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    Nothing new

    Ive been into my local game stores 10 times in the last 2 months and i can not find a single game that interests me >.< So i finally decided i was gonna play some games ive been meaning to play for a very long time, Parasite Eve 1 & 2, and i am in love! I picked them up about 6 months ago at a second hand store for $7 bucks each but never got around to playing them till yesterday, best games i have played in a long time.
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    Radio Show!

    Hey tempers, listen up! i do a weekly Games review radio show with my partner Ethan on Wednesdays when we are at school (its a college radio station) if any tempers find the time or kindness in their hearts to listen and give feedback that would be very appreciated, its currently school holidays here, so it wont be on this week, we resume airing on Wednesday the 22nd of September PLEASE LISTEN!

    Link to stream: LCFM

    Its on 7pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Times
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    Do i have too many?

    Well i bought my xbox 360 on march the 9th 2010, and between then and know i have purchased 24 games, im starting to think i have way too many, what do you guys think?