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    I believe that an apology is in order...

    I truly am sorry………
    Not just for the mistakes I made in my first few days on the Temp, but also for putting some of you-ahem- Dale-through the agony of waiting in anticipation of a certain, mind-bogglingly long apology letter… which just so happens to be the third thing I’d like to say sorry for: The length of this particular address/letter/address/letter…you get the picture… hopefully. Please, do not be put out by the apparent folly displayed by the writer- Please DO NOT doubt the insincerity of this written token of sorrow, for I-Sethevere(who under normal circumstances would use his true name unless the addressing was to be done as over the net[WHICH IT IS]otherwise retaining the distinct state of anonymity which he holds so dear)-am truly sorrowful/apologetic.

    For those of you who have yet to here of my various crimes (which I confess, were easily avoidable) I will quote a few replies I received, some which were not even directed at me.

    This is the exchange made by Leeday and Zorua, which took during my absence from the net, which lasted a couple of weeks.
    Zorua, after reading your thoughts, I address you directly now. Please forgive me.

    As I'm sure those of you with the patience to continue reading this post are thinking, no. No, I do not resent Zorua. No, I did not intentionally attempt to become a nuisance. And no, I will not repeat my actions.

    The not-so-numerous-yet-still-infuriating crimes which I mentioned were stupid, naive mistakes which I deeply regret for the annoyance they caused some of you. Please take it in good faith that I do not intend to make mistakes like these again-and if I do, feel free to give me a talking to.

    To anyone who wants to know what I have done.
    On my first four days of Temping, I double-posted a substantial number of times; put posts in the wrong forum; started topics that Moderators closed down because they were pointless; screwed up what people call a first impression; probably got my name on the Moderators' watch-list; aggrieved certain members of these forums; and quite possibly created a yet-to-be-made-public Sethevere-hate thread.
    Again, "I'm sorry"

    I'm sure that you can all see that I have seen the error of my ways, but if not, rest assured that I will leave the first time that I'm asked(provided that the grounds are plausible)and will not stretch what little respect I may earn back from the depth and volume with which I made this epistle(it means 'meaningful letter').
    I think I'd better end it there before the remainder of the readers that started fall asleep.
    And now, to end with a slight reformation of a quote I heard a couple of weeks ago:

    "In conclusion, the Temp is awesome and the Gamers will win, time and time again."

    Thank you for listening/reading, those of you who read this post through to the end... And for those of you who skip right to the end, I'm going to take a page out of Brandon Sanderson's book/s and give you what's coming to you... Someday. I think my restraint says it all, I really am sincere about this....


    "It is accomplished"