feasted. Oh, and I drowned the rest of the ants on the table with alcohol. Serves them right. Good day to all of you.

    :hateit: :hateit: :hateit: :hateit: :hateit:
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    So like the sneaky bastard that time always has been, almost 12 months have crept by and once again, it's time to celebrate Christmas. Last year wasn't particularly eventful for me. Truthfully, it was more or less crap.

    This year promises to be a bit better (not like it can get worse, but tempting fate is not a wise idea). I've earned a bit of money, gotten on me mum's good side (she's the one who handles the cash) and tried my best to be a good boy (well I'm 19, but still). So, I have more or less got my mum agree (on principle; i can't exactly make her sign a contract in blood) to allow me one shopping spree, mainly because having people buy what I want (and sometimes getting it wrong) is not as fun as actually going to the mall. My shopping list kind of looks like this:

    Books - Can't live without 'em. Seriously, I can be left alone for half a day with minimal food and water if I have a good book. Hopefully the bookstore holds a christmas sale. Darn books are expensive here (300-500 PHP for a paperbound. A hard-bound will cost you anywhere from 1.8-2k).

    DS stuff - I need a USB wi-fi dongle so I can at least experience online on my DSi, plus maybe a microSD card. And I suspect my battery is taking a battering lately, though hopefully not enough to justify replacing.

    Aside from these, really, it's a "buy what you want if you still have moolah to burn" thing. Not the best christmas, maybe, but far from the worst (I can imagine some even less fortunate people. Prob don't have 2 pennies to rub together.).

    Anyway, how does the holidays appear to be shaping up for you guys? Hopefully you have a better one than mine. Merry Christmas, guys!
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    How to RAGE properly

    I'm not a particular fans of long blog posts that are nothing but rants. But, in the spirit of the coming Holidays, and because I am duly pissed and ready to lash out with lethal force at any living entity within arm's reach, I'll give it a shot. Why not, after all 'tis the time for tidings, and I am feeling a more-or-less all-consuming negative Christmas cheer flowing in me, so time to share it.

    Quite a while back, I called out a temper for being a thankless bitch who thinks he/she has outgrown our country as he/she heads out to "greener pastures" as the popular description would have it. Now he's/she's back (literally within the confines of country's borders) bringing his/her own perverted version of the good old Season's greetings i.e. calling the place "HELL". Nice touch. Sometimes it makes me wonder why Pinoys bother with our world-famous hospitality. Makes me wanna consider if the jokes about "hospitality" (sending people to the hospital. yeah, that's dark humor right there) aren't half-meant.

    Now, just to be clear, I personally am not the biggest patriot "The Pearl of the Orient" ever had the luck to spawn within it's multitudes. Quite far from it, really. I do, however, love my motherland and it's 7000+ islands enough that I'd never consider turning my back on it, whatever flaws it may have. I'll take negative opinions gladly (First Amendment rights are mostly a universal concept, after all) but ain't taking no shit from someone who'd disown, turn around and spit at and then call the poor nation out as if he/she had the right.

    Alright, now that the disclaimer is out, let's see what exactly the cat dragged in...

    It is my opinion that the worst thing someone can do to anything or anyone is sell it/them out and then mouth off about the whole thing, all the while assuming him- or herself to be associated with someone/something else entirely. It's the reason betrayal ranks high in the list of things that turn people into murderous carbon-based organisms. If you think you can do something remotely close to that with impunity, then you are all kinds of demented, stupid, delusional and mentally clusterfucked to hell and back, and you sure as heck have got another thing coming at you.

    It boggles my mind how in the blue blazes someone has enough nerve to go out, say shit about a nation of 80 million+ souls, come back, do it again, and then try to cop out of the whole thing by saying "it's an opinion". And all the time sporting the same flag of the nation you just dragged across the mud twice. Makes me wish that person's mother had considered abortion. Heed my words, someone who'd do something like that is liable to the same thing to the nation that next houses him/her with more or less the same arrogance. Personally, I'd get customs to throw the idiot back 1 mile out to the nearest ocean with a 1-ton weight linked to any protruding body part (I suggest the neck). Good riddance to bad trash and all that yadda-yadda.

    Why the rage? Let me tell you, someone who can/will sell out something as big as his/her homeland (or, really, any geographical location that nurtured you for years) as easily as a street-corner hooker sells out her body is not a person I'd like to be associated with. And history check here on exactly how Filipinos love their country.

    Jose Rizal - Poet, author, linguist, ophthalmologist, patriot. The man went out to Europe to study, and went back to fight foreign captors at the expense of his life. Unreasonable? Maybe so, but seriously, who gives a crap? Reason: He LOVED his country.

    Apolinario Mabini - Dude had his lower limbs paralyzed, but fought in the revolution. Reason: He LOVED his country.

    Ninoy Aquino - Man fought a dictator, came back despite being warned not to, and was promptly assassinated. After that the people all went out to overthrow the dictatorship. You may have heard about it. Reason: He LOVED his country.

    Now tell me, after all that, if a person can't even bring him-/herself to love their country, even just to have the common decency to honor the fact that it's where they grew up, do they deserve any respect at all?

    I say get the hell out of here to wherever you think is better and screw off. Oh, and don't ever come back, too. The Philippines doesn't deserve the shit you think you're way too good for. And it sure as hell doesn't need people like that here.


    Do have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, won't you?
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    Darn flu...

    I've been wrecked with a bad case of flu ever since the typhoon came for a visit to our ever-gorgeous land this past week. Apparently, it's out everywhere else in the country too (well, maybe only within our city, but I can't be sure). Ugh. Now I have a clogged nose, aching throat, and some really, really, nasty mood swings. (BTW, if I accidentally lash out at people, please pardon me. Head isn't screwed on as straight as usual.)

    Anyone else have the flu? Or is it just my meager (or rather, non-existent) immune system failing to do its job??? D:
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    New SD card, old troubles

    Well, my mom just bought me a new SD card for my AK2i. I've been hounding her for a new one with a bigger memory literally since I found out that golden sun, pokemon B/W, etc was gonna be released soon. So anyway, she did buy me one, though due to a cash constraint, all she could afford was another 2 gig card. I was kinda disappointed but it didn't really matter to me. I just didn't have the heart to ask her to find a bigger one, coz i knew it was hard enough to find the one she bought. Sometimes, you don't get what you want, so you make do with what you do have. Now my only problem is hoping golden sun, pokemon and any other games in between aren't huge files, or I'd have to get creative with what stays and what goes into the backup folder in the pc, lolz.
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    Finally, the CPU is fine (mostly, lolz) so I'm back the the Temp. Muahahahahahahaha!!!

    I see ninty has been very busy in that short time. New firmware already. Good thing I never update my DSi. Muahahahahahaha!!! :yaynds:

    So, how have you guys been?