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    It's been forever since I've made a blog post here, geez. I was 14 when I made my last one and that feels like ages ago.

    I'm 16 now, barely into my junior year of high school. I joined the temp back when the 3DS scene exploded with stuff like downgrading to 9.2 for using rxTools/ReiNAND/Whatever. Setting up Arm9LoaderHax took forever when that was a fresh thing and now Boot9Strap takes 10 minutes tops.. It's crazy how time flies on by
    I really appreciate everyone who made me feel so welcome on the temp back then.. I'm not really active here anymore but it's always nice to browse through all the new news and check out how the Switch scene is doing, and the blue moon of an update to Luma3DS/GodMode9/other 3DS whatever
    I feel like I've grown a lot since I joined the temp. Hell, looking back at my earliest posts, I'd still use "XD" every other message, and there's probably some horrible spellings in there too, or even a straight up "i" instead of "I"
    The people I've met here are by far the best people I've met online and I've probably shared more smiles with people here than I have at school, especially around the time I joined the temp. Huge thanks to the community for being so awesome and stuff ^_^
    I really didn't have friends back then, yet now I've got a very close-knit friend circle that feels like a second home, in a way. Never really thought I'd be the kind of person that people would welcome, but I guess I don't give myself enough credit. I've maintained a steady relationship since last November and that's still going strong. I'll probably suggest that she joins here someday, she's a nerdy kind of person but hasn't really sunk her teeth into nerding out with technology. Just animals. (Which is still hella neat, just there's a ton of tech stuff here :P)
    My music taste has matured a ton over the last few years, and I feel like it's pretty settled. Finch is by far my favorite band of all time and I yearn for the day I hear music that makes me think and feel more than Finch has made me think and feel

    It's strange how time flies.. I know that in two years, a lot is going to happen and today is going to feel like yet another distant memory.. So close, yet so far. And I'll probably be back here, having another moment where the passing of time hits me like a truck.

    EDIT; I've tried making blog posts over the last two years, just they all seemed overly-cringe; I'm glad I finally made something I don't look down upon ^_^
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    Another Bandwagon! How do y'all see me?

    I definitely don't talk here as much as I used to, but it's a good question imo
    Share your opinion! Sharing is caring!
    EDIT; Didn't make this as a joke
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    I had a dream/nightmare random enough to blog about

    I guess this is now a bandwagon?

    (Small background; My 8th grade school punished phone usage with a 3 hour detention before school.)

    My.. unusual imagination picked off with me sitting in my 8th grade English classroom, bored out of my mind. There was no work assigned to us, for whatever reason. I pull my phone out of my musical sweatshirt (earbuds in sleeves, wires in sweatshirt) and began setting a track of music to listen to. Before I could finish, a man who I'd never seen before asked me why I was on my phone. I lightly whistled and started to slide my phone into my pocket, as some teachers would let it slide if you immediately stopped what you were doing. This guy didn't though, and my English teacher came by and snatched up my phone.

    The next thing I know, the guy is suddenly Markiplier. He walks in, introducing himself much like Mickey Mouse, just replacing the "It's me, Mickey Mouse" with "Markiplier here". The class turns into a Markiplier fangirling session, filled with "MARKIMOO!" and "Can his looks get me pregananant?" I looked in astonishment at how dedicated these peeps were to Markimoo. He then walked around and gave everyone an autograph, other than me.

    Things went fuzzy, but things escalated to him calling me a loser, then everyone in the room became either (rl drama queen/enemy here) (Friend/Enemy with drama queen). They all pointed and laughed at me, telling me to kill myself.

    At that point, I was awoken by my phone. That dream felt so real though...
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    Summer Goals

    So there's a few things I want to do over this summer, since I just got out of school (Doesn't feel like it...) and I'm throwing them here both for myself and those curious (Heh nobody)

    1. Play through all of the games I have, but not beat (Tales of the Abyss, Fable, Xenoblade Chronicles, numerous Shin Megami Tensei games xd, Bravely Second, Pokemon Moon, Fire Emblem Fates/Echoes)

    2. Get Gooder at Smash Bros (Melee and 4)

    3. Watch Attack on Titan, Fairy Tale, Re: Zero, and a few others

    4. Read all the Harry Potter books

    5. Learn Lua

    6. Get a New3DS

    7. Go for walks

    8. Get new high scores in Flappy Bird and Galaga

    I'll also take suggestions.. (My scores in those two games aren't impressive. 123 for Flappy, 120,000 flat for Galaga)

    EDIT; Oh fuck I made a bandwagon somehow
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    Welp, may as well

    Not a full furry, but I can see how people can be

    Full name: Soren Yasomi (As far as you guys should care at least)

    Pronunciation: Soar-En Yah-So-Me

    Nickname(s) or Alias: Dakota/Neken/Soren/Sorial/Riken/Ricken (I have too many.)

