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    Reynardine |aka. AMA|
    I'm jumping on the bandwagon. For the greater cause of fighting boredom! (Maybe for teh lulz, too) ^_°

    Ask away, no restrictions. The real answer will always be 42, but you know that already.

    mmeeoowwrr! '-'
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    Reynardine After reading MicmasH_Wii's and Mr. Looigi's blogs I figured I could make one as well.

    I've moved my tiny tiger here, I think that's a better place for the pictures.:)
    His name's Timmy. He's a clinger, always following me around the house wherever I go.
    Doesn't like being alone.

    I'm happy today and I felt like sharing my cat:
    These two pics look really sweet, I think. He was taking a nap and I accidently woke him up while taking the pictures.
    Here's two older pics which I took with my DSi a few years ago, hihi:
    And a tongue:
    That's all for now, thanks for stopping by! I hope I could make you smile! Have a nice day! :)
    Reynardine Just a little timewaster for sunday.

    By pressing down a special key it plays a little melody:)

    Converted What is love? from midi to gcode and played it on the 3D printer.

    Reminds me of playing the Tetris melody by programming the internal speaker with Console.Beep() in C#.
    The things you do when bored...

    To whoever happens to be reading this:
    Have a lovely sunday, ok? ^_^

    Here, enjoy a little cat pic

    Maybe something a little more serious next time. I'll try to run the nereba exploit on my 1.00 Switch which has been gathering dust until now.

    Puyo Puyo has finally arrived from Japan!
    Hacked Switch with retroarch, here I come!^_^
    Reynardine Well, I got to use a 3d printer for the first time and I'm quite excited what can be achieved with this machine.
    I should finally get around to learning some 3d modelling, but blender is overwhelming me with it's feature overload, it may take a while...

    I thought I'd share my very first attempt.

    The fox model isn't mine, it's an animated model made for use in a game engine:

    Since I already had the model I was curious if I could print it and this is what happened:
    Looks like I accidentally 3d printed a monster.

    The poor thing...

    A friend of mine who knows blender in and out helped me out and made the little fellow printer compatible.
    Now he watches over my working desk.

    True happiness at last. ^_^

    I'm super excited, I could print custom buttons for my consoles or a table stand for my Switch...
    The possibilities are near endless.

    I'll update this when I get around to printing something useful.