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    I hate Spaste

    I just really hate it.
    You can tell the developers made the site on a drunken Friday night.
    The image cropping... My god..
    Really Spaste should be more like [Insert rude word that begins with S]
    Its so bad that the URL shortener redirects you to another URL shortener.
    A site that brings you to another one of its kind.
    A [Insert rude word that begins with F and ends with ing] turtle could make a better site.
    This is why I hate getting ROMs.
    If you hate Spaste as much as I do, consider a like.
  • RolfenGuy

    Bored, what ROMs should I install

    I'm really bored and don't know what to install as I got bored of one of my few games I recently installed, and played the heck out of everthing else..
    Any suggestions under 1GB of space?