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    Redhorse This isn't about the game Tiny Metal but it sounded good since it IS about the tiny text. For more than 20 years PC's have made available either scalable text or functional zoom for those with less than perfect eyes. I was reviewing a few, well reviews of the Switch Lite. Most of the Fanboys (transportation paid by Nintendo, by their own admission = Paid endorsement IMO) are gushing about the new Switch lite about to be released. Admittedly, it looks good, until I recall all those hours of burning eyes trying to read the in-game text for Fire Emblem Three Houses, Diablo 3, Civ 6 etc... My eyes were watering with my glasses on after 1/2 hour trying to read the tiny text. Now at this point I'm sure some wise guy feeling oh so smart is going to say; ..." but they have a zoom function."

    This is true, but like any half-assed measure, is less than a perfect result. You see, you can not scroll the text while in zoom and you can not zoom while you are scrolling, so that option simply is awkward at best. What they need to do is stop making these games with tiny text. Cell phones and PC's have long had the function of adaptable text for variable-size screens. Isn't it about time Nintendo and it's third-party members got with the game and did the same? Maybe they simply don't care that the system is not going to be used much by those with less than perfect eyesight, which is much more than just those of us getting up there in years.

    I realize this 'Lite' system is aimed at younger people, but that does not fix the problem with the larger units. As someone on another site said, maybe, as more games get ported using the lite as a tests unit, someone will point this flaw out to the Q&A people when testing and correct the problem. I just can't help but imagine that some young guns, less than 30 years of age with perfect eyesight will be testing these games on these units and not see the problem, no pun intended.

    I can not imagine playing/(learning) Civ 6 on a S. Lite.
    I can promise you one thing, many who bought Diablo3 will think twice about buying games like Baldur's Gate & Icewind Dale after seeing the screenshots of, yes, you know what I'm going to say... more ultra-tiny text.

    A course in professional printing teaches us that text less than 11 point can't be read for long periods of time. Although I realize that large size isn't practical for portable gaming, but 2 point? really? really?

    Also, using the wrongs typeface/fonts is another problem these game companies just can't seem to figure out. San Serif is far easier on the eyes people, if you don't really know the difference, please take the time to learn about it, it makes readability much, much easier when the right typeface is used. There is a reason you don't use those 'candy fonts for anything except titles.

    For instance, this text is not San Serif, and therefor the wrong typeface to use, but I have no options in this dialog box, which makes long reads difficult for even the best eyes. Examine a newspaper and see how easier that is to read. They use San Serif almost exclusively, in-text/paragraphs.

    Hope this provides some food for thought.
    Have a great day.

    and for those who think it's just me..
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    Redhorse I know I have spent much time bitching about the latest Fire Emblem Three Houses. I just read Gamespot's review and am even more perplexed as to whether we were playing the same game or not. they rated it 9.5 Superb IIRC ... WTF? that last part is just MO

    (if you're reading this to hear about the free games, jump to Free Games )

    I would like at this point to take a moment to take apart Fire EMblem and find out what makes this game so great for me, and I believe for many of us. To start with I am a bit of a junior profiler. I have a hobby of studying various forms of profiling via psychology. Many are uncomfortable with the concept, we like to think we're entirely unique in this world but we are simply much more like our neighbors than we like to admit to ourselves and the world. A very intelligent woman I once knew used to say, about our disagreements; if we both agreed on everything, one of us would be unnecessary in this world.

    Anyway, my point is, I believe there is a [very general] profile of the type of person that enjoys Fire Emblem. Their most obvious personality trait being an attraction to the logical train of thought, found in processes such as chess, computer programming and such. It should be no wonder that so many computer lovers are also gamers and Fire Emblem players. Back to my point.

    Let us examine Fire Emblem. It is a game that takes place in the Dark Ages; Check, well, many games today do, or at least in a mythical version of the dark ages anyway. It involves battles, more to the point: swordplay. Many games do today, so that's not unique, so there are two points that do not make it stand out so far.

