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    Kingdom Hearts DDD

    Going to pick up the collectors ed tomorrow morning

    Pointless Blog is pointless :D
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    65 Days To Go.

    Gave $10 in advance to Pre-order Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance at EBGames.

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    Pokemon Black Battle Subway

    Just got cheated out of it at Battle #77
    My Team

    Shed Shell
    252 Hp/ 88 Def/ 168 SpDef
    Stealth Rock
    Thunder Wave
    Power Whip

    Razor Claw
    120 Hp/ 252 Atk/ 136 SpDef
    Bulk Up
    Drain Punch
    Mach Punch

    4 Hp/ 252 SpAtk/ 252 Spe
    Dragon Pulse
    Focus Blast
    Fire Blast
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    Well I dont have school or anything but seriously I need to get myself sorted out... just went through 88 pages of 9gag

    Blocked the site now so I dont go again
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    Another Day

    Well ever since the 15th of November I have been having holidays because i finished with my finals.Go back on the 15th of Jan.

    Till then I just sit in my room 24/7 with my gadgets.Go out and play Football sometimes.

    Gonna play KH BBS on Critical later.

    /life's good
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    I found some games to play

    So the other day I was going through my Acekard too see if I had anything worth playing, with all the focus on 3DS I still only have my DSi so I was searching for some games to play.I had nothing on my Acekard so I searched the internet and yeah now all I can say is that the DS is not dead for me.. atleast for a couple more months.I found some games to keep me busy.

    1)Pokemon Blaze Black
    2)Advance Wars
    3)Might and Magic
    4)Pokemon Ranger(The 3rd One)
    5)Pokemon Mystery Dungeon(The Sky One)
    6)Professor Layton(The one that came out a few weeks ago)
    7)KH(The one that came out in January)
    8)Soma Bringer
    9)Crash Bandicoot - Mind Over Mutant
    10)Final Fantasy IV
    11)Touch Detective
    12)Animal Crossing
    13)Yoshi Touch & Go
    14)Valkyrie Profile Covenant of the Plume
    15)Tales of Innocence
    17)Radiant Historia
    18)Megaman ZX

    Yup I have never played any of those games.
    What was the point of the blog? idk
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    Did you know that there are two ninjas hiding in this post?
    Can you find them? (My avatar doesn't count--I'm talking about hidden ninjas)
    Who's that jerk leading the BoB translation? Why did he steal my name and put a "9000" after it?
    Do you like the way the Blood of Bahamut translation project is being managed? (c'mon, you can tell me)
    As one of the editors for the BoB translation, can you give us any specific behind-the-scenes details about its progress?
    Can we expect a patch release soon?

    Source: Know Your Temps: soulx

    I CANT FIND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Just one more day!

    FIFA 12 Demo. :rolleyes:
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    Wont be online till November D:
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    6000 Posts.

    I have 6000 Posts now.
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    So I was walking home from school and some guy throws a water balloon at me from his balcony ... thats not cool bro -_-
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    Simply Beautiful....
    Chrome Web Store is amazing for a browser.
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    New PC.

    So im finally dropping gaming on my laptop, it may play all my games, but it has a tiny screen compared to my 24" monitor.My desktop PC was bought 6 years ago and here are its current specs:
    Windows XP 32 Bit
    2gb RAM
    Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 2.00 Ghz
    Now we are getting:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
    Intel Core i7 3.08 Ghz
    4gb Ram, making it 6gb in total

    Anything else to get?Because I dont wanna upgrade anything for about 3-4 years other than maybe an actual graphics card later this year
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    5555 Posts

    Another generic OMG I GOTZ POSTZ topic.I have exams till the 28th and my parents kinda took away my PSP, Wii, Laptop.They were supposed to take my DS Lite and iPod Touch also but I just gave them empty carrying cases, I just cant find time to play them these days, too busy studying.Really wanna play Re-Coded.I also got a Nexus S which is amazing, its my second droid, firs being a hero which I has a bad experience with but im in love with Android 2.3.OMg my steam rating is going down day be day, its gonna hit 0 by the 28th.I tried the MAC app store on my dads MBAir and it wasnt so great.Thats it


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