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    sergster1 Hey guys me and my friend were bored today and we decided to playthrough mgs peace walker. We are about 3/4ths of the way done and id like your opinion on it. We had a pretty fun time lol. If you liked it could you please subscribe thanks. (if this is against the rules ill remove it asap)


    Ohh and the coop doesnt begin until part 5 sorry about that. They dont allow coop until the 2nd mission
    sergster1 Well I have this really nice modded psp 1000 (sound reactive LEDS and everything) but.... when looking at the PSP GO with 16 GBs of internal memory, that sleek look, and the nice resolution I cant help but wonder if I should sell my PSP 1000 and buy a GO from gamestop. Plus tbh I do not like the size of my psp 1000. It feels uncomfortable to have in my pocket and its annoying Any ideas on whether i should sell my current one and buy a go? I can also post pics of my current psp if needed.
    sergster1 So yeah. I need to find a PROGSKEET distributor that ships to the US and has the device for a decent (cheap) price. Imma be using it to downgrade my friends ps3 slim so yeah thats about it lol. Also does anyone know where i can buy a ps3 bluray drive cheaply? (i know each component is married to the mobo so i will be transplanting the BD Chip)
    sergster1 So when I was on vacation in PA I got lucky and found a brand new pair of dpx21s on sale for 100 bucks (yes the one with the DSS was 100 bucks) at the besbuy in a nearby town. I gotta say HOT DAMN! The headphones are amazing when watching movies on a regular dvd player. I've watched a total of 3 movies with them and I am on my fourth (resident evil apocalypse) and I feel this one gave me the BEST surround sound experience as I specially downloaded tthe 5.1 channel version and burned it with 5.1 channel surround sound settings on my dvd making program. I can literally tell with out even looking at the screen where the sound is coming from. the clarity is also amazing. there is only one real flaw and its a hissing noise the headphone produces because since it amplifies ALL sounds it also amplifies the consoler's naturally occurring static but it normally goes away/gets overpowered by the video's audio. I honestly can't wait to get access to my ps3 and play some blu-ray movies and a game of cod with these bad boys on. honestly if you are looking into buying surround sound headphones these are great. the only upgrade that I might make in the future would probably be buying some astros with their mixamp cause my friend has them and never stops talking about them. but for now my turtle beach dpx21's rock. :yay:
    sergster1 As the title describes im looking for some good wii games for my trip to PA next week. I have a 65 GB partition on my HDD for WBFS wii games. Im mainly looking for games that are multiplayer (split screen) and would appease a friend of mine who is coming with me and has an xbox as his main console. He and I both like FPS's. Thanks in advance!
    sergster1 Well there comes a time in every DS owner's life where he or she looses his or her stylus. This sad curse that has afflicted us all has struck once again on my poor 3DS. Before Nintendo used to have the cure for this affliction by packing an extra stylus or two in the box but alas this is not the case with the 3DS. Worse part is... I had it this morning and I think I had it as I came into my house today but when I picked it up just a measly 5 minutes ago the shell in which the stylus lay ever so snugly (HA!) in was empty.

    Meh if I don't find it I'll just buy one cheap in Pennslyvannia when I got there later this month for my summer home with the family.
    sergster1 Heres the problem. I went out to buy Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time pretty much the day it came out in order to get the CD... Now... Club nintendo says they shipped me the CD but I have yet to receive it.... Am I the only one experiencing this or is it happening to others cause I would really like my CD...
    sergster1 Well as the title suggests i finally got a droid 2 global but I used to be a ipod touch user so its a new experience. What i used to use as video streaming software (air video server) no longer works with my new device. So my question is. Anyone know any good video streaming apps (free please). Also if anyone has good apps and such please let me know and ill download em right away. Also let me know if i should root it or not XD.