    The storyline is engaging. IMO few storylines in video games today are engaging. Unlike the movie industry that hires professional writers to construct scripts that make sense, game companies seem to just create a mechanic that works, and throw together words that seem to fit, and move on hoping everyone will accept it, and most of us swallow this tripe without question, as there are no other options. I am not saying the earlier Fire Emblem Storys/scripts were crap, to the contrary, Nintendo has some of the better/best written in the gaming industry The scripts I speak of here are most released in the US from The first GBA Fire Emblem, what was it Bind Blade? Sword of Seals? something like that, my memory isn't so good these days..

    SIDE NOTE: This throwing together of words to fit an effect is something that often separates a professional mentalist or our distant cousins the magicians from an amateur. There are those who are technically/manually proficient but not at all entertaining, due to their words and actions not matching.

    Back to Fire Emblem. I explained that in hopes that the contrast would illustrate the problem with the game IMO. The final thing that the game has going for it that make it stand apart that is in fact unique is its battle mechanic. Now several other turned based tactical/strategy games also have a similar mechanic but few have what I call the holy trilogy. 1) The Weapons Triangle, 2) The Magic (With its own triangle) 3) PermaDeath. I believe if t these three had been removed from the old games years ago, we would never have played F.E. Three Houses, Echoes, Fates Etc...

    The act of throwing together a mechanic with random, seemingly right words should be unacceptable to today's knowledgeable gamers. We deserve quality scripts at this stage where gaming makes more money than movies. We need to be realistic and stop upvoting crap just because it comes from someone who should have done better and usually does. Let us stop making our responses, knee jerk reactions because we expect good from them, when we get... meh. stop-think-rate.

    There are several other turned based games of note on the Switch right now, some you may not even be aware of. One was due to be released on the DSI but was too late, got released on the IOs instead and then finally on the Switch entitled Mecho Wars Desert Ashes. It was designed after the Fire Emblem/ Advanced wares Mechanic, by an admission from Bernard Luc the creator. He also created a follow-up title called War Theatre. Now the graphics on these are funky, but the gameplay is definitely there. Again more Advance wars style than Fire Emblem though. Then we have Into The Breach which most of you know about as well as Wargroove, both good in their own right. Then we have Tiny Metal (the first one) followed by Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble, which takes the first one and makes it even better and cheaper at that. And let us not forget Valkyria Chronicles. That last one is a bit of a stretch but IMO still fits the category. I say we're getting our fill of TBS this time around. I still would welcome an Advance Wars 2K+

    There may be more, those are only the ones I am aware of. Oh almost forgot, one more; Tactics V: Obsidian... something

    Free Games ???

    I realize this is long but bear with me. On another note altogether, I have the habit of being very, very careful with my finances and budget my money for games. Lately, I have taken to buying/getting games on the computer, my laptop I might have normally gotten on the switch. I would have preferred it portable, but who can argue FREE? I have received 15, yes 15 titles this year of Indies, without dropping a dime on one. 12 of them are being sold for $20. USD or more on the Switch. I was subscribed to C.A.G. on my twitter account and happened to hear about a free game from EPIC games, I noticed it was one I wanted on the switch and was on my wishlist, I figured what the hell, why not. ever since then, I downloaded it, they have been pushing me one or two free games every two or three weeks,

    Now I realize steam gives away games free all the time. My laptop is not nearly up to snuff to play using steam (8th gen intel core i3, 16 GB Intel Optane Memory, 4 GB DDR4, 1 TB hard drive.) SO I have to takes what I getz. I only included this, not as clickbait but not everyone may know about these free options.

    The point is, it saved me enough to get what I want when N's triple-A titles come out. I'm semi-retired and on a fixed income so I have to budget. What kills me is when I hear people bitching about how they can't make ends meet, when they're making almost twice what I do right now and they're still broke. It isn't how much you make, it's how much you save of what you have. Lesson here? Pay Yourself First.
    PS and I have far more bills than most people I know.

    Hope you Njoyed have a great Day/Night
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    Redhorse If you are still searching for a portable dock for your switch, check this out at Kickstarter.
    I am definitely into this idea...

    GENKI: Covert Dock for the Nintendo Switch
    Redhorse Just potted a new gadget that lets you use your headphones with your switch and not block your charge port, by Bionik,

    It allows wireless audio on the switch, here's their website, check it out,

    Universal Bluetooth connectivity, USB C connectivity, and pass-thru, this is only while in handheld but hey, for me that's the gas.

