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    Just played BLOPS for the first time, got any tips?

    Been playing MW2 via Alteriwnet for a year now, and just recently found out they decided to give the same treatment to BLOPS. Fuck yeah ! :yay:
    MW2 is great, a lot better than I expected and without Alteriwnet I probably would have ragequit a long time ago.

    So played BLOPS (or actually AlterOps) for the first time, enjoyed it quite a bit. It's still quite buggy though (sometimes stuck on connecting/fetching game stats/....) but it worked, and I'm glad it did.
    I just would like some tips, especially on equipment/killstreaks/....
    I'm a pretty decent gamer, so no tips like 'Check your corners' or 'Reload before going into battle'.

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    Prestige 6 MW2

    Just thought I'd share my progress through my quest to reach Prestige 10 in a legitimate way on AlterIWNet (MW2). Also I don't use Chopper Gunner, Grenadelaunchers, Last Stand or basically anything that is considered noob.
    Currently I'm at prestige 6, you can see my stats here:


    I'll update when I hit prestige 7, in a month or two probably.
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    Just wondering if anyone knows my avatar?

    Love this guy on Youtube, and since I haven't had an avatar for the past 6 months I figured, why not put it on GBAtemp?
    So does anyone else know him?

    [quote name='luke_c' post='3642498' date='May 13 2011, 11:07 PM']ELPRESADOR[/quote]

    YES, we've got a winner :yayps3: + 1 internetz to you sir!

    I really recommend everybody watches this guy, especially if you like Call of Duty. He commentaries some gameplay of CoD games, and he always starts raging at campers and noobs. Love to see him go off, he's just so aggressive :P Also frequently rants in his chair, about random stuff or again about CoD.
    He's not like the average commentator that says which gun you should use and how to get a Nuke fast, he's all about straight Run and Gunning!
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    Death Note + Call of Duty 2 frag movie

    Yesterday I finished 2 things I was busy with for the last couple of months or so.
    First of all I finished watching Death Note.
    And I think it's awesome :P My brother said this was the only manga that is really good, and he sure was right!
    I always love to see how geniuses work, just like in Prison Break, and how their plan comes together. And in Death Note there were a couple of geniuses so that's even better :)
    Just a great series, but I'm not so happy about episode 26-37.
    I'm gonna say something about the story in the spoiler, don't open it if you don't want to know how it ends!

    It feels a bit that the makers had to make the series end bad, that Kira dies. For me, it just should have ended at episode 25, that was the best part of the series anyway.
    Kira vs L, that was the real series. Not those 2 weirdos that then come into the story.
    And for me, Kira should have won :P I loved how smart and coldhearted he was.
    Too bad he dies in the end, I would have preferred another ending or that it just stopped at episode 25 :(

    And the other thing I was busy with for some time was my Call of Duty 2 frag movie.
    It's just a compilation of some good kills of me, and in the end you can see some screenshots with great scores of me :)
    Hope you can see them, because the YouTube quality is pretty bad :unsure:
    But if you really want to see them, I'll just post them up here.
    Here's the movie btw:



    And maybe comment on it, or rate it?

    If anyone wants to go a round with me in CoD 2, PM me :)
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    Just went to NEXT (gaming/electronics show)

    So I just went to NEXT, it's a sort of gaming/electronics expo, and there were loads of games playable.
    I've played:

    GTA IV on the PS3
    Fifa 09 on the PSP, 360 and the PS3
    Need For Speed Undercover on the PS3
    Wii Music
    Mercenaries 2 on the 360
    Call of Duty World at War on the 360
    Wii Sports (on a gigantic TV, I pwned them all! :P )

    And last but not least, I've played Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (English version) !
    I tried to get the cartridge out, but that was offcourse impossible :(
    Else we all would be playing Fire Emblem now! It's only out in a month or so, but still it was already very good translated, everything worked and was in English.
    I didn't found any mistakes or so, I wonder why they don't put it out now :)

    Great game by the way, I'm looking forward to it!
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    Some interesting info

    I just came across this site , and I found this is pretty interesting.
    So I thought, why not share it with GBAtemp.net :)

    It's a lot of info on the Scene, like releasegroups and releases.