    Also will i be charged extra for having the global edition interms of wireless fees even though i plan on only using it in america.
    sergster1 I had a lucid dream today. o-o I was skydiving with my 3DS in my pocket when i fell into the ocean instead of on the beach's sand cause the wind was acting up and then i thought OH HELL NAW THIS MUST BE A DREAM CAUSE THERE AINT NO FUCKING WAY IMMA LET MY 3DS GET WET. Then something clicked and i was like holy shit Im dreaming so i started flying around in a plane (my dream is to become a pilot) but after doing that for a while i had no clue what to do after that ._. But anyway. It was fucking awesome.

    I can't wait to have another one :D
    sergster1 So yeah... Im outta ideas on games to play on my supercard ._______.; Ive played all the Phoenix Wright games, Ghost trick, EVERY POKEMON GAME RELEASED, All DS zelda games, All mario games (besides the mini's), DQ9/5, Castlevania and now i dont even know what to get .-.. Im interested in playing some old classics such as megaman and what not but i would like some DS game recommendations. Any ideas?
    sergster1 Me and you have known each other from the day i was born. We have had out ups and downs and cloudy days. I thought something was going on when there was water damage in my room from one of your outbursts. But i forgave you. But now everytime it rains my room floods with water. We cant keep going on like this. ohh and the one time today you decide to rain hard was when my ipod was in my CLOSED bag. It is now broken because somehow water got into my CLOSED BAG and fried the circuts but my crap ass phone is working perfectly so thanks for that even though my ipod touch that i use to wake up in the morning and gain entertainment at night by streaming anime to it from my pc is broken. But its kay cause its not you... its me. *throws out ipod touch*


    Im in the mood for some ho smacking. *puts on my ho smacking gloves*

    Ehh i should be grateful that my 3DS was not harmed by the rain though...
    sergster1 My friend wants to downgrade his 3.56 PS3 to play backups. I have told him COUNTLESS times that he cannot downgrade it since it will brick it. He doesn't listen to reason and it's pissing me off cause he's about to brick a 300 dollar console that he got as a gift. He's like ill give you til friday to find a working method or im gonna attempt to do it myself brick or no brick. I really wanna deck him for doing this cause I feel it's a complete disrespect to the person who purchased this gift for him and what not. He's going on about how if it bricks he will be doing the world a favor and praising M$ and what not. I even offered to buy it from him for 100 but he's like Ohh ive only played it 5 times ill sell you it for $300 (he has had it for over a year now). People like this piss me off. Have you known anyone with such a disrespect for money? Discuss.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    sergster1 Goddammit. So anyway I had a pretty decent day today with minimal problems. However what really put a damper on my day was that I was taking my 3DS out my pocket and was opening it when in the process because of my goddamn butter finger it slipped and started to fall to the ground. LUCKILY i caught the damn thing but I wasn't exactly gentle with it cause i was more afraid of it hitting the concrete and there being a scratch or a crack in it so i did squeeze more than i would have liked (it was open). Now my before perfect hinge is now loose :glare: I mean I can still play it but it IS irritating to have a 3DS that wont stay open at a 135 degree angle without using my finger to stop it from opening 180 degrees(i normally play my DS with it 180 degrees but its still irritating knowing i cant have it at a specific angle that i would like) . NO there are no cracks or gaps that are visible. You think I can give this to best buy to fix as its within 30 days of buying?

    Ohh well share your thoughts on what you think i should do. Ohh and i have opened DS systems before so i might be able to fix it but who knows and i rather not void my warranty.
    sergster1 Hmm I just trying to get more friends for my 3DS so just post here if you want to add me XD. My 3DS Friend code is: (In my signature). So yeah... friend away XD
    sergster1 Hurrah! Today ish mah birthday~ So happeh to finally be 16. Gonna go get my licenses ASAP. Any ideas on what i should get? I already plan on a 3DS but any ideas on games or colors :D?
    :toot: :toot: :toot: :toot:

    Hmm... Gonna get some black forest cake later... HINT HINT.
    Cheers Guys! :grog: