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    When i got bored, i draw this picture with ballpoint. how do you think about my picture? i dont know too i drawing about what....
    Tips: try to rotating the image when you trying to look what the hell i drawing on.
    Sathya maybe for you friendship is when they can talk to, have the same hobby, and can make you happy. and you always appreciate the difference in their beliefs. actually it might not be that easy for me.
    friendship for me is when they believe that their god is only one. different religious beliefs, it is very meaningless to me. yes, you already know how I do not like people who do not believe in God. but ... indeed I'm not wise, I just need to stay away from them if they do not believe in God.
    the core of my blog this one, maybe I can not be friends with people who do not believe the truth of god. and I must be able to tell which one can be a true friend or can only be a friend who is always concerned about the world, not the importance of the truth of GOD.
    just comment below if you have a question.
    Sathya yes, it's a bit hard to explain this because of the language differences. but here you are telling me that "do not judge other people only from his belief". of course, with this new blog I want to explain that the actual intent of my words on the blog before is: I always appreciate people who have different beliefs. his example of his religion. I was born from an Islamic family, but I really appreciate my other religious brothers. and in fact it's not that I hate others who disagree with me, but I just remember you that the creator and owner of this universe is only one God. many people believe in God, but their behavior is not good. example: killing, stealing and harming himself by drunk and smoking. and people who do not believe in god also often do it. then, just as I said "I follow the conscience" because with any conscience of our beliefs, will always be led to the nature of god that is the holy,
    peace and love. so there is no difference from one belief to another. because in the conscience there is only one voice is the voice of god. here I am also very happy to be friends with some people here, but I want to remind you all that: never worship other than besides god. and rest assured that only god can lead your own life, through your conscience.and one more thing, to believe in a god is not necessarily a religious person. example: what about people who can not read Bible or Al-Quran? because he can not read, so he can not get to know God? then that, with our conscience can feel the truth of god. there is no need for one's IQ to read the scriptures or to trust them, but with a conscience we can feel the truth of God. so automatically we will believe that God exists. the conscience is a god in the whole soul and soul of man. how can we activate our conscience? namely by behaving Holy, Peace and Love. example: not harming yourself by drunk or smoking or harming others by stealing or taking away that is not yours. I'm not forcing you to believe this. but if you are a believer and believe that our god is only one, surely you will believe this. and if you dont understand you can ask me.
    Sathya First, i will say about the death of Stephen Hawking. yes in some thread about him, i say i dont like him because he dont believe in GOD.
    and some people also comment on, and i think thats a stupid opinion.

    @DesloCT How can he be not a good person? Only because he didnt believe in god? Seriously? Tell me, what have you contributed to the humanity either cientific or religion related? Nothing? I see... This man was a genius, he contributed like no onde has done to science and for the better of our humanity, not only understand how stuff works here, but to also look above us and imagine how stuff works outside of your comfort zone.

    @Nerdtendo It's wrong to dislike someone just because they don't believe in God. If you believe in the same God as I do, then you should know that you are supposed to love everyone, not just the people who think the same as you. Regardless, death is a sad and terrible thing so being happy about that is distasteful and not good representation of your beliefs.

    @Old What a tactless, disgusting thing to say just hours after this man's death....

    answer from me:

    @DesloCT ok, if you consider someone great only with his work that only makes his soul not believe in god? so you assume that a person who does not believe in god is a good person, because only with his work? although he has his work that beat anyone, to make it not believe the existence of god, you say it's great? stupid. means you consider a great man only with a work that has no benefit with his soul. even to make his soul more unholy. in fact, he is not aware why he can live, think, and can solve his bad karma if there is no god.

    @Nerdtendo yes, I will reward those who believe in God, whatever their faith. islam, christian, buddha, hindu as long as they believe in god, and believe that who created this universe is only one, that is god. instead I just like people who are like me, but I just like people who believe in god.

    @Old its not what i mean old man.

    and now thats the time. same like the title, the stupidity of Hawking says: "Because of the laws of nature, like gravity, the universe can create itself out of nothing ... There is no need to call upon God to light blue paper and regulate the universe." (Hawking: God did not create Universe, The Times)

    okay, if we take from that stupid statement, who created gravity? and who created the law of nature? ok, i believe in the "BIG BANG" but..... who is the creator of big bang, stupid! he is GOD!

    and this is also one of Newton's sayings: "Gravity explains the movements of the planets, but can not explain who moved the planets," wrote Newton. thats the right opinion!

    and the conclusion is ...... can Stephen Hawking explain who created the big bang? and who can make it live? that is the greatest folly of a great scientist.
    Sathya please give me an idea to make a "blog"
    Sathya maybe, some people dosent care about me, or even hate me. but this time i want to say......... but wait IDK. ok to the point.
    now i wirte at here with my keyboard on this laptop....... on the desk sewing machine.... and always thinking "why i must join at here, if i just only give a shit posts here" but i like it. idk if shitposter required on this site. but I do not intend to be a shitpost. i say only kidding to anyone and.... similiar meaning.
    please say if i'm required or not at here. but your answer is not a determinant to keep me here or not. whether I'm just a garbage here, or someone who .... not trash.
    well.... that's all
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    Sathya Tomorrow I will learn to drive a car in first time. Although I do not have a police license to drive a car yet, just for a little study. I immediately studied with my father's car mercedes g 300. hopefully run smoothly:)
    Sathya alot of people in my country indonesia, have a problem with the dock of n switch. i think old device from nintendo is better like a GCN, WII and WII U for home console. untill T hug [tempers] make a thread with title : Nintendo please fix your repair center. i dont understand now about nintendo and coming soon on 2018 we must buy some $ to play online. yaa... i hope nintendo will better;):yayswitch::yayu::yaywii::yay3ds::yaynds: