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    Ryd3n i'm thinking that if somehow someone were to recreate the server, here are things that could be done to revive. first, find a way to connect to a server, possibly using a dns. if it were lets say an example 123.456.789.123 as primary and as secondary dns. what homebrew would be needed for this? anyway, now for the relays themselves. it would need to somehow connect to its WiFi automatically, likely requiring more than a dns. so if you did that, how would it go through the login screen, if any. i don't know how to do that, but could happen. now how would it tell that it was a relay? the same way it used to, just with the new names. you could submit names that work, also using mac addresses for a theoretical homepass 2. now for the fun part. how would it give streetpasses? would it have events, like the old one? would Nintendo zone be redone with a new purpose? would the Nintendo zone work on DSi?
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    Ryd3n In February, I found my old Wii. It wasn't modded, so I modded it. I added an European only channel on the U.S. console, and got bored. I now use vWii, so what are some good things you would recommend?
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