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    Celebrating 15 Years of GBAtemp!

    So this year marks the 15th anniversary of GBAtemp - August 22nd specifically! It's incredible to think GBAtemp has been around for 15 years and it's endearing to see it's still a bustling forum of activity. Although we've had a lot of ups and downs (including myself personally) GBAtemp is still very important to me and a lot of other people and I just wanted to thank whoever reads this for visiting GBAtemp and hope you'll celebrate our 15 years together with me, our other staff & our members.

    We have some big changes planned for this year so keep your eyes peeled for updates but for now here's a fun little look at a never before seen design mockup for GBAtemp v3 back in the old "Web 2.0" days!

  • shaunj66

    Parcels are Go!!!


    I've made up 26 packages tonight, the remaining 24 will be packed tomorrow. Will head down the post office tomorrow and post these 26.

    I concentrated in winners in the USA, Canada and Australia today, so they get a headstart on their round-the-world journey. :yayds:

    Should cost about £44 to post this lot (~$90)

    Enjoy guys.
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