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    The obsessive hyper-communication behavior of people today should be considered a mental disorder

    I think we should go back to the times when people communicated long distance by land-mail and were expected to reply back in a couple of weeks or something.
    Or at least back to when people wrote you an E-Mail.
    This stupid thing of people messaging you and waiting for a reply instantly, or even worse calling you all the time when you just want to relax 9000 miles away is disturbing.
    For fucks sake I just want to relax and enjoy my damn weekend in solitude.

    Sincerely yours,
    SarkW the Hermit

    "Hey gramps, you say today but it is like that for several decades already"
    I know you brat, now leave me alone I really want to enjoy a peaceful weekend without listening to people kthx.
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    How do you even bond with a niece/nephew?

    Probably that is a questions not many people ask themselves... or perhaps it is?
    No idea... perhaps it's just socially unskilled people, or perhaps it's pretty common actually.

    The thing is I have this niece that I think I barely know.
    Why you ask? (ask? lol, probably you already TL;DRd this shit)

    Well, I live way too far, I perhaps meet my brother and his family once a year and so... I barely really know what kind of person she is growing into.
    Does that matter? Certainly not, but I feel like a shitty uncle.
    All I ever do is bring stupid gifts that I don't even know if she would like. Kind of as saying "sorry" I guess?
    Why can't I be bothered to make an effort? Yeah, I feel guilt but I don't care enough.
    I think I can at least hold some conversation when I am physically there, not much anyway.

    The worst part is she really tries to bond with me, she sends me messages from time to time... stupid kid messages, but sure she is trying to say "hello" in some way, or "don't forget me" or something. Yet the shitty old fart I am I kind of find them awkward, annoying and kiddish, well she is a kid what might you expect.

    I would say it breaks my heart seeing her try, but given that I end up ignoring most of it, it would probably be better suited to say "I have no heart" at all.
    Perhaps I am not a peoples person, sure not a kids person... But what a shitty uncle anyway.

    Damn, shouldn't write blog posts when I am half drunk.
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    Die haters, Xeno* best games of all time.

    Yeah, this is a fanboy style blog entry. Deal with it.
    Also, I don't give a damn about your opinion, specially if it is negative /s

    Now, I hope they really release HD ports of Xenosaga for the Switch.
    And some remake of Xenogears, where the second CD actually has gameplay. Also bring Yasunori Mitsuda to create some more tunes for this remake.
    And a Xenoblade X port for the Switch, becase we all love ports /s, and I want to play that on the go.

    ...I know probably nobody around (specially not Foxy and FAST) gives a fuck about this blog entry, but that's life...

    Disclaimer: Nobody should take this entry seriously. This blog is just opinions, and it is presented in a "fanboy style", don't expect valid points (though sure those could be made). The title is part of the joke and it already conveys the "fanboy style" and "don't take this entry too seriously" idea. In short, don't take it seriously.
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    The top 10 list of games I feel like putting in a top 10 only today. Limited Edition. Perhaps.

    Well, I am kind of bored so why not stealing the idea from @DarkRioru in order to write blog post... at least coworkers wouldn't look at me as bad as if I took my Switch out to play some Zelda in the office.

    10. Project Mirai DX.
    It may be a guilty pleasure, but it doesn't matter. When a game drains your time to the point it ends up being the game you played the most on 3DS it has to show up at least in the tenth place.

    9. Wild Arms.
    Nice game, the first I played on PS1. I love the music.

    8. The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.
    Perhaps not the best, but the one I enjoyed the most, I think it is underappreciated.

    7. Metroid Prime Corruption.
    I love how Retro Studios ported the Metroid escence to a 3D game, and I specially like the third iteration of the trilogy.

    6. Super Metroid.
    A very good game with a great ambientation. The game mechanics are a joy to play with, exploration is wonderful, but specially that ambientation is superb.

    5. Castlevania Order of Ecclesia (also Aria and Dawn of Sorrow). I love metroidvanias when done well, and this is the case specially for Order of Ecclesia, it controls so well that it is just a pleasure to play, I would do another round in the Training Hall just to get happy, I miss playing it already. I hope IGA makes a Nintendo Switch port of his new game.

    4. Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey. The real Shin Megami Tensei 4, this game is very addictive, it has an interesting story with a simple yet addictive first person dungeon crawler mechanic, and tons beautiful demonic pokemons to collect.

    3. Final Fantasy 6. The best final fantasy period. Love Kefka.

    2. Chrono Trigger. The soundtrack, that fucking soundtrack...

    1. Yasunori Mitsuda. Yeah, Yasunori Mitsuda, problem? I mean every game when he was around. Many games wouldn't be nearly as good was it not by their great soundtracks.
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