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    Pimsleur Language Learning Program

    I wonder how many have been interested in learning a new language. I have been doing one particular language to around 26 lessons and its been really really helpful.

    Their website is http://www.pimsleur.com/.
    It focuses on teaching you through audio only whereby you hear words, phrases, and sentences in certain contexts in english and the language u are learning. What they say you repeat at SPECIFIC intervals which is hoped to be accurate with your memory retention "mechanism". It also makes you think and repeat so that you become active and also FLUENT.
    Famous languages such as spanish, french, german, jap, chinese etc have 90 lesson which will make u awesome in the language.

    I have tried rosetta but i found it better for vocabulary,reading and writing than speaking and making sentences.

    The record for the highest languages known by a person is around 60. Pimsleur has 46 including english.

    Hope it helps.
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    List of DS games i have

    Ah I always wanted to tell ppl about the games that I have come across and heard of to be good ones. I got the opinions from threads and from screenshots. I have not played all the games and probably just 40% of them and finished around 10-15%.

    Here are the games that I have ordered (obviously) in Alphabetical order

    100 All Time Favorites O
    100 Classic Books O
    100 in 1 Sports Megamix O
    1000 Cooking Recipes O
    7 Wonders of Ancient World BA O
    999 9 Hours,9 Persons,9 Doors L
    A Witch's Tale L
    Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth L
    Advance Wars S
    Again L
    Agatha Cristie The ABC Murders S
    Age of Empires Mythologies L
    Age of Kings L
    Air Traffic Chaos O
    Alice in Wonderland S
    Anamaniacs Lights, Camera, Action S
    Animal Crossing Wild World BA O
    Anno 1701 L
    Anno Create A New World L
    Another Code L
    Apollo Justice \
    Art Academy O
    Asphalt 2 O
    Assassin's Creed \
    Assassin's Creed 2 Discovery \
    Asterix S
    Astro Boy S
    Atari Greatest Hits Volume 2 O
    ATV Quad Kings O
    Avalon Code L
    Avatar Burning Earth S
    Avatar Legend of Aang S
    Away Shuffle Dungeon S
    B Team Metal Cartoon S
    Backyard Basketball O
    Backyard Sports Sandlot Sluggers O
    Bakugan Defenders of the Core L
    Balls of Fury O
    Bangai-o Spirits S
    Batman the Brave and the Bold L
    Ben 10 Alien Force S
    Ben 10 Protector Of Earth BA S
    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction S
    Ben 10 Vilgax Attacks S
    Beyblade Metal Fusion Cyber Pegasus L
    Big Bang Mini S
    Big Catch Bass Fishing BA O
    Big League Sports O
    Bionicle Heroes S
    Black Sigil L
    Bleach 3 S
    Bleach Blade of Fate S
    Bleach Dark Souls S
    Blood Bowl O
    Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow L
    Blue Dragon Plus L
    Broken Sword L
    Brothers in Arms \
    Burnout Legends BA O
    Bust A Move S
    C.O.P. The Recruit L
    Call of Duty Black Ops L
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare \
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobilized S
    Call of Duty World at War S
    Captain America Super Soldier S
    Cars 2 O
    Cars Race-o-Rama O
    Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow S
    Castlevania Order of Ecclesia S
    Castlevania Portrait of Ruin S
    Casual Mania O
    Catan O
    Cate West S
    Challenge Me Brain Puzzles O
    Children of Mana L
    Chrono Trigger L
    City Life O
    Civilization O
    Clubhouse Games BA O
    Code Lyoko L
    Combat of Giants Dragons S
    Command and Destroy BA O
    Commando Steel Disaster S
    Contact L
    Contra 4 \
    Cooking Guide O
    Cooking Mama 2 BA S
    Cooking Mama Outdoor Adventures O
    Cooking Mama World Hobbies and Fun S
    CORE S
    Crafting Mama O
    Crazy Machines O
    Cruise Line Tycoon O
    CSI Dark Motives BA S
    CSI Deadly Intent S
    Daniel X - The Ultimate Power S
    Danny Phantom S
    Dark Spire S
    Dawn of Heroes L
    De Blob 3 S
    Deca Sports O
    Deer Drive O
    Dementium S
    Dementium 2 S
    Dementium 2 L
    Despicable Me S
    Die Gilde O
    Di-gata Defenders L
    Dirt 2 O
    Disgaea L
    Disney Tangled S
    Dokapon Journey S
    Dora's Big Birthday Adventure S
    Dora's Cooking Club S
    Dragon Ball Origins S
    Dragon Ball Z Attack of the Saiyans S
    Dragon Master L
    Dragon Quest L
    Dragon Quest 4 L
    Dragon Quest 5 L
    Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies L
    Dragon Quest Monsters Joker L
    Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 L
    Dragon Quest VI Realms of Revelation L
    Dragonology S
    Drawn to Life The Next Chapter L
    Drone Tactics O
    Ducati Moto O
    Dungeon Explorer O
    Dungeon Raiders L
    Eco Creatures Save the Forest BA L
    ElecroPlankton O
    Elite Forces Unit 77 S
    Emergency S
    Enchanted Folk L
    EndWar S
    Eragon L
    Etrian Odyssey BA L
    Etrian Odyssey 2 L
    Etrian Odyssey 3 The Drowned City L
    Family Feud 2010 O
    Family Park Tycoon O
    Farm Frenzy Animal Country S
    FIFA 08 O
    FIFA 09 O
    FIFA 10 O
    FIFA 11 O
    Fifa Street 3 O
    Fighting Fantasy The Warlock of Firetop Mountain O
    Final Fantasy 12 Revenant Wings L
    Final Fantasy 3 L
    Final Fantasy 4 L
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time L
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Rings of Fate L
    Final Fantasy Fables L
    Final Fantasy Tactics A2 L
    Final Fantasy The Heroes of Light L
    Fire Emblem L
    Fish Tycoon BA O
    Flips Artemis Fowl O
    Flips Cathy Cassidy O
    Flips Enid Blyton Adventure Series O
    Flips Faraway Tree Stories O
    Flips Too Ghoul for School O
    Football Director O
    Fossil Fighter L
    Freddie Flintoff's PowerPlay Cricket O
    French Coach O
    Frogget Helmet Chaos S
    Front Mission O
    G Force S
    G I Joe S
    Galactic Taz Ball O
    Gardening Mama S
    Garfield's Nightmare S
    Geometry Wars S
    Ghost Trick L
    Ghostbusters S
    Giana Sisters S
    Glory Days 2 S
    Glory of Heracles L
    Golden Sun Dark Dawn L
    Goldeneye 007 L
    Gormiti The Lord of Nature S
    Green Latern Rise of the Manhunters L
    Grid O
    GTA ChinaTown Wars L
    Hardy Boys S
    Harry Potter 6 S
    Harry Potter 7 Part 1 L
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 S
    Harvest Moon O
    Harvest Moon DS Grand Bazaar O
    Harvest Moon DS the Tale of Two Towns O
    Harvest Moon Island of Happiness O
    Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands O
    Hells Kitchen S
    Henry Hatsworth S
    Hero's Saga L
    History Great Empires - Rome S
    Horrid Henry Missions of Mischief S
    Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 O
    Hot Wheels Track Attack O
    Hotel Dusk L
    Hugo Magic in the Troll Woods S
    Humans Meet the Ancestors S
    Ice Age 3 S
    Inazuma Eleven L
    Infinite Space L
    Inkheart S
    Insecticide BA L
    Intellivision Lives O
    International Track and Field BA O
    Iron Man BA S
    Iron Man 2 S
    Iron Man 2 S
    Ivy the Kiwi S
    Jagged Alliance S
    James Camerons Avatar The Game L
    Japanese Coach O
    Jeopardy O
    Johnny Test S
    Journey to Center of Earth BA S
    Junior Mystery Stories O
    Just in Time Translations O
    Kamen Rider Dragon Knight S
    Kim Possible Global Gemini S
    Kim Possible Kimmunicator S
    Kingdom Hearts 368/2 L
    Kingdom Hearts Recoded L
    Kirby Canvas Curse L
    Kirby Super Stars Ultra S
    Knights in the Nightmare L
    Last Window The Secret of Cape West L
    Legacy of YS L
    Legend of Kage 2 S
    Legend of Kay L
    Legendary Starfy S
    Legends of the Guardians O
    Lego Batman S
    Lego Battles S
    Lego Battles Ninjago O
    Lego Indiana Jones S
    Lego Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues S
    Lego Star Wars III Clone Wars L
    Lifesigns Surgical Unit S
    Little League Baseball 2009 O
    Little Red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ S
    Locks Quest L