    I bought a gadget that holds a cellphone/switch that goes around your neck, holds the switch perfectly in just the right playing position and /but is adjustable, from the dollar store yet and holds it in the perfect position for playing, the downside is it isn't very portable for outside of your home/travel such as on the bus, doesn't really fold too small, not practically.
    Anywho check this out if you're interested...
    Redhorse Each of my last two entries bitched about Fire Emblem. One more thing I don't like about this game and others like it, is you often collect things like with the Amiibo, like tea, fish, etc, yet there appears to be no way to view those things you have collected, at least none I have found. If there IS a way, it certainly has been buried under a mountain of menus.

    Now onto the positives. I see what Nintendo was trying for, I like the graphics, although I must say I preferred the 3d much better personally. They seemed to be trying to flesh out the experience of building interpersonal relationships between battles so that they in battle support would carry meaning. I feel the idea carries merit but the actual way they did it leaves a lot to be desired. To quote Kotaku... their description of Fire Emblem Three Houses... A Heartbreak simulator. Had I seen that description on the box or anywhere in the advertisement before buying, I never would have made the sale.

    The Castle is the best fleshed out castle I have been privileged to witness In gaming so far, many of you may have seen better or larger than I (forget about Skyrim or Oblivion style open-world games here).

    I'm warning you now, stop reading if you only want to hear good things about F.E. Three Houses I apologize in advance for the long rant.

    As far as instructions go, they deliver part of the instructions in the form of an NPC or PC talking to you and mid-sentence [almost] the other half (stating with and starting with number 2 or 3 or even 4 making it more confusing because you can't go backward in pages) in Paged numbered Bubble/Instruction boxes, most of which are NOT later available. WTF? yeah right? Now I'm sure the actual info delivered is available (in most cases, I Hope) elsewhere, but IMO it is a terrible way to deliver instructions all done on the fly, and quickly at that. I found myself trying to use the camera to capture the instructions for later reading, but even at that, I lost most, as the instructions pop up at the least expected moment, it would seem.

    The fetch quests are the most puzzling I have ever done in a game; I'm given seeds to grow, sent to this gorgeous hothouse, offered the option to plant, harvest or cultivate but what they really want is for you to give them to someone else to grow. They want you to give them to the hothouse again I say WTF? What was the point in asking me then? Most of the quests go just like this... To me they seem highly pointless, I can only hope they get better as the game gets on.

    They ask me to go fishing, but I never see a fish, never. I never even return one. Again WTF? The more I play it the more it reminds me of a mobile game on a 'hybrid' and I am even more confused with these high scores everyone is giving it. I can't help but think these scores are a Pavlovian reaction to a game company they expect to be good, either that or I want what they're smoking when they played this game.

    The game isn't terrible, but the strategy/battles amount to about 1/4 or less of the time you will spend playing this game.

    The addition of Battalions to be used by individual fighters was also poorly described and the description was broken up and placed into about four different places. If you didn't look at all those places you would never figure out how to assign and use them in battle. Far too much of the game goes on in this manner for me to give this a decent score at this stage of my play. I only pray it gets better. We shall see. So far Fates was better. I just wish I had not bought it with the voucher, now I can't resell it.

    Enough bitching I hear GameStop is trying something with selling retro games.. deja vu. do you get the feeling we have been here before?

    I mentioned an item that was on Kickstarter that was designed to be protectors for the tracks when you take your joy-cons off, they also double as a really great stand for the Switch, They are worth checking out, they're reasonably priced, look great IMO and actually add IMO are one of the better aftermarket items made for the switch. You can search Switch Blade on Kickstarter, they reached their funding successfully, but also have their own site, though I have forgotten Here's the Kickstarter link, I have no affiliation with them.

    Here's their home site I think... switch


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    Redhorse I can't believe I waited soo long before playing Terraria, I am loving this game. I owned it on the 3ds for years and never got past the tutorial (the tut. was that bad IMO) but after watching some non-Dev vids I've been getting into it an I really enjoy this game.

    Now for a rant I've been thinking about for a long time...I am interested in hearing how many of you noticed these same sales cheats.

