1. Hello, everyone. I haven't been here on the temp for a couple months now it seems. I guess I've had a lot going on, including a bunch of hormone therapy, which has been amazing. So, I just wanted to show everyone some recent photos, to let you all know how things are progressing: [img]...
  2. So, I've been on Hormone Replacement Therapy for just under a month now (about three weeks). I felt it was time for a progress photo: [img] So, thoughts? Oh, and please no more, "IT'S A TRAP!" comments. We all get the joke, but it's far more offensive than it is funny, so knock it off. :ha:
  3. So, I made it public on this board a little while ago I'm transgender. I recently started hormone therapy, which will really make me 'look' the way I want to. That is all.
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