    Logic Cubes O
    Logic Machines O
    Lord of the Rings Conquest \
    Lost in Blue L
    Lost in Blue 3 L
    Lost Magic L
    Lufia Curse of the Sinistrals L
    Luminous Arc 2 L
    Lunar Knights L
    Lux-Pain S
    M and Ms Adventure S
    Magical Starsign S
    Magnetica S
    Major League Baseball 2K10 O
    Mario and Luigi 3 Bowsers Inside Story L
    Mario and Sonic Olympics BA O
    Mario and Sonic Summer Olympics O
    Mario Hoops O
    Mario Kart O
    Mario Party DS BA O
    Mario v Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem O
    Marvel Super Hero Squad S
    Marvel Super Hero Squad The Infinity Gauntlet L
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 S
    Master of the Monster Lair L
    MechAssault S
    Mega Blocks Diego Build and Rescue O
    Megaman Starforce 3 RJ S
    Megaman Zero Collection L
    Megaman ZX S
    Metal Slug 7 S
    Metroid Prime S
    Metropolis Crime S
    Miami Law L
    Might and Magic Clash of Heroes L
    Military Commandor Europe at War S
    Mind Your Language Japanese O - WELL NOT A GAME ACTUALLY
    Miss Spider Harvest Time Hop and Fly S
    Mister Slime S
    MLB Power Pros O
    Monopoly O
    Monster Jam S
    Monster Jam Path of Destruction O
    Monster Lab S
    Monster Racer S
    Monster Rancher DS L
    Monster Tale S
    Monsters v Aliens S
    Moon O
    Mr Driller S
    MX v ATV Untamed BA O
    My Chinese Coach O - ANOTHER NOT GAME
    My Frogger Toy Trials S
    My Sims Sky Heroes S
    My World My Way L
    MySims BA S
    MySims Party S
    MySims Racing O
    Mystery Case Files S
    N+ S
    Nanostray 2 S
    Naruto Ninja Council 2 S
    Naruto Ninja Council 3 S
    Naruto Ninja Destiny 2 S
    Need For Speed Nitro O
    Need For Speed ProStreet O
    Need For Speed Undercover O
    Neighbours from Hell S
    Neves S
    New Super Mario Bros S
    New Zealand Story BA S
    Night at the Museum 2 S
    Ninja Gaiden S
    Ninja Reflex BA O
    Ninjatown S
    Nostalgia L
    Okamiden L
    Operation Vietnam BA S
    Over the Hedge S
    Overlord Minions S
    Pang Magical Michael O
    Panzer Tactics S
    PDC World Championship Darts O
    Peggle Dual Shot O
    Phantasy Star Zero L
    Phineas and Ferb Ride Again S
    Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney \
    Phoenix Wright Justice for All \
    Phoenix Wright Trials And Tribulations \
    Picross 3D O
    Pictionary O
    Pimp My Ride O
    Pipe Mania S
    Pirates Aboard S
    Pirates Duel on the High Seas S
    Pirates of Carribean 3 S
    Pirates of Carribean Dead Mans Chest S
    Planet 51 O
    Plants v Zombies O
    Playmobil Knights S
    Playmobil Top Agents S
    Pokemon Black Version L
    Pokemon Diamond L
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue L
    Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs L
    Pokemon SoulSilver L
    Populous O
    Prince of Persia Fallen King \
    Prince Of Persia Forgotten Sands L
    Prince of Tennis O
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 O
    Pro Evolution Soccer 6 O
    Professor Layton S
    Professor Layton and the Unwound Future L
    Professor Layton Diabolical Box S
    Puffins S
    Puyo Pop Fever O
    Puzzler World O
    Puzzler World 2011 O
    Quantum of Solace S
    Rabbids Go Home S
    Radiant Historia L
    Rafa Nadal Tennis O
    Ragnarok L
    Rayman S
    Real Football 09 O
    Resident Evil L
    Retro Game Challenge O
    Ridge Racer DS O
    Rittai Picross O
    River City Soccer Hooligans O
    River City Sports Challenge O
    River King L
    Robocalypse S
    Rondo of Swords L
    Rub Rabbits S
    Rummikub S
    Runaway The Dream of the Turtle S
    Rune Factory L
    Rune Factory 2 L
    Rune Factory 3 O
    Sands of Destruction L
    Scooby Doo and the Spooky Swamp S
    Scrabble 2009 O
    Scribblenauts S
    Scurge Hive S
    Sea Park Tycoon O
    Secret files - Puritas Cordis S
    Secret files - Tunguska L
    Sega Darts O
    Sega Tennis O
    Shaun White Snowboarding O
    Shepherds Crossing 2 O
    Sherlock Holmes S
    Sherlock Holmes 2 S
    Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor L
    Shiren The Wanderer BA L
    Shrek Forever After S
    Sideswiped O
    Simcity Creator O
    Simcity DS BA O
    Sims 2 Castaway BA S
    Sims 2 Pets S
    Skate it O
    Smackdown v Raw 2008 O
    Smackdown v Raw 2010 O
    Snowboard Kids O
    Solarobo Red the Hunter L
    Soma Bringer L
    Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing O
    Sonic Classic Collection L
    Sonic Colors L
    Sonic Rush BA S
    Sonic Rush Adventure BA S
    Soul Bubbles S
    Spanish Buddy O
    Spanish Coach O
    Spectral Force Genesis L
    Spectrobes Beyond Portals L
    Speed Racer O
    Spiderman 3 S
    Spiderman Battle for NewYork S
    Spider-man Friend or Foe BA S
    Spider-man Shattered Dimensions S
    Spiderman Web of Shadows S
    Splinter Cell Chaos Theory S
    Spore Creatures S
    Sports Collection O
    Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron S
    Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith L
    Star Wars Republic Heroes S
    Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 S
    Steal Princess L
    Sturmovik Birds of Prey S
    Summon Night Twin Age L
    Super Dodgeball O
    Super Mario 64 L
    Super Princess Peach S
    Super Robot Taisen S
    Super Scribblenauts L
    Tak The Great Juju Challenge L
    Tales of Despereaux S
    Tales of Innocence L
    Tangram Mania BA O
    Taos Adventure S
    Tenchu S
    Tennis Elbow O
    Tennis Masters BA O
    Tetris Party Deluxe O
    The Chronicles of Narnia Caspian Prince BA L
    The Last Airbender S
    The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass L
    The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks L
    The Lord of the Rings Aragorn's Quest L
    The Penguins of Madagascar O
    The Penguins of Madagascar Dr.Blowhole Returns Again S
    The Secret Saturdays Beasts of the 5th Sun S
    The Settlers O
    The Sims 3 O
    The Sorcerer's Apprentice S
    The World Ends With You L
    Theresia S
    Thor God of Thunder L
    Tiger Woods 08 O
    Time Ace S
    Time Hollow S
    Tingles Rosy Rupeeland L
    TMNT S
    Tokyo Beat Down S
    Tomb Raider Legend S
    Tomb Raider Underworld S
    Tony Hawks Proving Ground S
    Top Spin 3 O
    Touch Detective S
    Touch Detective 2 S
    Touch Mechanic S
    Touch the Dead BA S
    TouchMaster 3 S
    Toy Story 3 S
    Track and Field S
    Trackmania Turbo O
    Transformers Dark of the Moon Deceptions S
    Transformers Deception S
    Trauma Center BA S
    Trauma Center 2 S
    Trioncube O
    True Swing Golf O
    Ultimate Game Room O
    Ultimate Spiderman S
    Uno O
    Unsolved Crimes S
    USA Today Puzzle Craze O
    Valkyrie Profile L
    Viewtiful Joe S
    Virtual Villagers O
    Viva Pinata S
    Warhammer 40000 L
    Wario Master of Disguise O
    WarioWare Touched O
    Wheel of Fortune O
    Where The Wild Things Are S
    Where's Waldo O
    WireWay S
    Witches and Vampires The Secrets of Ashburry L
    Witch's Wish S
    World Championship Summer O
    World Snooker Championship BA O
    Worms Open Warfare 2 BA S
    XG Blast S
    X-Men Origins S
    Yoshi Touch and Go L
    Yoshi's Island DS L
    Zoo Tycoon 2 O
    Zorro Quest for Justice S
    Kirby Mass Attack L - Just got it

    S - Short or simple game
    L - Long or depthy game
    O - Game you can play over and over again (hence the looping O)
    BA - dont mind this

    I put the files in rars of 700 MB approx due to repacking time and all that. Its actually an excel file that lists which file is in which rar. The total size of these rars (trimmed roms) is 15.3 GB and 525 Games which is 10% of the whole library (of course the library has U,E,J etc releases)

    I wonder about the size of those who backup their PS3 games on the PC. FF13, killzone, GoW....hmmm

    I have left some games bcz they were not in my interest and against my... well lets just say i didnt want them at the end (3 big names i can remember)

    One person whom i know beats my game list is RAYDER bcz he has every game there is

    Suggest games that I may have missed! Thanks