    I wanted to write this rant regarding BS Descriptions on games. Have you ever read a game description that made it sound like this wondrous word, with a great series of characters, and beautiful land to discover, only to buy the game and have it be... wait for it.. PONG!, yes I said Pong. I have been seeing more and more games these days that take extreme liberties with their descriptions, making the backstory sound like it should be Skyrim when you open it, only to find the mechanic is as simple as two sides fighting a tennis match and the whole backstory had nothing to do with the game past getting you to buy the game.

    Another example of this bait and switch tactic is with Videos that begin with multiple screens introducing who was involved with the game's creation, with long fancy transitions in between leading to elaborate splash designed finally to be covered with a series of text describing the back story ( ie a MS powerpoint presentation style) followed by some other NON screenshot graphic, stills of characters, ..yada yada yada the video continues in this manner and if you actually timed the actual game footage it might... MIGHT be 5-7 seconds worth of gameplay footage/ screenshot and poorly done at that, of a 40-50 + second Game introduction video.

    In other words, the video that introduces the game and was supposed to show the game does nothing of the sort, with the exception of maybe 7 seconds of still shot or maybe single pics of characters followed by the statement that these are not final graphics of the game.. Now I can understand this month ahead of time, but not on the released (day) video. I have seen this far too often, this is totally unacceptable, to be shown from a finished game UNLESS the developers have no faith in the game and are just trying to entrap people into buying trash with no hope of the game actually selling well.

    Years ago, before I became a professional Mentalist/Hypnotist I worked as a professional magician. I did very well for myself, I was gainfully employed most of the time It was common to see this type of thing from catalog magic shops selling what we professionals would call 'slum' magic. IOW they were selling to noobs, that had more money than brains or were hobbyists. Thes magic shops keep their doors open with these hobbyists and see them coming. They sell them stuff that looks good and ONLY works under certain very specific controlled conditions, but will never work under the conditions that they would be trying it under. This is highly underhanded in this day and age even in the magic community.

    I feel this type of practice needs to be curbed and screened somehow. I'm not even talking about shovelware here.

    Anyway, enough of this rant. I realize N does not necessary. do this, but third parties that sell on their consoles do this at an alarming rate. I guess what I'm saying is, Nintendo's seal of approval means little today, I truly wish they would find a way to exercise it with their 3rd party products.

    One last note, I can't believe I'm finding Terraria more entertaining that the Newest Fire Emblem, which BTW reminds me of F.E. Warriors (with Fetch quests) in many ways.
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    Redhorse I decided to write this because of the article about Nintendo and Tencent trying to battle piracy. Now I don't pretend to know all the steps N has in place to try and collect all the money they lose to piracy. However, last night I was on Amazon, looking to see if there was an Amiibo of Zelda Majoras Mask. I came across this cool hat and then this cool game case and a few other items, many of which are obviously not licensed materials. Some of these items are actually individually made so they are certainly not licensed and are often made to order. I am certain, from the purchases I have made on eBay and Amazon of made to order items, that the amount of items with N IP related characters and logos, there is far more being lost in revenue from all the hats, stickers, T-shirts, skins (have you SEEN eBay lately?) and so forth than from all the ROM downloads put together.

    Yet just how often does N go after someone who sells unlicensed stickers/skins, each of which there are dozens if not hundreds of infractions PER SELLER on eBay alone. I am no accountant but I am well certain it amounts to millions if not billions of dollars in revenue, yet you almost never (I never have) hear of N going after someone selling a Tshirt with Link Airbrushed/Silkscreened on it. I realize that sounds like an exaggeration, but I don't think so. Yet they go after all these small-time ROM hosters. This seems like a real waste of time, even to send a message. If I were them, I would be going after the company, who allows them to sell [the T-shirts, etc] on their site, but then again, I don't understand the laws regarding this and I'm fairly certain there are no 1 st to 4th-year law students on this site.

    Eiter way you slice the pie, they're losing money, if I were them, I would hire a team to deal with just this, not that I think the ROM situation is something that can be cured but I do feel it can be minimized with proper business management. I am not saying I have the answer but I do believe there is one out there. I personally haven't studied all the pertinent detailed from all angles to make that kind of informed decision.

