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    Seriel I can't guarentee a coherent response, but you're welcome to ask questions.
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    Seriel Okay I admit, that was a clickbait title. But ah well, now you're here.
    The reason for the title is that this is about me irl (in real life), so uh, that title makes sense, even if it it clickbait ;)

    So first of all, got my exam results today. Yippee. Was GCSEs, which is like, the exams you take in the UK at 16. idk what the US equivalent is, google it or something.
    So yeah, that happened. One sec lemme just get the image..
    Ah here we go, enjoy. The big letters in capitals are all that count, the rest is just individual exams that make up the overall grades. The big ones are the qualifications and shit.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    So yeah, pretty neat. Loada B's and C's, one D, but fuck welsh amirite.

    Which all means, yay time to go to college. Fun times, fresh starts, fuck everyone in my school, all those cool things.
    I needed 5 A*-C grades to get into college, including Maths and English which are needed. And as you can see, I have 9 C or above, and English and Maths are all fine. Which is great! [temp default thumbs up looks dumb, pretend I have a good one here]

    But the only problem with a fresh start, is first impressions. Screw those up and you're back to square one.
    Which brings us onto the next topic, which may be pure cringe because idk how to word some of it.
    So yah, school was fun I guess. The people there (including teachers) not so much. One comment I got today at my appearance was "You're still alive?" lmao.
    But I don't blame 'em, irl i'm one huge cringe machine lol. I'll just spew out the most random combination of words, and uh, instantly regret it. Which is always fun. But I dunno how to explain this.
    So my main worry is that in a week i'll go to college, and i'll do the exact same, and i'll end up making the same mistakes, and end up in the same mess, no? Which means I somehow need to sort myself out before then, yay.

    And uh, that was shorter than I expected. I was going to go into more detail but I cba and I don't wanna seem more edgy than I already am.

    Just one quick note before I go, I am aware that in the grand scheme of things, this is no big deal. And that there are people with far worse problems. Hence why I am not complaining too much. This blog entry was mainly just because I was happy about my results, then I tacked that garbage on the end. I'm happy right now, because I got the results to go to college, this problem doesn't bother me too much, just enough to mention it as a side-note.

    Aaaand I have no idea what I just wrote anymore. Sorry for wasting your time if you read all this. pls dont judge, i just throw down whatevers on my mind and hope it makes sense.

    I'm just gonna.. slowly back out of here, and leave it there.

    Have a nice day! :)

    // end embarrassing blog entry

    Seriel Okay so apparently it's been a year since I joined the temp. I was going to write some emotional blog entry about it, but whatever, have this random thing instead.
    Yay year on temp, where did my life go, temp addiction woooooooo fun times, you're all awesome. All that fun stuff.

    And as a special bonus, I decided to hide all my blog entries, and then gbatemp bugged out and instead permanently deleted them instead. Which is fun. But I never made any memorable or inspiring blog posts, so who really cares.
    Although it would be nice to have the old ones back if possible (hi admins if you see this, plx help)

    So uh yeah, that's a thing. Have fun and all that.

    PS: I may or may not be making a blog post just so that I have one in hopes that it pokes the entry list into giving me the old ones back :)

    EDIT: Okay I was right, they all came back.
    WE GOOD.
    Seriel (Copied from because it's such a huge and Blog-Worthy post.)

    I first found about homebrew when downgrading wasnt a thing and if you were higher than 9.2 you were screwed.
    At that point I didn't know what my 3ds FW was so I checked... and it was 9.5.
    Past Seriel: "Awww shit!"

    Then I waited... and waited... until ironhax was teased, and then announced, and then released. I joined GBAtemp when ironhax came out. (i used tubehax to install it) I loved it, it was amazing. That was my main entrypoint for ages. At that point I was on 9.9 and I stayed there for ages.
    Then memchunkhax was teased. And announced. And an early version was released (unofficially).
    Past Seriel: "Yayayayayay!! <3 <3 <3 <3"

    Rememberr the early sysUpdater thing? The whole DEADCAFE thing? I was following that the whole way, until eventually I got legit CIAs working. I initally didn't want to risk the early sysUpdater, but I cracked under the lure of piracy and tried it. But it failed. I got softbricked. Begrudgingly I updated to 10.3 with recovery mode and tried again, a little half-heartedly. And it also failed. I then tried again for a whole day, while panicking and exchanging information with GBAtemp. It turns out I was part of very few people that gets a softbrick when downgrading for some (still?) unknown reason. We got together and tried to work out what was going on, but we didn't get anyway. Near the end of that day (I spent a whole day trying to downgrade) I decided to give and backup all my saves before formatting the system. I then with tried downgrading again with a strange mix of doubt, anticipation and determination (Undertale reference intended :^) ) and then... it worked! Filled with excitement I went back to the people having trouble and reported that a format does indeed fix the problem, before downloading loads of cia games and recklessly installing to my sysnand with PastaCFW (not exactly a good move, I was high from excitement. Thank goodness it didnt backfire), before finally calling it a night and going to sleep, with thoughts of all the fun I was going to have the next day :3

    I then spent a whole day getting rxTools to work properly until eventually I had my own emunand! <3 This then became my primary nand. I still use it today (But as a sysnand). I then managed to settle down into CFW life with rxTools and Menuhax (A9LH didn't exist back then)

    Then I left GBAtemp, and when I came back a few weeks later, everyone was talking about this Arm9LoaderHax thing.
    Past Seriel: "wtf is this and why did no one tell me about it :O"

    I didn't rush straight into A9LH, I waited a bit and weighed up the pros and cons before diving into Plailects guide (Updated sysnand wasn't on the guide then) and before I knew it I had my own otp.bin and A9LH, which was magical. Just amazing. At this point I switched to AuReiNand.
    Then updated sysnand became "The thing" everyone was obsessed with, so one day, without a computer (My laptop plug had died), I quite recklessly used my Android Phone as an ftp client and set up an updated sysnand. (At like 4am lol). I now realise that was really risky, who knows how unstable ftp is, but like with before, nothing bad happened, in fact 3ds hacking seems to be the only thing I don't seem to be able to fuck up.
    Then when I switched my emunand to sysnand, I settled back into life with AuReiNand, not much seemed to change...

    And then the title keys came, (luv u @cearp ) and I pirated like crazy. No more messing with random iso and chaos sites, now I can do everything much simpler.

    And today I go onto GBAtemp and apparently AuReiNand is called Luma3DS. So apparently now i'm using Luma3DS instead of AuReiNand :3

    And wow shit, that was huge. Congratz to @rikumax25! for giving me a prompt to make a bloody huge post. This is probably the biggest post i've made ever.
    I think I might put this on my blog~
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