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    So few weeks back my little brother told me that he broke our Wii and I said, okay I'll take a look and I didn't really knew what was the problem but he told me that the power cord "burned" so I decided to buy a new one from eBay for around 6 bucks or something.

    Well the power cord arrives and Wii still doesn't work. So I obviously thought that the whole Wii was broken so I decided to buy a brand new one. And just for me so my brother isn't able to destroy it. So I ordered this black Wii from eBay (console only) for a quite good price and when it arrived it wasn't working. So I cursed for a while and then I contacted the power cord seller asking if by any chance they could send me a new one. And they did.

    So few days by now I received the replacement unit and now my new Wii works perfectly. And then I tested just for lulz if the old Wii would work and it did.. I was fucking frustrated. I bought a brand new Wii because one stupid power cord was broken? How could I know a brand new power cord would be broken when I get it?

    Well anyways. Now I have 2 fully working Wii's and I don't know what do with the other one. I already changed a new red LED for my new Wii so I can't return it but I couldn't anyways because the seller doesn't accept returns.. I think my only option is try to sell the new Wii on eBay..

    Well thats my story. Thanks for reading.