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    Robfozz I hate the Nintendo Switch. I'm sure some of you are screaming and crying already just from that. Something about it just isn't right.

    It seems like when the hardware itself is successful, Nintendo doesn't really try as hard with their software. Case in point the Wii has hardly any first party games and a lot of the ones it got were weird spin offs. All we've been getting from the Switch are some of the worlds laziest offerings, sequels with hardly any new content, ports of games that are only a few years old. When there is something original, personally, I've hated it. Breath of the Wild(which is technically a port but we'll let that slide) just does not feel like a Zelda game to me, and honestly a bunch of 1 puzzle minidungeons doesn't make up for the lack of any real content at all. The new Kirby was an absolute joke. It had hardly any levels and its so soulless and uncreative. Splatoon 2 just felt like a map pack. Xenoblade 2 went HARD on being Anime big titty waifu desu generic trope bullshit when the original game wasn't like that at all, if you like boring anime bullshit good for you I guess, but I don't.

    I think the only game Ive enjoyed was Mario Odyssey. It had some semblance of creativity, the capture mechanic was cool, and going back to the classic 3D style felt great. However, even with that game I have a lot of problems. There were almost zero unique objectives for the games moons. 99% of them are just sitting around for you to grab and it felt really really boring getting them all about halfway through. Compare this to sunshine where almost every single shinesprite is a unique mission(besides like red coins and a few others but its a small amount so its ok!).

    Also holy shit, I have had ENOUGH of the ports. Is Nintendo so starved of creativity that they need to just keep pumping out old games in place of new ones? And don't give me that "They're ports they're not replacing new releases" because look how dry the release schedule has been without them, they're totally trying to pass them off as major titles. I understand the Wii U didn't sell good but look at you guys you're complete hypocrites. "Wii U sucks what a shit console no games nothing to do". Well apparently the Wii U was the best fuckin console of all time because everyones eating these ports up and saying they're the best games ever. I loved the Wii U, and played all the games because they were great but now I feel punished in a way for supporting Nintendo when they were down. Charging more money for these quarter-assed ports than they cost initially on Wii U(A lot of these games were released at a budget price on Wii U and they're charging a full $60 on Switch) with absolutely zero new features.

    The 3rd party offerings are horrendous as well. Charging more on Switch than other platforms while they also run and look much much worse is just unacceptable. I think the worst offender here has been Capcom. The Resident Evil ports are extremely over priced and selling Devil May Cry 1 standalone for the same price as the entire HD Trilogy thats on every other platform is a complete joke. These ports from 3rd parties also launch much later than the other platforms typically which makes no sense whatsoever. With all these points combined, why on earth would you want to play the switch version of any of these games? Just for portability? Thats a really weak reason if you ask me.

    That's about all I have to say about the system and its games I guess. Overall, Im really disappointed with the direction Nintendo has been going since the Switch launch. I used to like them because they were different and focused on quality. Now they're just like everyone else but a lot worse at the same time too.

    If you like the switch, good for you I guess, enjoy paying double for 5 year old games and replacing your joycons every 6 months.

    EDIT: Wow, how could I forget to mention the complete lack of a virtual console on Switch and how horrendous the online is! The lack of a virtual console really sucks. Yeah, they're kind of sort of not really at all trying with the NES Online app I guess. Hey, maybe by the end of next year you guys will get like 4 SNES games too wow!!! I don't care if I have to pay for these games again, some for the 4th time even, I'll do it (especially when these older games are much better than Nintendos current releases). And we should have up to Gamecube for the VC that doesn't and won't exist because the hardware can absolutely handle it. As for the online, holy shit how is it 2019 and they're charging for online and its still absolute garbage? Not only was it FREE on Wii U, but it was also much more smooth and stable and had Miiverse as a way to communicate with others. Now theres no way to communicate with anybody, its unstable as all hell and you gotta pay for it. Kudos to Nintendo for at least making the sub cheap but its still not worth the asking price. How is it I can play Smash 4 on Wii U, almost NEVER have a bad match but on the much more powerful Switch with what I assume is a more developed infrastructure, I almost NEVER have a good match? It's inexcusable.

    Also some of your replies are incredibly laughable. Right guys Im just trolling haha. Fanboys are insane.

    Yet another edit: I'm not complaining about every Switch games price. I think its fine for Nintendo and other companies to charge $60 for NEW games. My problem is with how much they're charging for ports. DKC Tropical Freeze was not a full $60 when it released on Wii U(I believe it was $40) so why is it $60 on Switch? Captain Toad on Wii U $30 but the Switch version is $40. It's unacceptable.

    As for 3rd parties, yes I know Nintendo doesn't control what they charge but that doesn't mean its not a problem. If a game either is old, runs worse than other platforms, has less content than other platforms, looks worse, releases way later than other platforms or any other number of reasons that plagues these Switch releases, then it should just cost less period, or at least the same god damn price as the superior versions. You are literally paying a premium for whats almost always an inferior product and if that is acceptable to you, you should really rethink a few things.
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