    I have noticed a pattern with N, that they do not always do what is best for the company. I realize in this aspect it is what I feel is best for the company, but often they make decisions that seem strongly counter-intuitive in many areas. regarding all types of decisions. If I were on their stockholders' board they would hate me, of that you can be sure.

    Have aa great day/week/ month

    oh and PS

    am I the only one NOT liking this new Fire Emblem so far? I'm only about 1 hour into it and so far I'm hating it and I've been a fan of the series since it first released in the US, along with Advance Wars. It feels like with each release they get further and further from what makes Fire Emblem the game that has been followed and beloved, so long.

    Now Good Day Sir..!

    I said Good Day!
    Redhorse Actually, this one isn't so much a lie as employee stupidity. I stopped by Gamestop yesterday to ask about Luigi's Mansion. I told the girl that Dec 31 was likely a holder date, she looked up in her computer the date and said with some authority no, that's the right date for Luigi's Mansion 3. I said no your wrong, that's just a holder date, while they decide. If you look you'll notice dozens of games with the same Dec 31st date. I had pre-paid for the Fire Emblem at Gamestop for the premium I forgot doing so and bought two game passes. Since there were only 3 triple-A titles I wanted before this year was out, Fire Emblem, Links Awakening, Luigi's Mansion, I wanted to know I could purchase LM with the Gamepass with the game pass. She said she couldn't confirm, is I canceled my prepaid and downloaded the prepaid game. NOTE: I noticed the option to buy the additional content separately disappeared as soon as I bought the game. Now the only option available is to buy the bundle, no mention of being able to buy it separately.

    The point being, the clerk was dumb enough to not realize that Dec 31st was a holder date and insisted that was a release date. Either she just started there or was destined to be stupid for life. I hope for her sake it isn't the latter. It does annoy me that these wet-behind-the-ears kids working these places 'know' things that they really don't. I went to tech school more than 23 years ago, I worked at Gamestop/Babbages/ Software Etc as they were known then, there's a very good chance she was still in diapers when I was working there. It just seems like each generation becomes dumber by the year. I blame it on dependance on the net, rather than thinking for themselves.

    Wisdom is knowing as we age, that the older we become, we realize the less we know, (& the more we thought we knew).
    how was it said? It's not I forgetting that scares me, it's what I recall incorrectly that really scares me (very rough quote-Mark Twain)
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    Redhorse I decided to write this because of the article about Gamestop revamping their stores. I wanted to share two experiences where I was lied to by Gamestop employees. One might say that the employees didn't know any better or were ill-informed, I say, at least with the Amiiboo situation, BS.

    When Fire Emblem Fates was released I was trying to purchase it. I had gone to Gamestop and told them I wanted the version that had all three Games on the card. The swore up, down and sideways, no version has all three games. Now, yesterday, I go on the Gamestop site and read that the Fates Special Edition Version was the only one that had all three, which I was pretty sure was the situation in the first place. Why didn't they just tell me this in the first place? Ignorance? or did they want to sell me all three, I say the latter. This was a well-informed employee too, not some part-timer I was talking to.

    I ended up buying Birthright and the follow-up mid-game but will never get to the third game unless I alter my system wink wink, because my system is no longer able to go online for reasons too long to go into here.

    The second and more egregious lie, in my opinion, is regarding the Diablo 3 Amiibo I had seen them on the store shelves in GameStop months ago and decided I wanted one for my game. I went online and saw them at Gamestops site as listed to be released on June 28. I figured I would check eBay. I noticed the Listing included mentioning Gamestop would release it on 6/28 and it would ship then. Something about that eBay listing ad (It was a private listing) wreaked of someone who had worked at Gamestop and had bought many of them from Gamestop (all they had) and was reselling them online DId I mention they had multiples to sell when Gamestop had none? Yet they mentioned Gamestops release date. Upon going to Gamestop they said none were available in ANY STORE nor would they ever be restocked, nor would they ever be available online in spite of what the online said.!!!!!! They were emphatic about how they were discontinued.

    Yet there were many others available online for $35. USD -$60+ USD and up.

    Against my better judgment I ordered through Gamestop and before 6/28... whallah! I have a Diablo 3 Amiibo

    What BS! THat I can call nothing less than a lie.