    Gender: Boy

    Species: Human

    Age: 14

    Birthday: 1/6/03

    Sexuality: Straight as a line

    Nationality: A ton of stuffs. American born who's mostly Irish

    Religion: Atheist

    City or town of birth: Michigan

    Currently lives: Around where the birthmark on my left hand is (It'd be perfect if it was on my right hand.. lol)

    Languages spoken: English, Enough Spanish to say 'No hable espanol'

    Native language: English

    Relationship Status: Single


    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 110 lb

    Figure/build: Walking Twig

    Fur colour: Peach/Red

    Hairstyle: Whatever I wake up with

    Eye colour: Gunmetal Blue

    Skin/fur/etc colour: Did I not just answer that o.o

    Tattoos: 0

    Piercings: 1 (Left ear pierced)

    Scars/distinguishing marks: Birthmark on my left hand, Numerous small scars across my right arm/hand

    Preferred style of clothing: Whatever feels comfy.. usually ends up being bright neon stuff

    Frequently worn jewelry/accessories: Sweatshirt+Left Piercing


    Smoker? N E V E R

    Drinker? Nope

    Recreational Drug User? Nope

    Addictions: Mountain Dew, The Internet, Sick Beats

    Allergies: Pollen KILLS me

    Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Asthma

    Any medication regularly taken: No


    Personality: Technology lover that games, Oblivious, Nice, Only wants to kill you if you want to kill me or someone I care about. Knows random stuff, rambles too much about topics nobody cares about (like 33c3). Fairly quiet unless I'm on a topic I like to ramble on with. Likes music most other people seem to not like.

    Likes: Tech, Roblox, Games I can pick up easily, Convenience, People who aren't assholes. And bad puns/good use of /s

    Dislikes: Youtube tutorials, Arrogance, People who try to harm those I care about

    Favourite colour: White/Gunmetal Grey

    Hobbies: Gaming, Hacking game systems, Melee, Adding tons of random hacky stuff to systems, Wii Sports competitively /s

    Taste in music: Alternative Metal, Thrash Metal, Pop, And Video Game Music (Including everything Crush40). Examples Below


    Talents/skills: Technological Maitenance

    Ability to drive a car? I can crash a go-kart into a wall.. And barely turn a go-kart. I think that counts


    Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): I'll eat anything. Except Cottage Cheese, ew.

    Favourite food(s): Strawberry Leaves, Strawberries, Tacos, Raw Eggplant (I love bitter foods)

    Favourite drink(s): Apple Cider, Grape Juice, Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola, Water (Sparkling or not)

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    Something is going to happen in February

    My friend will have their birthday on February 30th. Also, Valentines day.
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    Tempiversary #1!

    I joined the temp a year ago because of how much 3DS hacking stuff was on it.. The day prior (366 days ago?) I followed a YT guide on 'installing' rxTools (I never like how install was used.. A9LH is the only thing you really install.) That wasn't the first time I had homebrewed my system though. I homebrewed it about a week before rxTools so I could use PKHeX. I had found NASA within that week, and it all went uphill from there. Risk was definitely worth it tho.
    Anyways, so much has happened since those days, and it's been loads of fun being along for the ride!
    Now, since I have writers block, have a summary of my year.
    January; Hacked my 3DS
    February; Nothing really. Most 7th graders don't really care about Valentines either, apparently
    March; Learned how to type properly. Enjoy this cringe post quality (My first post)
    (Btw, it took me a while to realize you could install unsigned .cias on rxTools)
    April; Got a gf
    May; Got dumped (Today I have no idea how I ever liked her)
    June; Got into Roblox and Crush40
    July; No fireworks because of excessive rain
    August; Went to the fair, of which was in town
    September; Start of school again; also my mother (With all of my [younger. I'm the oldest] sisters) decided to move in with me and my grandparents. In other words, mass chaos every day
    October; Dressed as a McDonalds Cheeseburger (Made of face paint and brown sheets) for Halloween. Also got a gf (Of which I'm still with)
    November; I did little more than Google Hangouts and Roblox
    December; Same as November, but I had a good Christmas and New Years

    Still here? Congrats
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    The most random thing to happen to me this summer

    This is my first blog entry... don't expect frequent entries from me, as my life is fairly uneventful :P

    Entry 1;
    Today seemed as though it would be a normal day. I woke up and reached for my laptop on my nightstand, but happened to be looking down to see black moving things. I quickly put on my contacts and took a closer look. Ants. There were ants on the floor, big ones as well. This made no sense to me, as I don't keep food in my room (Y'Know, unless the occasional 2-liter counts).

    I killed roughly 10 of them before calling it good; as I didn't see anymore. 12 hours later, I happened to take another look, and it was as if my efforts did literally nothing. From here is when I told my grandparents (whom I live with), as it was really starting to bug me.

    After telling them, they came up and noticed tons of gunk on my floor (which baffled me, as the gunk was there ever since we moved in on July 6th/7th, 2015. I just ignored it, as I don't like messing with anything sticky).

    We all got to cleaning my floor for the first time since we moved in (yes, call me lazy for this) and it actually looks nice now.

    Where the ants came from; I have no idea. At all. (O hai there's another /s)
    Hopefully they don't come back.. They have defied all of my knowledge on ant habits. It is officially hip to fuck ants up.

    That feeling when what's an outro? Thanks for reading :)
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