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    Ryccardo Out of boredom I started translating this relatively unknown GBC golf game: it may be no Everybody's Golf, but it is quite enjoyable - and tries to integrate as many technical gimmicks as reasonable (multiplayer, printer, instant autosave, voice acting...)

    It also uses some weird hybrid of "proper font usage", prerendered text, dakuten as a different character or as overlay or as something to draw in the line above...

    Well, let me cut <blink>to</blink> the cheese and keep going on the actual work:

    2018-12-16 18:30 - Main menu (all prerendered)
    Golf Ou (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)-0.

    2018-12-16 18:45 - Character select (all prerendered) (yes those are their official names)
    Golf Ou (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)-1.

    2018-12-16 19:00 - Mode screens
    Here comes the first problematic case of tile reuse (actually, the first text I found ("club select") did it too, but I recognized it as a nonsense word and just romanized it)

    2018-12-16 22:50
    First, I found the documentation for the tilemap (http://problemkaputt.de/pandocs.htm#vrambackgroundmaps):
    I also tried emulating the game in BGB, which has superior VRAM tools (and a debugger that, obviously by absolute coincidence, resembles Nocash's), and indeed it does spew out tile numbers just by running the mouse over them!


    So, the "STROKE PLAY" uses tiles 0203040506070809 (with 2 unused tiles before and after, and by slightly improving my efforts 1 more can be saved) and is apparently located at 3F2B56 in the rom, while the currently broken "TOURNAMENT" is 030572696A03 @ 3F2B6B

    2018-12-16 23:31

    Golf Ou (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)-2.

    Ryccardo Updated: 2018-6-3
    1. 2015-???, O3DS XL, my ex on the bus excited for the release of Bravely Second
    2. 2018-5-??, Switch, ~8 year old kid in waiting room of hospital
    3. 2018-6-15, Switch, basically the same as above
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    Clickbait title disclaimer: "recent events" means my first VC release 10 months ago, "3DS" means N3DS, and "3DS game" means it's emulated.
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    Ryccardo 3DBrew article

    I'll just leave the video description there:

    Real-time speedrun of installing Arm9LoaderHax OTPlessly on a New Nintendo 3DS on 11.2.0-35E, using soundhax, homebrew launcher, fasthax, safehax and safeA9LHinstaller.

    World record (due to the best of my knowledge being the first) as of the 6th of january 2017, with 2m30s.

    SD card was formatted first to remove any files created by the console that might have influenced the result, and set a clear starting point.

    The object of this speedrun category is to set up A9LH as fast as possible on a clean and fully updated New 3DS [XL] regardless of the actual tools used in the process.
    Time measured from the initial power-on after a factory reset to the power-off done by SafeA9LHInstaller after installation.
    Additionally shown are the system version and the formatting of both SD and console, plus a payload being run afterwards as proof.

    Yes I did hesitate a while on the home screen, to give you a chance already to beat me :)

    Credits to:
    - The developers of all the software used
    - The people who discovered and published the vulnerabilities
    - The Nintendohacks telegram group (mainly @Wolfvak and @stijntje51 ) for encouragement, and @Issac from Gbatemp for the same reason
    Ryccardo You know how in the DS age, the common way to refer to an European game was "(E)(M5)", where M5 meant "Multilanguage, 5 of them"?

    Well, I noticed someone downloading [some software by Game Freak] from me on eMule, and he had a public shared file list, so I reeeally had to check...

    He had a file named: Meteos - Disney magic (M5 and R4).nds
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    Ryccardo Right now it's empty and will stay so for a while. The idea is to host links/summaries of "the best of GBATemp" (both as in hard facts and memes)
    Ryccardo [​IMG]

    Yes, I do get bored easily
    Yes, I do have 4 title managers installed at once
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    Ryccardo This console is rumored to replace the N3DS/XL series a few months after the launch of Sun/Moon, themselves rumored to be the last major games for the platform.

    Cost-cutting later versions have happened to most Nintendo (and other brands') products, either just simplifying the internal design or removing more premium features.

    For this reason, and to discourage piracy or other highly illegal activities such as save backups, the 3DS Mini will feature these innovations, which could not be provided as a software update to existing 3DS consoles:
    • An updated bootrom with new encryption keys;
    • A redesigned GPU architecture* without gspwn;
    • A second 1 GB nand chip (for storing extdata, photos, and voice memes) in replacement of a removable SD card;
    • No cameras*;
    • No networking* in any form.

    * A slightly modified operating system will allow for software using these features to not crash.
    Ryccardo A personal* project I've worked on today...

    * being GPL, if anyone cares I'll upload full sources; since it's lame and anyone who can compile can do this on their own and I'm on mobile internet until next week, I won't do it if nobody wants; partial source with my changes is included anyway
    * it really means I won't provide support┬░ for any modifications, ie use with a boot manager, and don't bother Aurora/Tux either;
    ┬░ maybe not even for its intended use, given I designed the configuration for my frankenfirmware

    Just a splinter* of Luma3DS nightly without region free, anti-update patches, and with settings version string replaced by a force-testmenu option

    * "fork" is too hyping and ambitious

    You must have a "luma" folder but you must remove config.bin when switching between Luma and Puma

    Oh did I say I haven't tried running it yet

    This is a blog post to make people forget about it more quickly

    Attached Files:

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    Released today.
    Available on the iso site, CIA VC Inject section