    I could go on with other stories the lesson here is.. don't trust Gamestop for anything they say Its kind of like that joke about lawyers when can you tell they're lying? when their lips are moving.. the same could be said for Gamestop employees.
    Redhorse Finally Wargroove drops... onto the coming soon list. I personally have had real bad experience with games that keep getting bumped back.... Diamond Trust DS, Settlers DS, Redout Switch (well we'll see about that one)... Mutant Football League Switch, RCT Switch just to name a few)etc... I no longer trust developers, publishers that repeatedly delay games. I do however have high hopes in this case, as even though I have been playing video games since pong was released, it was Advanced Wars 1 & 2 and the first (US released) Fire Emblem & S.S. that made me a gaming addict. Well, to be clear, I was in search for a good digital chess & Backgammon) system (besides F.I.C.S. & F.I.B.S.) that was portable. The similarities are inescapable IMO.

    EDIT: Oh BTW Tom Clancys End War on the DSi was also very Advance War like and well worth a play. It also had an added trick worth checking out in how it handled the turn system which made it well worth playing IMO. But how often have you heard about that game since it released?

    Back in the days of the DSi, there was a game company Oyii if I spelled that right who made a game by the same name on the switch Mecho Wars, called.. surprisingly, Mecho Wars. The first switch title is a platformer, the DSi one was to be a Advance wars knock off but was released on OSi. It was decent to good depending on your opinion. It has been re released on the Switch by the name of Mecho Wars Dessert Sand or something like that; if you're reading this check it out. Even if you don't please support Chuckle Fish and get Wargroove, let's make it a success and hope it is fun.

    I find it strange how N doesn't see the need for these TBS games, I truly feel they mis read the sales figures, based on their poor sales. These are often poor based on when they are released: End of console life, too near a global distraction (9/11), too close to another big, long awaited release etc... one can't guage a games interest, against that of another, it should be done on its own merits..IMO However, I'm just a consumer and a 35+ year business owner, what do I know... I know no company succeeds being a jack of all trades, and failing to disseminate the lower tasks to those who excel at them. No one company can do every thing. None. The largest in the world, hire someone else to handle certain tasks, it might be time, N starts thinking outside of their [?] box.
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    Redhorse Many people still clamor for physical games. Is it still worth it. Using the 3ds as an example, I purchased dozens of Nintendo first party games as well as third party games. Almost every first party game required a down load which made me suspicious from day 1. This didn't start until after the early hacks of the 3ds. Even then I suspected it was some way for N to begin tracking how many people (not who) were hacking their systems.

    Looking back to the DS2 I noticed Nintendo could figure out who was hacking their systems by reading their play history. If you have 1 hour of game time in say Ben 10 ( and that was the recent game used for the flash card that month, then they blocked it, next month they watched the SUper Card site change the cards cover game to say Alex Storm, then N suddenly sees/reads thats your new favorite game from your gaming history, it ony takes two cycles to figure out, thru the use of graphing the results of hundreds (more like tens of thousands) of systems. just what game card is being used even without seeing what Supercard is using on their site for the cover game... I may not have explained that properly/well, I'm getting older these days, my late 50's but the technique is called 'Data Triangulation'. Ten years ago I could have explained it in minute detail... but , as they say... " As you are now, I once was, as I am now, you are soon to be"... It is easy to figure out what you are doing when you are sending info back to them.

    It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.

    back to the topic. since nearly every game N has released requires an update, what are the carts worth once the servers stop making the games available? Some games are already being pulled as licenses run out Ahem** Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit etc... I can only imagine that the updates are being pulled also, or son will be.

    Again, 5 years from now when you want that game for a collection what will it be worth? Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nicht, nothing, Zero! I can't help but wonder if this isn't by design, literally. Google: Planned obsolescence, it is designed into many if not most electronics these days, as well as other consumers goods, why not games. And now we can wave good by to those good old days of replaying legally saved games making piracy the only viable option aside from forced repurchase. One last word. I do NOT condone piracy, but it seems the way of the future, both personal and corporate. May the Wind be at your back
    EDIT: It's like selling a flash cart with a time bomb, is it really any different?
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